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  1. That is nice for her to end her days loved and cared for. Lucky girl.
  2. A foster or a keeper?
  3. No idea, jazz. Ae there not instructions with it? Could you make into a round like a cob, or into rolls?
  4. You'll have your own pharmacy, Jazz. Dropped kerb and mono bloc done. Now have a huge parking area out front.
  5. That was quick. Do you have an 'in' and 'out' board?
  6. After two hot days we woke up to fog this morning. When it cleared it started raining until lunchtime. I am getting a dropped kerb out in and my front garden mono blocked. They were digging it out today and the soil was like dust. Mist came down again at teatime but it is still muggy.
  7. You're going to be busy. Don't get them mixed up Another hot day today. .At present it is 27 degrees in the house. At least ut gets cooler at night now so sleeping is not so uncomfortable.
  8. I hope the dietician can help. Many dogs are affected by the additives and colourings in the food but people don't realise it. they buy waht looks nice to them. Dogs don't care what colour their food is. One of best foods is the old fashioned tinned Chappie. Another hot day here. Cleo is not impressed but it is too hot for a walk. I have been busy. I have cleaned and moisturised the leather suite. Dehaired and washed the blanket Cleo lies on on it. Then I cleaned all the windows inside. Don't know what came over me!
  9. Full house! After a cool week it has suddenly got rather warn today. Sun shining again.
  10. Another month gone. Was up early to take my car to my son’s at 7.15 so he and his wife could drop their car off for MOT and service, then use my car to come home again. He is working from home again as 77 kids and 3 teachers off due to virus. 12 more cases reported this morning. The back to school surge! Wonder when we will get through this. Doesn’t look like any time soon. I haven’t seen my other son for 20 months.
  11. blackmagic

    August 21

    H. poor Hugo. Maybe the cough syrup upset his tum.
  12. blackmagic

    August 21

    I am waiting for 2 hospital appointments. They have told me they have my referrals but have no idea when I will be seen. I am watching webcams of the hurricane and storm surge in New Orleans. Wo, the force of nature.
  13. blackmagic

    August 21

    Sorry to read that Jazz. To stop coughing licquorice root (you get some of the sticks from the health food shop, boil a kettle of water, pour into a bowl, float a stick it in, add a teaspoon of honey whilst water is still hot, leave water to cool, fish the stick out, transfer water to dogs bowl....and then use same stick once more to make up the next batch for when you need to change the water).
  14. blackmagic

    August 21

    Good morning. Had a long lie reading my book this morning. Cleo slept in ! She usually gets me up. Got an unexpected invitation to go out for a family dinner from my DIL, as she had had unexpected bonus from work.. Just iironing to do then a quiet day. Plenty I could do , but I can't be bothered.
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