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  1. oh my god you are back!!! hello, I missed you.


  2. That's the funniest thing I read in a long time. Much needed laughter on a dismal day.
  3. Delighted it worked but twas LTJ not me and all the hours of work that you have put in
  4. This is going to sound like secret code to most people but - Abalone with a lift on your chest. I was stressed out and 'jittery' (depression crap) while on a course with Linda, she suggested that, it's like a one handed hug, very comforting. I think it makes the chest muscles relax which makes all of you relax. Also just think how far you have come
  5. PamJade


    Might not count, but just in case
  6. Greetings from Southport Churchtown to be more precise Welcome to Fugee madness (Refuge = refugees = 'fugees)
  7. Tasteless surely? (Being awkward bump)
  8. The idea of Limwire is NOT to pay for stuff DO NOT play with Limewire unless you have a good virus checker.
  9. PamJade

    I'm Stuck

    JMU thanx you! Didn't have time to hunt the ref last night, was going to find it today ... at JMU
  10. PamJade

    I'm Stuck

    Quickly skipped thru it and I must get some sleep. I'd skip the bit "Freud was a neurologist in Vienna who was interested in finding treatments for patients with neurotic symptoms" you have to assume some knowledge on the part of the reader. Maybe: The Psychoanalytical approach to psychology was founded by Sigmund Freud in the 1890s, he was interested in finding treatments for patients with neurotic symptoms. Sorry if I go thru the lot I'll be here ages! I only did one year of Psych and I'd forgotten this lot, mine was child Psychology. Pam
  11. PamJade

    I'm Stuck

    Sounds like the word count is way out However my student days are over and my bed is calling me I'd hate to go back to 2am finishes after a full day at work. Pam
  12. PamJade

    I'm Stuck

    Thoughts: 1. 500 words means just that, no more. It does seem very brief, sure it wasn't 1500? That was our standard essay size. Whatever, stick to the word count, not the pages. One of my lecturers would state 'no more than x words' stop and refuse to read even to the end of a sentence! 2. If it is your own thoughts then you don't need the ref. but if it's eg 'Piaget was known to refer to this system as blah, blah' (Then you need a quote for the info) Harvard is the sytem of refs - ie how they are set out, not which bits need references. 3. Just answer the question. You can do an intro based on what you are about to say and a summary, but in 500 words that's going to be VERY brief so you can probably skip it, especially on a comparison cos you don't need a conclusion by the sound of it. 4. You're going to be tired tomorrow! Good luck
  13. Longest incubation on record Keeping the insults going BUMP
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