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  1. Hope it helped Was Donald Watson one of your teachers? We were up your way (in Grasmere) in early May when it was very hot - lots more lovely vegan options in cafes etc than when we were last there !
  2. Probably too late for you now Marion, but been vegan for nearly 4 years now. There are lots of blogs / pages with delicious recipes, and some with children in mind (lots on FB if you're on there). Some of these pages might help?
  3. Sorry, I don't post here often (or on any forum much), but I'm sure some of you will remember Trudi,aka Muppett. She's has so many sad life events, including her own health, and today, sadly, her soulmate and husband Mark passed away I'm sure you will join me in in sending her condolences.......Sleep well Mark xx
  4. As a nervous flyer, who can get claustrophobic , (the combination of which can lead to panic attacks), I will now only fly long haul if we upgrade. So we don't often do it, but it was the only way OH could persuade me to go to New Zealand lol. Hope you you enjoy it !
  5. Maria

    Ex-Breeding Dogs

    We adopted Smudge, an ex puppy farmed cocker in March 2006 when she was supposedly 3. It took her a while to be fully housetrained, happy to have a lead on etc, and even longer to start to trust humans, but her doggy communication skills were brilliant It took 6 months before she could reliably go offlead, but temperament wise she was much better than Boysie, who had a different background and had not been well socialised either . She was bombproof with children, other animals, though always was a bit wary of adults. She adored Boysie first, OH second, and then put up with me She always needed doggy company. She was a lot of hard work in the beginning, never became a cuddly dog (but then neither did Boysie), but was an absolute joy to share our lives with Unfortunately she developed a rare, aggressive, adrenal tumour, and we lost her, aged about 7, in Nov 2010 We know others who've adopted ex puppy farmed dogs who became more 'normal' than Smudge, but several have also developed serious conditions and left this world early. Their poor start probably does nothing for their ongoing health, so it's probably fair to assume that most of them won't make 'old bones' We still miss her (and Boysie) so much
  6. I thought I would not be able to face having another black boy after my Boysie ........or even another boy just yet...... We have been to Manchester (and back!) This one does have a white blaze.... Charlie cocker says 'hello'
  7. Just popping on to send yuletide greetings to you all and lots of to anyone who needs one. Guess who is flying out to New Zealand tomorrow morning....which has just had more large earthquakes There was me just worried about the flights .....have gone beyond terror and fear thanks to rescue remedy.... Anyhow, my affairs are 'in order' so if we go off to meet the doglets I'm ready...que sera sera. Hope you all have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year :flowers:
  8. Hello peeps Hope everyone is OK? Just passing through as am deliberately limiting internet time for the sake of my sanity Have been awfully depressive since losing my boy , but am finding 5htp and Vit D3 to be helping a bit... Still horribly dogless following the sudden loss of Boysie and coming up to nearly a year since Smudge left Really hate being dogless, but OH has had eye problems since May, and needs an op - which is finally happening next week .... his eyes need moving by 6mm! And then he wants to go to NZ for a holiday over Christmas / New Year - so next year before we can look for new friends at the earliest..... Edited to say that I just saw my avatar when posted, and it's sent me off again -
  9. What a way to end a holiday We've been in the Lake District the last week, and instead returning with happy memories, we are stunned to have lost our boy Nothing untoward happened until Friday - we've all walked miles and miles, and wondered at how a nearly 14 year old dog could keep up We met up with a friend and her lovely trailhounds on Sunday for a walk, and the little man was doing so well..... Friday, on our last walk, we had to do a quick retreat from some charging farm dogs - and as we did so, Boysie screamed and couldn't put weight on his back right leg... It took a while to get round the dogs, and we had to carry Boysie until we got to the road and I walked back to get the car. Took Boysie to a vet, then sent to another for x-rays - his leg was broken, and the vet said it was like an RTA break We agreed it would be best to bring him home to our vets for what we thought would be a pinning / plate exercise, so he had pain relief. One restless night , an early start and a 6 hour drive later, we headed straight to our vet, who didn't like the look of the x-ray and suspected bone cancer We left him there for more x-rays, and to ponder what to do if it was cancer and not just a break. We decided that if he had been a younger dog, we would have gone for amputation / chemo, but as he's also had other health issues since Jan, and was struggling on 3 legs, we felt it would be kinder to let him join Smudge if he did have the 'worst'. Which he did So, at 5pm yesterday, we went to say the final goodbye to our little man , and today we will take him on his final journey We hope we have made the right decision for him, as although it was tempting to try and keep him with us for longer........ we think that would have been for us, not him...... Can't believe we have lost both our dogs within 7 months - stunned and heartbroken doesn't even begin to cover it, especially as he had shown no symptoms Goodnight, and God Bless my beautiful Boysie You have taken a big part of me with you - go find Smudge, and have a good rest until we meet again
  10. Marion, I am so, so sorry George was such a special boy, and you had the most special bond Good night, God Bless, gentleman George Herdwick :GroupHug:
  11. Steroid induced Cushings is quite common - I think Jules's (Tempest) Ollie had this, and she decided to take him off the steroids. Cushings is also caused by the body over producing natural steroids in response to either a pituitary or adrenal tumour - meds are available for these, but they reduce the natural steroid (and therefore symptoms), so they don't deal with the cause... You could take him off the steroids and the Cushings symptoms may go away, but you are then left with the possibility that the auto immune problem comes back I'd also suggest seeking the advice of a holistic / homeopathic vet for that if it does arise. Good luck
  12. Maria

