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  1. So hard to lose someone, even when it sets them free. I'm very sorry Owl x
  2. I hope the Sri Lanka changeover really does go smoothly and peacefully, for everyone who lives there. I think the swearing in of the new president was due at 12.30 our time but I can't see any coverage.
  3. So sorry Alicia, will be thinking of you and Albert tomorrow x
  4. Beautiful. Are the Camellias difficult? I'm redesigning my little woodland garden and I'd love one.
  5. I'm so sorry Snow. I never met Nog but felt like I knew him through your posts, he was a beautiful dog, inside and out. I hope he's sleeping easy now, dreaming sweet dreams of his life with you x
  6. Loobie I'm so sorry. My heart goes out to you x
  7. I'm so sorry you've lost your lovely boy in such shocking circumstances Alex. Sam has summed it up better than I ever could, and every word she says is true. You didn't fail Max, far from it, you did right by him. Sleep tight Max, sweet dreams pet.
  8. I'm with you there. Would like to be on the other side of Christmas as soon as possible, but the snowflake skin is very pretty.
  9. I'm so sorry Ian. That's a lot of losses to bear, one after the other. Sleep tight Thor, sweet dreams handsome lad.
  10. I hope you had a lovely day Michelle, for a lovely person x
  11. My beautiful, amazing mum died on Christmas Eve morning. My sister and brother and I stayed at the hospital for a week taking it in turns to sleep so we could be at her bedside 24/7, while she tried to fight off a chest infection she picked up following chemo when her immunity was low, but although the docs threw everything they had at it, in the end she just had nothing left to fight with. When she was diagnosed we had promised her we were all in it together and would be by her side no matter what. We were lucky to have a few days where she could speak a little and squeeze our hands so we all got to say the things that needed to be said. It was an absolute privilege to wash her and care for her in the last days, and to be there while she took her last breath and slipped away. Goodnight god bless mum. x
  12. I'm so sorry I missed this, but happy Belated Gotcha Day handsome Jack
  13. Michaela, how are you doing at the minute? I think of you often and send you a big cyber-hug Thanks for the link Ian. Mum is going for a look round Dove House next week. Mum's GP has now also asked what she wants to happen at the end. The cancer is stage four and more aggressive than they first thought. She's got a lovely consultant, has had her first chemo and not been too bad with side effects, and I've been doing a bit better the last few weeks basically by pretending it's not happening, but this hospice thing has just set me off falling apart again. I'm sure you're right and it's just the way they always go about it but it's such a hard conversation to have. How is your mum doing at the moment?
  14. Has he had a nice day, involving lots of sossiges?
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