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  1. Jazz

    September 21

    ooo foster rikki has a home. going thursday
  2. Jazz

    September 21

    just got my home insurance for half the price of last year, the dogs insurance was too, dont mind that
  3. Jazz

    September 21

    keeper, but shes very old, so more like hospice
  4. Jazz

    September 21

    got dylan off my friend the 18th last year. im taking on an old blind chihuahua from the rescue, ive called her faith
  5. Jazz

    September 21

    the low carb diet has already got my sugar levels down. If this continues, ill be able to have my 2 ops have a safe cool day xxxx
  6. Jazz

    September 21

    today is the last time I spoke to my friend. she was found the morning of the 22nd. Enjoy every day xxxxx
  7. Jazz

    September 21

    34 years I would have been married. Should have left him before 11 years be safe xx
  8. Jazz

    September 21

    been shopping. got a loaf tin, but found low carb bread in tescos, not as low as she wants, but £7 for bread mix she can fluff off. got other stuff to start me off
  9. Jazz

    September 21

    they seem to be different. thought id ask in case any of you knew
  10. Jazz

    September 21

    anyone on a low carb diet? tips and cheats please. first thing is bread. seems to come as a mix. Do I just need a loaf tin thanks
  11. Jazz

    September 21

    new drugs have come, a carrier bag full. arnt I lucky *sigh*
  12. Jazz

    September 21

    dogs treats have come. definately need a bigger place
  13. Jazz

    September 21

    ooo posh. always wanted a driveway already got a pharmacy here, need a bigger cupboard
  14. Jazz

    September 21

    pharmacist has rung. sending pills potions and inhalers
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