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  1. Thank you all so much for your kind messages and phone calls, after losing our two little dogs in one week. It helps to know that so many others understand how we are feeling as our hearts are still broken. Cheryl and Mike xx
  2. I'm so very sorry Jules, I can quite understand your anger and frustration as I was a nurse and know how some doctor's can behave and not very sympathic towards a patient. We often had to pick up the pieces. PALS are very good and helpful. Sending lots of good thoughts and hugs to your Mother and you Cheryl & Mike xxx
  3. We are having a awful few days here and need all your hugs. Cheryl & Mike
  4. My special little girl called Kazzie fell asleep in my arms last night and I have cried all day. I have only now found the courage to write this special tribute although tears are still rolling down my face. This is our second baby we have lost this week and life feels so cruel to us at the moment. Kazzie was small in size but had a big heart she loved everyone she meet and always good with other dogs and cats in fact she like all animals. Kazzie, you slept on my bed all your life and we always had a goodnight fuss with a big kiss. It’s just will not be the same anymore as you always was willing to sit on my lap listening to me when I talked to you, I am sure you knew what I was saying. When I was sad you were my rock. When I was happy you were my playmate. When I cried you nudged me and kiss me and gave me the strength to carry on Kazzie what can I say, 14 happy years you gave us. We loved you from the minute we set eyes on you. You will never be forgotten and you will always be remembered as you were so special to the grandchildren, they are so heartbroken. There won't be a day that goes by when you are not thought about and there isn't a second that goes by with out me and everyone else who dearly loved you wishing you were still here. All I can say now is sleep tight little one and run free over that wonderful bridge and play with the rest of your pals. If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane. I’d walk the path to heaven and bring you back again. Hugs from us all Cheryl, Mike and the rest of the gang
  5. Our little Boy Boonie We are heart broken as Boonie has left our side and gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Monday night we lost our smallest dog (10in,) he was a little Yorkshire terrier called Boonie who had just had his tenth birthday. He came to us eight year’s ago as he was taken from a home that had neglected him, he had no hair on his ears and his body was covered in sores and he was so thin. They said he would only eat food every other day; also he would growl and bite everyone. Bonnie was allowed to wonder on the road and had been reported to the RSPCA more than once. When we first got him he would growl and then hide in the corner or under a chair but as time went on he became a perfect little lapdog and loved every one, especially the grandchildren. Boonie hair came back and his sores got better but two years ago we found out he had diabetes. My husband will miss him deeply as he was such a little character, this was his baby. Boonie we hope you’re so happy playing with your old and new friends at the Rainbow Bridge, until we meet again, run free and God bless you. Cheryl & Mike xxx
  6. Michelle I am glad you are having a nice break from everything. We are going to stay at Little Dumpledale farm next week. I am taking Trish our special little foster dog and my two dogs Sophie and Whisky also my daughter's two dogs Lucy and Summer and my son is bringing his two dogs Teddy and Honey. My daughter also has a 12 week old puppy called Coco but she will stay at home. The seven hour journey is too much for this little baby. So who every will be at the farm that week will not have a quiet time as when they get together they get so excited and make a lot of noise. I have warned them Cheryl & Mike xxx
  7. Ellie looks so sweet lets hope you have many happy years with her. Well done Ellie for finding a lovely forever home and a wonderful mum. Cheryl & Mike xxx
  8. I just loved the picture of Billy’s new friend. He looks so sweet, Bless him but this is not doing his street credit any good
  9. Hi All Hope you are all having a great day. I don’t very often write anything. I just read your comments which I love, but today Hubby is in a bad mood as I have sent him to work early. He didn’t need to be in until 9am this morning but he has been pain in the B--- since he got up this morning. He drop a jar of sticky jam which smashed and went everywhere then knocked over a full glass of coke and then the finally straw was when he drops a full pot of cream over my floor. Men!!!!! Thank goodness the dogs are quiet; they all are sitting in the boxes just watching me go off the deep end. I need a drink!!!! Cheryl xxx
  10. Ooh, she's really lovely
  11. Wonderful news Good luck Ranger in your new forever home. Cheryl & Mike xxx
  12. I am so very sorry to hear your sad news. Run free beautiful Boysie. to you all Cheryl & Mike xxx
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