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  1. yay, easter and the mad exodus that follows is finally all over. I can untuck my head from my backside and chill with a vodka tonight knowing tomorrow I can work at a normal pace and not a crazy pace.
  2. you and me both Merle! Been so long sinse Liverpool were any good that is novelty of winning a few games is playing hell with my stress levels. Kennels are busy, and staff are off sick. watching our laziest staff member having to pull his weight is entertaining.
  3. Who needs a gym when 4 ton of gravel is delivered first thing. Nearly killed me and Omar shovelling but the back garden is starting to take shape. Flagging to follow and some nice climbers and Im done. If I am still alive to appreciate it
  4. hi, yes I did mean bepanthen. both start with a 'b' so close enough for this dyslexic lol. Also, my tattoo bloke put a ban on me using a numbing cream beforehand. a 4 hour session followed by a 3 hour session had me regretting listening to his advice! I do plan to stick around hopefully. Been in Egypt for 2 years, but sadly there is too much tension and so little tourism that I have decided to come home, provided I can get Omar the necessary visa to come with me. Jazz, I spent 10 years holidaying alone. Ive been to some wonderful places and met so many different people along the way. Its a bit daunting at first but it gets easier. It may even be worth paying a little extra at first to go with Solo or one of the single peoples holiday companys so you are with people in the same boat.
  5. For anyone having a tattoo, I recommend using buscopan as a great soother afterwards.... although Omar nearly sh*t a brick in Tesco when I headed for the baby aisle to get some! Assured him nappy rash cream was for the tattoo and nothing else
  6. And remember Jayne, his mates can see your stuff on his wall too...... a vital point I forgot this week when I shared an anti Islamic funny on my wall and then remembered all the OH's friends in Egypt will see it
  7. Congratulations to both of you. Here's to an exciting future for both of you
  8. Very sorry to hear of your mums experiences Have just been through similar with Dad, and its so damned frustrating when tests get delayed and pushed back and changed. I threw the odd hissy fit with doctors during dads many stays in hospital which seemed to initiate action, then it would stop again. Stay strong and determined
  9. Thanks folks. Its been a tough time but life has to go on, so Im back at my desk and trying to remember how to run a boarding kennels again Todays exciting work involves going to B+Q for drain catchers and washing line! Im not sure i can cope with such rivetting outings but I;ll give it my best shot
  10. Morning. Finally starting to prize my head out of my backside after a rough six months. Dad lost his battle with cancer 6 weeks ago so Ive finally got to stop driving up and down the local motorways, to various hospitals, like lewis hamilton. Im now playing catch up on just about everything Id abandoned during his illness. I just need to re-discover my get up and go, which has deffinately got up and gone !!
  11. Morning. I feel like Ive been on eternal sh*t shovelling duties sinse before xmas Tomorrow is mass exodus, so give me a week and I will be complaining Im bored rather than complaining Im manic busy. Just been to fill up the jeep before the VAT increase tomorrow... £78 ouch
  12. I asked my mum and dad for a bit of a spending spree in the sales in January.... for a posh kettle and toaster. Im wondering if Im getting old before my time.... I got a tumble dryer for my birthday
  13. I wish I had followed my heart and joined the army. I wanted to go into the dog section, so as much as I have done many mad, bad and stupid things for the last 20 years, chances are, I would still have ended up owning a boarding kennels. Just would have been a different route to getting here. I also wish I had listened to a friend who tried to tell me my ex was a total @rsehole when I started to go out with him so I would sure as hell change that scenario
  14. ast weekend, I had no water in the house at all, and just one cold tap in the kennels. That relay was far more fun We still have all the snow and ice that arrived initially so, whilst not quite your disney outside, its pretty to look at and bloody murder to work in
  15. morning. I am on kennel shovelling duties. Problem is, the water has frozen in the hosepipes, and we have only cold water from the taps. running a relay from my hot water taps in the house to try and clean the place without using enough water to freeze it all up and have the dogs skating round their kennels
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