    Always Hungry?

    I would suggest a test for Cushings along with thyroid - sounds how Smudge was (ravenously hungry, panting like she'd run miles, drinking loads and peeing more), though her fur also starting going funny too. Problem with both conditions is that you can get false negatives...... Good luck Edited to check he's not on any steroids at all? - as that can induce Cushings too
  13. The rescue I volunteer for is not far from Harlow (I'm assuming Harlow Essex?) - would be grateful if there is anything I can pass on , thanks
  14. This song has been going round in my head for the last few days We rushed Smudge to our vets hospital this morning, as she was very flat, didn't want to move and screamed when she was picked up. After various inconclusive tests they suggested an urgent referral to the RCVS who had treated her back in May. We took a very flat Smudge to the RCVS this afternoon, and was met by the lovely vet who cared for her back in May. I cannot praise her enough for her compassion and thoughtfulness today - unlike our experience with the receptionist at our vet's hospital, who, despite Smudge being an urgent referral, preferred to debate whether this was a 'new' claim or an ongoing one, and what we should be paying today I will be complaining to the Practise Manager when I feel able........ The RCVS were again wonderful Smudge had had a big bleed into her stomach, either from the existing adrenal tumour or possibly another one - we could have left her there for more fluids / potential op, but she would have more likely died on the table.......her tummy was huge and mishappened . Until this morning her quality of life has been wonderful- she's had 3 holidays since her poor prognosis - and I will have the lovely memory of her snuggling into my knees last night for the first time forever We decided it was kinder to let her go. We were not prepared for a bouncy Smudge to come back into the room , but the vet explained that this was due to the extra fluids they had given her. One last short walk round the grounds and then she was again getting panty and flattening. and we came back to a tub full of yummy food to give her - we both had one last smuggle,(our word for a Smudge cuddle) and then she went to sleep peacefully with our arms round her . It was very quick, and dignified We were taken to a quiet room while they prepared a little coffin for her (we are arranging our own cremation), and then they let us out to the car park so we didn't have to go through reception, and then brought her out to the car. As we left the lovely vet sobbed with us. Boysie came home and said goodbye to her in his own way Anyway, back to the song, these lines seem to say it all..... So long, farewell Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight I hate to go and leave this pretty sight So long, farewell Auf Weidersehen, goodbye I leave and heave A sigh and say goodbye Goodbye The sun has gone To bed and so must I So long, farewell Auf Weidersehen, goodbye Goodbye...... Goodbye...... Goodbye........! And in Smudge's own words Night night Smudgie , our beautiful Princess
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