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I have started to make some changes to the site.


I know its taken me ages but .... well... anyhow



the first change completed today and that was a major one



the forums now sit on a much more powerful system which will allow me to do the rest of the changes.


the next one will be an upgrade of the board software. this is not a small job as the new version has a lot of things that are different to this one.


I will initially do a test board to see how much get screwed up during the upgrade and take it from there. after that I will be merging a lot of the lesser used forums as well as performing a general tidy up.



hopefully you will notice a speed increase now but the spring.. summer clean should help even more. there will be integration with facebook and twitter etc so hopefully we can create a joined up community where stuff posted in one place will sow in many. thi should help with lost and found/rehoming etc


anyhow. its been a busy day so I am off to watch some telly

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