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  1. Jazz

    May 21

    no words can say how sorry I am. Talking on here every day made us friends. If you want to talk im here I hope she met Binky, but not had to eat alberts fry up xxxx
  2. Jazz

    May 21

    the times the same nurse has failed me, but im hoping because its on the phone, and lockdown, dont think they have the blood test after the one where my sugars were the lowest ever, which will get me through ill definately be on my knees from midday. wont be able to get up, but getting through is the main thing lol
  3. Jazz

    May 21

    ooo if i get through the pre op check his thursday, op on the 28th
  4. Jazz

    May 21

    bugger. got PIP forms to fill in. Ill get the people to fill it in for me
  5. Jazz

    May 21

    ive got jobs done. going to sort my hospital bag and get it all washed as its a warm day
  6. Jazz

    May 21

    the rain is muffled too, dont have to shut the door to think lol
  7. Jazz

    May 21

    Lewis likes the new roof, it has changed it completely. I can have all the curtains open so I have 3 times the amount of light, but not burning my eyes. Very happy Hope you are all ok. Have a nice safe day xx
  8. Jazz

    May 21

    the dark roof is brilliant. I dont have to close the curtains, but the sun isnt burning my eyes
  9. Jazz

    May 21

    all done, and they put the units back, so will soon be full out there again and less indoors
  10. Jazz

    May 21

    morning all x men will be here in a minute so garden is cleared and washed, beds made, im dressed and knackered lol have a lovely day xxx
  11. Jazz

    May 21

    dogs are back, didnt recognise them lol dylan the chihuahua is all puffed up after his bath men will be back for about 3 hours tomorrow
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