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  1. Before I head off, huge thanks to the various people who shared his info and sent us rescue info.
  2. This can be locked now, unfortunately we haven't even managed to get help with walking or postering so we will be ringing the dog warden in the morning and letting him go to Fleet Lane. At least he got a few extra days with someone who cared.
  3.!/profile.php?id=100002059104392 This situation is URGENT. I am getting to the point where we will be forced to hand him over to the pound.
  4. Just to say the dog warden came this morning and recommended he stay here very short term as he would be put down in the council pound (they are massively over-run with SBTs and she was being very candid). As I have not found anyone working with Fleet Lane to get dogs out I had to go on her word and so he is here. I am assured that legal ownership to the old owner is forfeited after the 28 days and we are now looking for a rescue placement for him ASAP with the warden's blessing. I can discuss this further in PM with any rescue willing to help us. Please ring via the Doglost contact details or my home number if you have it, I can't sit at the computer any longer and desperately need to lie down. ETA: RDR asked and full (huge thanks for their reply). Northern SBT Rescue contacted. Rescue Remedies contacted. Poor Little Pets contacted. Dogs Trust unable to help other than with reduced cost neutering.
  5. The dog warden is on their way here this morning to run through his options. If he is taken he will go to Fleet Lane Kennels in Bradford. When I asked whether Fleet Lane pts after 7 days, she asked if he was a staffie, which obviously he clearly is. They suggested I phone Fleet Lane and speak to them with his reference number so they are aware people are looking for a place for him. Unfortunately my one previous experience with them was years ago and was poor. I am hoping they have improved but who am I to be picky.
  6. I think trying to convince the dog warden we'll have him when I am laid up post surgery is going to be impossible. I could try but it would be a bluff and then at the end of the 7 days without a space I am the evil person who has him put down aren't I? I am praying his owner comes forward but they've only got til morning and noone's going to find him before then are they. I have posted him on Doglost and all over Facebook, contacted Northern SBT rescue and posted on the RDR forum too. I don't think there's anything more I can do. How crap is that.
  7. Thank you. I understand I might not be able to post an urgent plea for this one but I am concerned after previous dealings with my local dog warden service that he will be put down. I cannot keep him here for any length of time, I can manage overnight, but according to the lady that found him the dog warden is due at 9am. If anyone has any rescue contacts to try I would appreciate the help. Otherwise I have no choice but to hand him over.
  8. He is here and he has some very distinctive markings so should be easy to identify if his owner is looking for him. I think he's full staffy. I have uploaded his details to Doglost and will update them properly once it's "live".
  9. Hi - I've been rung a couple of times today by a lady I know locally who found a dog straying and took him home for the dog warden to collect today. He was in a bit of a situation picking fights with other dogs and hanging around the school, nearly hit by a bus and frightening the kids (no real reason behind this other than the dog aggression I believe). Anyway she rang Terry Singh's marvellous Bradford dog warden team today and was told if she couldn't keep him overnight she was to let him loose (allegedly, obviously I'm only getting one side). He is currently in her back yard with a makeshift shelter and it is gale force winds and rain here. Anyway I've tried to get in touch with any local contacts with no luck, it's been a short amount of time but the situation was getting desperate. Baz has gone to collect him as we have not managed to find him a bed for the night. I had surgery a couple of weeks ago and am in no state to have a dog here (and Baz is partially sighted so it's not like we can make do for a few weeks or whatever, it would not be good for the dog), but what can I do. Anyway - tomorrow he has to go to the dog warden but I wondered what are the legal alternatives? Not for me to keep him, but for him to go into a rescue where he won't be put down for being a red and white staffy cross? I'm not really happy about handing him over if he is likely to be put down (they have in the past said that staffy crosses tend to be).
  10. Not commenting on the content of the post above but would it be possible to change the name of this thread to reflect the topic of conversation rather than confusing people. Dharma is not looking for a new home any more. I asked for the thread to be locked to reflect this. I do understand you have questions and not knocking that at all, just wanted to make it clear this thread isn't about Dharma.
  11. Hi gremlin22 Thanks ever so much for your advice. I have made an idiot of myself on here and really not done Dharma any favours so this thread can be locked now as she is my responsibility and will remain so and we will no longer be looking for a new home for her. I do fully understand and appreciate where cycas and you are coming from and fully agree, if I wasn't so selfishly upset over homing her out I would've thought before being so ungrateful and rude and as such I cannot expect nor ask for any future help. My stupidity and inadequacies as a dog owner (and mother!) have since been very clearly pointed out to me and I will not put my foot in it again. I would genuinely appreciate it if a moderator would close this thread. Thanks Kathy
  12. KathyM

    May R M F

    I just wanted to come back and say that I would do anything, anything at all for this not to be happening. Laura is right that I am not a faultless owner and probably not a very nice person either. However, I never asked for help for me. If I had thought for one second people thought I was just some horrible owner wanting to offload a dog to any old place to refill with another as has been suggested by Laura (which is vastly upsetting and untrue but no point me trying to say so), I would never have asked for help here. I can't argue that I have been polite, I haven't and for that I'll apologise now. I will say though that if people really knew me and how much I love these two, they would know how upset I am now having read that. Can I please ask a moderator to remove Dharma's thread and me from the boards. I'm not being melodramatic and flouncing, I am saving you all from any chance of me returning. Take care all of you.
  13. KathyM

    May R M F

    You are absolutely right, I don't deserve her and I don't deserve help. I am really sorry for offending people by being upset about the situation and I'm sorry but I think it's a bit below the belt to slag off me asking for advice for my son years ago. I won't be asking for any more rescue help, and genuinely thank you to anyone who put Dharma first. Obviously I am scum but it's not her fault she's got an awful owner. ETA: please can a mod remove her thread because of my offensive posts.
  14. KathyM

    May R M F

    Some people are driven to it. Thanks for the messages about Dharma, if people could please crosspost her it would make a huge difference. I won't be back here now as I have lost all faith sadly.
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