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    That's a good start, weeing in garden. Quick learner! So much cooler here today, whew! Yesterday I had day off from my watering duties, thought ok stay home and keep as cool as I can, relax. Checked village Facebook group, sudden emergency. A lady had been to the new council cemetery and found someone had scattered sharp nails all over the car park. Strong sharp ones over an inch long. She had to go to work, said there was a man there trying to clear them up. So I said I would get down there asap with broom and dustpan. Arrived, no man there. Not surprised, impossible to do it all by hand, and of course tehy were in full sun and red hot to touch. I set to work protected by hat and loads of sunscreen, swept half the car park, managed to stop 2 cars from driving on to them. Then the council workers arrived in big van. I ran across and shouted at them to stop, they ignored me so I got in front of the van, jumped up and down waving the broom, shouting STOP. They looked disgusted with me, couldn't work out why. Then when I got them to understand and showed them the nails, they said don't worry, our problem now, and got out the leaf blower which was much easier than broom. Later I realised why they looked at me, appalled. Poor guys, sweltering in regulation council hi vis overalls, going to do routine work at cemetery, and suddenly a crazy old lady wearing a big hat and cargo shorts rushes at them brandishing a broom and yelling. They must have thought that was the last thing they needed, a confrontation with the village witch.
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    Seems he doesnt know hes blind. Hes got on the sofa, in a dog bed. dont know how he will get down, but hes so happy. slept all night
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    ohhh myyy ggoodddddddd he is tiny, beautiful. following me everywhere hearts and flowers floating everywhere we have had a cuddle, after i put dry shampoo on him
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    morning all xx people interested in both fosters. Hope they pass their homechecks looks nice out there. There is a new little shop opened round the corner,might go and have a look. have a safe cool day xxxx
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    morning,,, blind foster should be here today. Nikki weed in the garden this morning yeaaaaa
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    bet its nice to be home x Nikki has gone backwards on housetraining so im back to singing 'weeee weessssss' 24/7
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    shades are on their way .... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    morning I have shorts on. first time in my life. dont want to scare you with a picture. my legs have gone in to shock, there is a breeze....
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    hope your all ok. night xxxx
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    posted my covid test, then went into the co-op. meat had just been reduced so freezer is full
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    Strawberry picking at local PYO farm today, 2 kilos collected, now sliced and in freezer. Apart from those which got eaten on the way home. All strawberried out now. zzzzz
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    nikki came from a puppy dealer who has been on tv. nasty wonder shes a bit nuts
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    Can't imagine a kilo of chocolate biscuits Jazz lol. We've been travelling down to Eastbourne over the past couple of days as we've family stuff happening. Arrived this afternoon and poor wee Nick wasn't well. He's been in the vets all afternoon and had to have his lungs drained amongst other things. It came on so suddenly yet we nearly lost him. Richard's just gone to pick him up. Can't believe it all got so bad so quickly out of nowhere.
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