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  1. Not caught up lovely people. Sorry for not being around. Today we said goodbye to Butter. My baby boy is now at peace and my heart is shattered into a million pieces. I know I will recover but it will take time. A love built over 14 years doesn't end over night πŸ’–πŸΎπŸ’– I will spend some time catching up what everyone has been up to. I can't believe it is already October. Roll on 2017, just please don't be as s*** as 2016 plead xxx
  2. I have used viovets. Brilliant, delivered quickly and on time and if a repeat prescription they have just kept it and allowed me to order again on it.
  3. 3rd Had lunch with my mom and Aunty, lovely to see her over from SA Bought her a cake and sang happy birthday to her, it was funny! Had an afternoon nap Drank lots of water today Early night
  4. Great news Griff xxx 2nd August Ran with a slower runner at club tonight so she could be part of the group My friend slowed down and ran with us both so slower runner didn't feel a burden (she isn't it's perception) Saved money on some internet stuff It didn't rain on us when running, it was wet for most of the day though Remembered to prescription, well at least to ask Ben to get it
  5. 1st August Grateful for friends on here who also write on this thread Yummy salad with home made potato salad and coleslaw Although I'd like the sun, grateful for rain for all the plants that needed water My cats making me laugh in empty boxes! Watching two deer in the garden, loads of magpies and a squirrel
  6. Sad news Suzeanna Another disturbed night sleep, apparently the cats don't like the rain either!!
  7. Oops I am behind 30th Good parkrun, feeling strong even if my legs were tight Seeing a friend I haven't seen in ages Saw my nephews briefly Had a lovely Indian meal out Nephews likes the craft bits I got them 31st Guide running with a visually impaired lady, she really enjoyed being able to run though the grassy part of the park without worrying about getting lost. Macaroni cheese (vegan style) A lovely cup of tea Sneaky daytime Cuddles with the kitties Bought some biscuits!!
  8. Grateful for FaceTime so I could say happy birthday to my nephew face to face!! The lovely lady who seems to have sent my nephew two setups for his birthday, not just the one I paid for! Found some favourite books in the storage locker today Vegan chocolate, cruelty free and tasty! Kitty cuddles from my boys this morning, they do make me chuckle!
  9. Ouch griff that sounds painful. Hope you get a bold anaesthetic. Sending out big hugs today xxx Great news on the scaffolding Yantan.
  10. A hard hilly training run, I wasn't the slowest for a change! Got a new notebook, I like new notebooks! Another easy trip to ikea, we have two new storage units A lovely salad for dinner fully of yummy goodness A great coaching call
  11. Jazz that is the purpose of karaoke. These perfect singers don't understand the purpose of it πŸ˜€ Where has the sun gone?!
  12. Positives for 27 A good track run and some even better learnings A yummy chilli, just needed more chilli! Being able to pop into an ikea 10minutes down the road, in fact the same distance as our supermarket A brain wave in the quest for organisation in a small flat Support from business colleagues that saved me money xx
  13. Positives for 26th Lovely salad for dinner A good club run, managed to keep up (thank goodness for gates!) Some cooling rain drops while running but we missed the heavy rain A working doorbell, our batteries had died and we were picking up our neighbours ring! Having a working laptop πŸ˜„
  14. Positives for 25th My laptop got fixed and returned! Thank goodness for apple care. Yummy dinner cooked by Ben Having a new garage roof out in means we don't have trees growing in our garage Think my mojo is returning and I have more energy Loving our kitchen window as it creates a breeze through the flat on hot days xx
  15. Hello Monday again!! Glad you could be there for him Griff Text dammit Zach stop keeping the girl waiting!! It's still too early for a Monday Jazz!! Glad doglet came out Owl, your tracking still fascinates me (any news on a book?!) xx
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