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  1. eve

    May 21

    Good luck for Thursday then xx
  2. eve

    May 21

    Lucky you, damp and dreary here, though we had the odd bit of sun this afternoon. I have done nothing interesting or productive lol
  3. eve

    May 21

    Pleased the new roof works so well for you Jazz. As for sun burning your eyes, send it up here if you don't want it and I'll swap you for our rain lol
  4. eve

    May 21

    Happy Birthday Suezanna. Hope it's a good day for you xx
  5. eve

    May 21

    Great news about the van Owl.
  6. eve

    May 21

    Good luck little pigeon. I rescued one from a sparrowhawk the other day. Managed to chase it away before it done any real damage and luckily the pigeon flew off, minus a few feathers. Dry here today and the sun is trying to burn through but it's chilly. Off to clean my filthy kitchen, I may be some time lol. Hope everyone's day is more interesting than mine xx
  7. eve

    May 21

    Glad you enjoyed your meal out with family Blackmagic, so nice to be able to do 'normal' things again. what plants are you planning for your raised bed? I'm having my 2nd jag on Wednesday 😀
  8. eve

    May 21

    Well it's cold and wet here which I didn't like at all lol. At least the rain waited till after the dogs were walked so that was ok. Have just had a housework day - it was sorely needed as the weather has been so good lately I've just about lived in the garden.
  9. eve

    May 21

    Our visiting hedgies eat the food our messy birds chuck down on the lawn. Really huge one out having a feast last night.
  10. eve

    May 21

    Morning. Can I have warm day please Jazz?
  11. eve

    May 21

    Happy May day everyone. Happy birthday Elwood. Enjoy your shopping trip Jazz. Another lovely morning here - guess I'll be watering later if it stays that way.
  12. eve

    April 21

    Been sunny here for most of the day. Watered everything in the greenhouse but left the stuff in the garden as we've rain due tomorrow. Owl - next day delivery here means we'll get it to you sometime soon. All the big courier companies pass it onto local couriers, but we do get it eventually. The joys of being classed as Highlands and Islands, even though we're neither.
  13. eve

    April 21

    Hope your replacement parcel has arrived Owl. What does the pre-op check involve Jazz?
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