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    Dogs<br />Reiki<br />Peace and tranquility and harmony with others<br />Cooking Wine etc hic hic
  1. halfpenny

    Reiki healing

    remeber we are all still doing reiki and opeen to all requests. Love 7 hugs Edith
  2. Sending loads of Reiki to Sophie and all of you x x x x
  3. Brilliant idea, how about funding givenyou'll probably do it for Dogstar?
  4. i didnt know we were back in action Well done on the pay rise, Reiki for Amy and her sore back xxxxxxx
  5. halfpenny

    Reiki healing

    Reiki on its way to Sid, he has his own thread on Reiki for All forum
  6. halfpenny

    Reiki healing

    Reiki on its way for Bruce x x
  7. May Micheal find peace in death, he certainly didnt find it in life. Thinking of his family who have lost a son a father and brother and a friend. he was a rwemarkable performer and a talanted Musician. Edith
  8. Reiki on its way. I have put you all on the distant healing network we have also. Hope this is ok Edith x
  9. halfpenny


    Thinking about you. How did it go yesterday?
  10. Our Judy was bald thighed when ashe came to us but as she has become calm and secure it has become hairy so to speak. Now My Girl Judy is a hairy bumed dog lol
  11. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE From Edith and once again the gang of 5 Meet Katie who was in the cat & dog home for 3 weeks till we did the Santa run with food for them then guess what Home she Came to us Sendy Reiki to all that need it x x x x x x x x x
  12. These are beautiful Where exactly were you? and did you enjoy it? xxxxxx
  13. Sending Reiki to you you must feel so bad. Love & ugs Edith
  14. Sending Reiki to all that are dealing with this wee soul x x x x
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