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    Looking after my pets and foster rabbits. Walking, preferably with a dog! Reading, films, eating out, visiting the sea.
  1. I love JRT's, and the two girls stood out because they are cat friendly. It took us ages to find one that was ok to introduce to our 4 cats, and he is super as you can see from the pic! Shame he is not dog friendly!! Our chap is fine with the rabbits and Guinea-pigs and even the Chinchilla bouncing about does not get him going. Old Tuppence used to run up and down outside the G-pig run and stand staring at the Chinchilla till he hid in his box, so we are very pleased with Fudge's reaction.
  2. I think I am in love with these two little girls! They are so gorgeous. I so wish our Fudge was not such a beast with other dogs as we would definately be offering them a home!! Their foster mummy is very lucky. I love the photo of them with their foster brother all wearing their rossettes. I hope they find a lovely forever home soon or I will be even sadder we cannot offer them a home!
  3. I am so sorry for your loss. I never met him but his character shone from your posts.
  4. I am not sure where that is but will have a look on the net. I am in Bedford, so will try and get out there to say hi.
  5. Congratulations! What a lovely picture. Your two older children look so grown up!!
  6. rainedrop


    I am sure you have looked at every possibility with Tammy and her colitis, but I wanted to mention that my old boy has got this and since changing his diet onto James Wellbeloved meat, biscuits and treats and stopping having any dairy (he liked milk and tea with lots of milk!) He has improved 99%. He only has a bad day now if he has managed to beg something from someone before I get chance to tell them not to give him whatever it is. Again, I am sure you have tried everything, but thought I would mention my success to see if it could help. Good luck with her, I really do know how horrid that can be for the dog and for the person having to watch them being in pain and having to clear up what is done. for Tammy and her foster parents. Lorraine and Fudge
  7. I am hoping I was fast enough to get the last goodie bag for my old chap.
  8. They are lovely boys. If I had not gotten my little JRT I would have loved these two old chaps.
  9. I have an un-opened 100g pot of this if anyone wants it. Expiry is 07/01/2011. I brought it on advice from a friend for my dog, but then found he just needed a change of diet to stop his tummy upset. Now he is on James Well beloved meat and biscuits etc he is fine, so will not need to use the powders. For anyone who has not heard of this, the pot states: A Nutritional food for Duarrheo, pancreatic unsufficiency, malabsortion, weaning and convalescence. I do not want anything for it, just want it to be of use to someone. Let me know if any one is interested or if any of the oldie club dogs use this, and you can have it. Lorraine
  10. Hi Kelly, so nice to hear from you and to know you are back on your feet. I am afraid I lost Tuppence last year, his age caught up with him and I had to make the desicion to let him go to the bridge. I will always be thankfull to you for allowing me to have a wonderfull couple of years with that gorgeous old boy. He fitted in so well after the initial teething problems that you would have thought he had been here since a pup. I now have a nine year old JRT which came from my local rescue. He is gorgeous and great at home with the cats and rabbits etc, but he is a beasty with other dogs, so I have to walk him on lead and try and avoid area's with lots of dogs. It is a great shame as I miss the places I used to take Tup. This fella has bitten a couple of dogs though and although I am trying to work with him to get past this issue, it is difficult. Its great to see your dog pics, they always look so happy and well adjusted. I so wish this little bloke would interact with other dogs, as he is missing out on so much not doing so. That is the price of not knowing their background, you never know what has caused the problem to start up in the first place. We are going to Mundesley in a couple of weeks and had planneda trip to Happisburgh, so we may see you and yours whilst walking.....I will be the one with the small gorgeous JRT that is shouting a warning frantically when I see you that he is the devil in disguise when it comes to others doglets!! Looking forward to pics if the 'minidoodle' when it arrives.... Take care, Lorraine
  11. rainedrop


    Hi, I have not been around for a while and have seen Nazz is no longer with you. Did he get a home? Lorraine
  12. Thanks for the info. I have been looking around and am shocked at the amount that do not insure dogs over 8 and also the amount that limit the treatment to a year. I had an epeleptic dog some years ago that I fostered and I would never have been able to afford his vet bills had the charity not paid them. I thought that a condition would be paid for for life if it started after the insurance was taken out. Does anyone think it is better to have some sort of saving account that you pay into monthly instead of insurance so you can use it on all vet bills and anything else that may crop up? I am not so sure about insurance now I have read what you get/dont get for your money.......
  13. He is gorgeous, he reminds me of Tuppence, just that Tup was brown and not black. What a sweety.
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