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  1. Yes and I have received it thankyou x
  2. I have answered you Sue x
  3. Thanks all I am basically fine and at the moment my symptoms are minimal. The Neuro reckons that I have probably had MS for about 20 years ! I have been aware of some issues for about 7 years but put them down to getting old so it was a shock when I was diagnosed.Diet wise he recommended a Mediterranean diet and to take Vit D so that is what I do .I also go to the Gym twice a week and do as much as I am capable of.
  4. Hi Yantan I am a regular lurker I am afraid I tend to log in most days but I am not much of a poster.It was only the MS post that spurred me on as I know how worrying it can be. I am actually doing really well and even though I have been diagnosed my symptoms are minimal thankfully. Hopefully that is how I will continue
  5. I was diagnosed with MS last year it was a shock but I am still here and nothing has changed since my diagnosis
  6. Jazz have you tried Animal Friends.They are fairly cheap usually and seem to pay out Ok,but the excess is high when they are over 8.
  7. It will be 10 years tomorrow since I did this!
  8. You all look great I am still managing to maintain at just under 9 stone which I feel is about right for me, This was me 3 years ago. This is me now. I was a size 18 and am now a 10 on the bottom half and a 12 /14 up top and weigh 3 and a half stone lighter.
  9. You look great and much more confident looking
  10. Statement from Axa Axa has announced it is no longer taking on new pet insurance customers. We have now received the following statement from Axa: “After a strategic review of our business lines, we have decided to no longer offer pet insurance through AXA Direct and, and focus on our core product lines of Home, Motor and Travel insurance. AXA will continue to provide cover for existing customers until a new insurer is secured. At the time of the switch over, existing customers will have their policies transferred to the new insurer who will continue to provide them with the same or similar levels of pet insurance cover. Customers will be contacted with more details before their policies are transferred.” Our insurance doctor Neil Flint, from VIP, is working on getting the correct advice together and we will get this to those affected as soon as possible. Please do keep an eye on our page over the next few days.
  11. Niki posted this on FB today I have two dogs with them that I will be looking to move ASAP as at the moment they have no pre existing conditions.
  12. Well done to all of you I am still plodding on doing my bit I have nearly lost my holiday extra weight so I must be doing something right
  13. We were in Port El Kantoui in Tunisia.
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