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  1. Thanks all for your postive comments and warm thoughts. It really does look great up there now and we are making the most of it while the weathers good.I am sitting up there with Dom on and off.
  2. That must be a huge weight off your mind then!!Fantastic news. I know it's not resolved and I really feel for you and Dean(10 passing out in a day.What a nightmare!)but having a brain tumour crossed off must be a relief. I am so angry on your behalf with how little financial help you are getting...when others are on every benefit under the sun and milking the system to their hearts content. If you don't get help soon I'd contact your MP,mate! Things are on the up for me and mine at the moment so I can't complain but from October-March I wouldnt have cared if I'd been struck by lightening tbh. I really hope that things start looking up for you too.
  3. So sorry to hear about Poppy,Wendy. Sweet Dreams beautiful girl.
  4. Hi Ian, I just wanted to let you know that the fabulous Luke and his Leos came along on Sunday and turfed the final corner of Dominics sensory garden and,as I have righted the smashed area now,it all looks fantastic and Dom has spent the majority of the last 2 days sat down there. Luke came along with 4 young workers and set about turfing the garden in blazing hot weather and I have to say I felt really sorry for them and a trifle guilty too.It took them a few hours and it looks fantastic.I have been watering the turf at night and first thing,as advised by Luke,and I am so pleased with it all and I get tears in my eyes when I think about how it looked after the tree fell.(See previous thread) Luke is looking at getting someone to put electric up to the Summerhouse so that Dom can listen to his music,as I'm spending a small fortune in batteries at the mo,and also so that I can plug in his little fountain which is there but not set up yet due to electricity. Anyway...Thank you so much for contacting Luke,Ian,and huge thanks to Luke for caring....and the workers too obviously. The newly turfed area. The turfed area AND the area that was totally written off. Dom making the most of it.(Sealed box is the fountain in front of him!)
  5. Hi Debs, Glad to hear that you are still plodding along. My last year hasnt been great either for numerous reasons so you arent alone,mate....and these things always seem to happen at once,don't they? Anyway....Chin up mate.Let us know how Dean is. Kaye xx
  6. Hi Debs, So sorry to hear that you have all been put through the mill lately. I really hope it all pans out for you.Is there any further developments since you posted last month? Take care and huge hugs, Kaye xx
  7. WOW!! He really is a handsome gent.He looks alot bigger in the new photos than I thought he would be after seeing the first one. Will Libby fail??Is anyone taking bets?
  8. Hi again everyone. My sister,Lynn,has read all your posts,re Jack and asked me if I would post a message on her behalf thanking you all very much for all your supportive messages. She says she is very grateful and it meant alot. The poem is lovely,Pat,and I think she shed a tear or 10 reading it! Best wishes to you all.
  9. I don't see that you had alot of choice! You can't live your lives like that.It's not healthy for anyone. Huge hugs for having to make such a difficult decision.
  10. Thank you so much everyone.It means alot. Hope I'm not boring you but Lynn has just sent me 2 pix she took in the last 24 hours. Jack 12.7.07 Jack and my sisters daughter,Holly 13.7.07
  11. Kaye9


    Hi Lorraine, It's lovely to see more recent Tuppence photos. I remember transporting him to you,as the last link,and taking the smilie pic of him on the Oldies site.He is a little gem. I'm so glad that,despite health hiccups,you are still together and happy. Take care and give him a hug from me. Kaye x
  12. I will Michelle,thank you! You know it's going to happen,try and prepare yourself for when it does but it still hits hard. Lynn was just so pleased that she got to spend over a year and a half with him but wished she could have had him longer. He had a fantastic home with her and in the last 6 months Jack had a companion,Ruby,a young Boxer X who Lynn adopted from Many Tears which is a good thing in hindsight.They got on well together despite her being a bouncy fruitcake. Hope you are well. Thank you Clint.
  13. Hi all, I'm afraid that I am posting,for the first time in ages,with very sad news. Gentle Jack,the Labrador X Husky I fostered and my sister adopted went to the Bridge this afternoon. He would have been 15 in the New Year so he did well for a dog of his size really but my sister,Lynn,and her family are devastated and I am also very upset.He will leave a huge gap and be missed so much. His legs have been giving way alot the last few months and the vets had tried everything to help,the last being steroid injections,but he kept collapsing and this last week looked thoroughly miserable.His quality of life had deteriorated and my sister knew it was time. Her and her Fiance held him while he slipped away and he is now at peace. My sister,Lynn,will be mailing the Oldies Club with a fitting tribute to him to put on the Oldies site but she doesnt post on here and quite a few of you knew him or of him so I wanted to update you. RIP handsome boy.Huge hugs and love.
  14. Great pix Cher...I notice that you got the back of me in most pix...I bet that was deliberate!lol It was nice to see you all again...despite the fact that Liz and Mark bottled the walking bit!! ;) It was a shame that a few more people didnt turn up but the ones that did it was great to see.The gorgeous Mike was on form!! Lets make the next one sooner rather than later.
  15. Hi all, I am at last back online. I would just like to say a huge thank you to Ian,Luke,Jazzie and everyone else who has offered and given help.It shows that there are some smashing folk about. The tree is(Unbelievably) still there but the Council have had all the quotes in and have got a firm coming to move it soon.I will be claiming compensation and,for that reason,I need the Council to see what the damage is as the tree is taken. My Fiancee,Jamie,mailed you,Luke as I couldnt get online at all to thank you.I would appreciate some help once the tree has gone.I spent a year doing it before this happened.Thank you Ian for putting Luke in touch.Thank you too Jazzie for the ornaments.I am looking forward to seeing the crocodile. I really am touched....and I'm sure Dom will be very excited to see his new,and hopefully improved,garden!
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