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  1. That they do, they can melt everyone they come into contact with. I'm getting a name for myself in the park, every time someone asks about her I tell them where she came from and I tell them about Many Tears, quite a few of the men have told me of cause their wife's have been on the site and are falling in love with the dogs. Most of them have never heard of Puppy farms, they have now.
  2. We're all well trained by her lol, I had her at the vets this morning as her spay scar is swollen, I've been told that she might have a reaction to the internal stitches so she's on a course of antibiotics, my lovely vet didn't charge me the full whack as they said the original vet wouldn't have charges the full amount but as Wales was to far to go they would do the same for me, my vet has treated quite a few of Many Tears animals and has a right soft spot for them.
  3. She's really settled in and has everyone wrapped around her small paws, oh is away just now so we've gone to the bedroom, first night she slept right through, last night she decided to waken me at 5 with her whiskers tickling my face she then started roaching beside me I just wish she would do these things during the day . I think she's quite happy here, I'm certainly more than happy with her She's lying beside me on the couch in this one
  4. Thanks guys, she's a right wee cracker but she's driving me nuts. I'm sleeping downstairs with her until we know what she's like over night, the first night I took her out at 5am just in case, wee swine took of after the birds, not a pretty sight an overweight 55 year old in her jammies being pulled about the park by a wee scabby dug. The second night she kept wanting to be up beside me which was fine until she got down then up then down, all flamin night . The second night she started to dig the carpets and throw herself on the floor, again all flamin night. The third night she discovered squeaky toys at 4am ( I have been trying to get her to play with toys ), I got up to find a toy that Arran had just been given had 3 toes missing, I realised it was Ellie that had done it when I found 2 of the toes in her poo the next day, the other toe showed up yesterday. I had to take my granddaughter up stairs and when I came back down I found this wee dog who couldn't get on a sofa on her own happily sitting on one eating the grandbrats cheese sandwich, she's also chewed up an expensive thingie I have to keep my hair back from my face when I'm cooking , I'm absolutely knackered through lack of sleep but would I change a second of the last week NO WAY, I adore her and I get the feeling that Arran is coming around to her as well. I've been raw feeding Arran for the last month and Ellie seems to be enjoying it as well, I put a wee drop meat in with her kibble and she eats that first then she eats the kibble, she also jumped up beside my oh when he was eating and tried to help herself to whatever it was that was on his plate , she likes toast, apples, ice cream, cheese, tiny bit of bacon ( oh got a telling of for that one ), scrambled eggs basically anything that's put in front of her she'll eat.
  5. Arran has been missing Abby so much that I decided to get him a pal, I needed to wait until after my daughters wedding 2 weeks ago before I started looking. I called sheltie rescue in Scotland but they haven't had a rescue sheltie in over a year, a certain person on Puppy Love started to point me in the direction of a dog that was in foster not far from me, I thought oh why not and filled in the on-line form. I got a call a couple of hours later and answered a few questions, I was then told that the foster mum would call me, a few hours later she did. She arranged to come and home check me last Sunday and said she would bring the wee dog with her just so I could meet her, I've since found out that that is a favourite tactic of hers , needless to stay the wee soul never left the house. So I'd like to introduce to you all Ellie my wee puppy farm Bichon girlie from Many Tears With big bro Arran Where she's lost her fur which is now starting to grow back She's amazing me with her ability to learn and every few hours she does something else new.
  6. Thank you , I'm really lost without her and today's been hard taking Arran for walks and everyone asking where she is, she adored some of my shorter dog walking pals as she could run and jump and steal whatever treat was in their pocket, she once got a whole bag of treats . Arran seems to be missing her which I didn't think he would, he's wandering round looking and sniffing at her things even thought we took him with us when we went to the vets. I took the picture then yelped at her '' what do you think your doing madam '' she jumped on to the floor and just stood looking at me , I have some great memories of her.
  7. I've not been on for ages but as Abby came to me partly through the refuge I wanted to come on and let you know that Abby left for rainbow bridge today, she fought hard to stay with us but the last two days were just to much for her, she stopped eating and this morning she was refusing to drink. I took her to Audrey ( her vet ) and she agreed that nothing more could be done for her her kidney's had stopped working, it was very peaceful and very quick, we stroked her and told her how much we loved her and that she would always be my girl. My fat wee oik Have fun at the bridge sweetheart and I'll see you again one day
  8. Puppy love went in and filmed the appalling conditions in a puppy farm and BBC1 Wales made a programme which was broadcast last night week in week out, you can also see the film taken at the farm on the Puppy Love website. I know I'm talking to the converted but it's about time these bloody places were closed once and for all.
  9. I'm another one that's just seen this, I'm so very sorry
  10. Thank you . Fatty had a brilliant day walking with her mates, jumping on her human mates ( surprising what an illness will let you get away with ), she was only allowed a wee bit of chicken as her birthday tea instead of the liver cake and other goodies we used to give her but seeing the energy she has compared to a few weeks ago is worth it.
  11. Abby says thank you all very much . She loves her food but unfortunately because of her kidney problem she is now on slop royal canin for the rest of her life but I will be letting her have some chicken for her tea. I just can't imagine not having her here I just wish I'd known her when she was younger.
  12. I can't believe it's been three years since we drove for 4 hours there and 4 hours back to get my wee fatty , my son drove me down and it rained all the way there. Abby on the day we got her. helping herself to left overs in the park with Arran and with oh at the weekend . I love my fat wee oik and I'm so glad I got her. Terri
  13. Thanks for asking At the moment she's doing okay, the vets not happy with me having to shove food down her throat but she is starting to eat more of it on her own. I'm a bit more optimistic that she's going to be around for a wee while yet than I was last week. I'm still giving her the anti sickness tablets as there is no way I'm going to the vets that run our e-vet here, they are horrible and I don't trust them with her, my own vet will be open tomorrow so I'll start to cut down on it then and see how she goes, I wish I'd know that you could buy them over the counter though oh was sent to get them and 4 tins of food, he came back with 12 tins of the bloody stuff . Terri
  14. I need to shift a ton of weight for my youngest daughters wedding in the summer, it would be nice to get a smaller house so we can cut our bills at least in half and be mortgage free but that aint going to happen.
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