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  1. Jules, I am so sorry for your loss. We have been through the same this year so know how you are feeling. Keeping you in my thoughts.
  2. So sorry the news wasn't good Julia. I hope Toffee copes with her treatment well. Our pets are a lot more resilient than we are. Thinking of you all. x
  3. Wishing it to be nothing to worry about. Hope he is less sore now.
  4. Owl, sorry to hear about your mums confusion again. Just a thought about your mum not drinking... what is it you are trying to get her to drink? I only ask as I have known of a couple of elderly people who have been having similar troubles and the problem was that they could were having trouble swallowing the liquid. There was something that they had put into the drink to thicken it up (sounds gross I know) but made it easier for them to swallow.. Maybe try thicker drinks and see if that helps? Milkshake, complan, soup. Alex, hope you had a better 'dry' night. Michelle, have you thought about acupuncture for Scoobs back problem? No ideas otherwise. Alicia, I know I shouldn't laugh at your misfortunes but you have a fabulous way of telling your daily news. Hope you have a hassle free day. Headaches are not migraines (I do suffer with them so know them well) but come and go, mostly come. Recently havent been able to get rid of the damn things. Going to book appointment with docs on Monday though they will only say its stress which I don't think it is. I had a great night out last night with work colleagues and old friends/colleagues. Much needed as havent been out for months! And a bit of very good news.... think hubbys mums house is sold so in a few weeks we might be able to reduce the price of ours to get out of here!
  5. Alex hope your hand has gone down a bit now and feeling less painful. Jazz I hope you can get your diet sorted and it helps you sort out other areas of your life too once you are feeling better. CRB, that must have been really scary. Angry wasps are not nice to come face to face with. Hope no lasting scars for Izzie or Jodie. Marge, sounds like you are having a really tough time. I really hope the break gives you the energy you need to face whatever you have to deal with on your return. Julia, you sound like my teenage daughter! I think your boys should be nagging you to get your homework done. What is Matty upto these days? Its all change at work since nasty boss went. Not sure all of its for the better at the moment though its certainly nicer to be able to laugh once in a while without fear of sarky comments about not having enough to do! I have a headache that I can't shift. Had it for weeks on and off. Had my eyes rechecked and new glasses (which are more or less the same as old ones) just in case. This last week it has been mostly on so think I am going to have to find time to go to docs though not sure what they can do. I have been eating paracetomol and nurofen so painkillers won't get rid of it. I am off out tomorrow night on a leaving do from work so hope that a (long overdue) good night out and boogie, and several ciders will give me a GOOD reason for a headache!
  6. Glad Pollys ear isnt sore today. Neo doesnt seem at all fazed by his stitched area. He has however licked the patch on his leg again where they shaved for the drip Here we go again with the vetwrap. I think I may just buy the little devil a baby grow so he is completely covered! Alicia, glad you have your dogs back with you. Michelle, glad Fergus is drinking. I had that problem too. Ended up drowning Neos kibble to get him to take some fluids!
  7. Glad Fergus is ok Michelle. I know what you mean about milking it... Neo had me hand feeding him scrambled egg and rice. He could reach down to the bowl and moving his head was sore so I couldnt watch him struggle! I just had to! Glad this week is over... Its been a heck of a long and manic week! I need sleep. The little monkey 'see above' has had me up twice each night for attention so I am shattered! He sure knows how to push my buttons! Not the vet has given him the all clear he may have a surprise tonight when mummy doesnt coming running to him! Owl shame about your BIL test. I hope he passes next time now he knows what to expect. Sounds like they really need and deserve a break! Snow. Have you decided what you are going to spend it on?
  8. So very very sorry. Life is so cruel at times. Run free Boonie and Kazzie together again
  9. My MIL was also told the news on her own on Christmas eve. She told us at visiting Christmas day. Sorry for both Jules and Snow. Its tough to deal with so lean on whoever you can. Definately get the PALS team involved. They can make such a difference. What area does your mum live? Just wonder if there are any of us local that can help?
  10. Michelle,I am very jealous of your boat. I LOVE sailing and miss it very much. Sailed for 9yrs old until ealy 20's. Parents had a couple of cruisers too but now moved onto Motorhomes after losing one to a fire. CRB, glad that the cat is getting the medical help it needed. Hopefully it will get a lovely home where it can learn to trust. Griff, don't know what to suggest... hope you can have a good chat with your friend. Snow, I hope you got the best possible news today. I had to go to see my friend on Saturday. Hadnt seen her for ages but she mentioned on a text she was getting a pup.... 5 weeks old FFS!! She was asking my opinion so I gave it!! She has two young children, 4 and 10. The elder of the two has Downs. They are not the gentlest or quietest of children, in fact quite to the contrary!I talked an talked trying to convince her about possible behavioural issues not to mention very sharp teeth and house training (she also works 4 days a week) She had also spoke to the vet after my initial warning who told her to take the pup as someone else will! She is such a lovely girl but really doesnt 'get' the problem.. I have advised best I can about diet, training, safe space for pup, getting someone in to let pup out at least. I am waiting to pick up the pieces!
  11. Owl, I think you would be a fab man manager. Glad to hear the missing dog still has one pup to mother. Alex, massive Having worked for a pleb like that I know how you feel. Its nice to be treated like a grown up again at work now. Shame you don't live nearer Birmingham. Karen, sorry to hear about your parents. Glad to hear your mum is improving. Amazing what thre right treatment and some time can do. Eve, I hope your sons fiancee gets the support she needs to get over her demons. Went through similar twice with step daughter a few years ago.
  12. We have ours next to a radiator and have had for 10years. I know you aren't supposed to but as long as it isnt in front and there is air space around them so the heat doesnt get trapped I would think you should be ok.
  13. Alicia, glad that you got your xrays done quickly. Fingers crossed for a 'positive' result so that you can get treatment. Griff, hope you don't get prescribed meds you don't want. The garage still haven't phoned me back about my poorly car. Hope they don't think its too serious to fix. I had to take Neo to the vet after work as my daughter found a lump on his neck yesterday. I never noticed it as I always rub his shoulders as thats how he loves mummy to fuss him. Its quite big and scary so we are going with surgery to get rid of it because of where it is.... on the side of his neck. its about the size of a large egg now and have to keep an eye on it over the next few days to see if there is any change. He is booked in for 19th.
  14. Glad to hear that people are still losing. Mags that was the only thing I loved about being heavier. I have really lost my way. Have now put on about half a stone. Doesnt sound much but I am only 5'0 and am going back up a clothes size. Really must sort my head out. I eat loads of fruit in the day.......but thats to counteract the cakes and biscuits. I have just lost my willpower.
  15. Alex, I hope you had a nice time off work and Michelle it seems like you aer enjoying your time off. Alex, I just love that you have a favourite tree (I love trees) and particularly that you have named him! I am 5'0 1/2inch and its a very important half an inch! I too have to stand on a stool to reach the top two shelves in the kitchen cupboards and take hubby shopping to reach the top shelves. Hugapup, have a great time at Dumpledale. I havent read any of the vampire stories yet. I have little time as it is without getting hooked on some books. I must have about 3 books to read and several magazines unopened. Michelle, what kind of boat do you have? . Fran, I am sorry to hear about your job. I agree that its probably a convenience thing for the company. The manager should have spoken to you earlier if he had a problem with your work. Alica, look after yourself and give that chest of yours a rest! Hope you can get to your xray ok and its not too bad news Do you remember that really good news that I had that I couldn't share? Well.... The Big Bad Wolf has gone!! The vile boss has 'left' work and it was officially announced yesterday and its a smiley place to be again.
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