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    Have Amber and Freddie bassets and Sid lab and quite often a foster, 2 horses Gale and Isis but had to give up riding 15 years ago since I have permanent damage to my spine
  1. elainew

    War Horse

    Her objection seems to be that the foal and the horse don't have the same markings rather than anything more serious
  2. elainew

    War Horse

    Hope you have a better reason than that!
  3. Trixie will be over to visit - she loves meeting dogs her size!
  4. Well done Lynne! That will help towards the vets bills and we may pick up a fosterfamily or 2.
  5. Tag looks like she enjoyed herself! Shall be looking up the holiday place details - shame I have 5 her at the moment lol!
  6. Well done Lynne! You have some very generous freecyclers.
  7. Gone but never forgotten. Lynne
  8. \w've only just finished our pears put away carefully last autumn - and still have apples. No chemicals at all!
  9. elainew

    Beach Fun

    And a little family photo:
  10. elainew

    Cassie Cocker

    Thinking good thoughts for Cassie and for her foster mum who has changed her from a doddery little old lady to a confident young girl!
  11. OMG think I started fostering for you in June 2011. Where does time go? Happy anniversary Oldies, you have helped so many older dogs enjoy a happy retirement!
  12. We shall be there Saturday on Marc the vet's stand
  13. What a star! Hope his win goes in his writeup!
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