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  1. Hi, Was updating in the horsey bit so thought I'd pop a quick on in here too. Been a year of pretty much pantness to be honest. Not sure when I was last on but there has been a couple of new additions to the Rabble. Finally I got my much wanted lurcher...not the big scruffy beddy cross I had dreamed of but a whuppety beddy short haired black devil who is utterly the naughtiest illmannered insane dog I've ever met! But I cannot tell you how much I love him, he's the most fun and such a huge character!! Sidney is very happy with his new play mate but still cannot figure out why the skinny thing ALWAYS gets to the ball first!! And recently to go with my Norris of course we needed a I adopted this gorgeous little hand reared mitten, who has fitted in like she always lived here!! And for the pants bit, sadly on 22nd Dec 2011 I had to say goodbye to Cromwell. He'd been with me for 17 years so was approx 18 years old, I cannot begin to tell you the hole that has opened up in my house. Tiz only today wagged her tail for the first time since he went, she removed herself completely from the pack and was so very unhappy. The boys all have been confused and lost and I feel like someone has stamped all over me but it was the right time and I cannot complain over 17 years of having him with me. The last picture taken of him. And just before this happened my SuperduperCooper was diagnosed with cancer. He has gum cancer and sadly where it is it is too invasive to remove. He is an old dog and I couldn't (and my vet also refused to do so) remove half of his face just to slow down the inevitable. He is still with me and will enjoy what time he has left being spoilt. As always he's still happy and a joy to be with, even when the vet had operated and the wound was infected Cooper still managed to lick him!! My vet is upset he cannot help Cooper further as he's become a firm favourite at the he does with everyone who meets him. Rita lubs him too!!
  2. Hello!!! Snow told me I was being asked about so thought it was about time I bored you all again!!! Kane is still fit and healthy, he's off on his 'holiday' next weekend as he's been working very very hard this last year so he's going to a friends field for a month off eating and being a lazy horse...not sure how I'll cope with just seeing him weekends as I've cared for him everyday for 7 years (nearly 8!!!) Anyway we've been doing alot more competeing, found our home in Cross Country which I love (but terrified) and he totally excells at!! He's the bravest little horse and positively bounces when he sees the jumps!! I'm afraid we'll never make dizzy heights as I'm useless and he's a 15hh heavy cob but we have fun and have won a local pairs comp against 25 other riders so that's my proudest moment! We've been of to horse camp which was absolutely fabulous...already booked again for next years in April! And we have attempted to drag hunt again this season but unfortunatley it's all a bit too exciting for the little cob and after some very embarrassing brake failures, which involved jumping into someone's front garden and gallopping around the yard while trying to have drinks BEFORE we'd even left for the first line!! I've retired him from hunting and will stick to things less thrilling...although we now have problems riding anywhere he can see horses ahead because he thinks we have to 'catch' them!!! Bombproof ploddy cob anyone????? So I'll share some pictures from our year....the most fabulous one is sadly not me riding!! After having a 'slight' meltdown during a XC training session a friend got on and this was the result ( should have been me riding him!!!! ) This was my first XC comp...sloppy jump and determinded look was because he'd refused this jump so I was forcing him over it!! Lol!! Only refused because there was a person stood opposite it and that worried him...he's such a fool!! The beginnings of our Show jumping jumping 90cm (okay not huge but since I only started jumping 2 years ago I'm happy!!) Calm quiet sensible cob at the first Drag hunt meet... Okay...maybe not so quiet but still sensible and listening to mummy! Haaahaaaa...forget quiet, sensible and I'm NOT LISTENING!! I'm off...wheeeeehhheeee!! Ohhhh yes and I almost forgot!! This is Jade. I've not gone completely insane but yes she is a Chestnut TB mare...ex racer too!!!! I bought her literally from the back of a horse lorry on it's way to the meat man, she is 6 years old and the quietest, sweetest mare ever!! I knew a bit of her back ground and had spoken to her trainer who was devestated the owner was sending her for meat but he couldn't afford to buy her (£200!!!) so I'm afraid I was reckless and handed over the cash!! She obviously isn't my sort of horse so after a few months feeding up and chilling out she went on loan to a local girl who utterly adored her. So much so after 3 months she rang asking to buy her so I allowed her to go for what I'd paid, so now see her as she's in the next village and know she's safe for the rest of her life. If I had space and time I'd have kept her as she's so gentle but Kane takes up all my time and he's enough horse for me....for now.....I'm currently looking around for a foal to bring on, will be another chunky monkey but this time a proper height!! Lol!!!
  3. I hope all can read the attached link? I'm sure there are alot of rescue's that TRPD have donated items to in the past and all that is down to Al's tireless and dedicated work. She will be greatly missed by very many. My link
  4. Thanks everyone, a firm home offer has been made for her now so it's all sorted (well apart from physically getting Molly from the bloke that is!! ) She'll be spayed and the hernia removed as soon as she's old enough and hopefully that will be her settled for life now. Poor little soul. He said she's a King Charles Spaniel Ange, to be honest I know nothing about the difference between them and a cavvy, I thought they were the same thing?!
  5. Thanks, I'm still trying to get her. Think he's waiting out for some money...he'll have a long wait!! I've got a friend who is going to pretend she's interested too to see if she can get the full story from him. Good news is we had a lurcher dumped yesterday afternoon too but she's already secured a home (luckily cos I fell totally in love with her so she was looking likely to become number 6 in my house!!! ) so it's not all bad!
  6. Don't know if anyone can help? I'm trying to secure a 4 month old King Charles bitch from someone off Freecyle (slipped through the net and was posted before the mods checked it). Anyway she is in my village and apparently was 'rescued' from the breeder!! She only has 1 eye and has a non-disruptive hernia (obviously a vet would need to confirm the history behind that). She apparently is vaccinated. I've managed to find a kind soul who will foster her, but obviously I need some rescue help if anyone is able? I know it's a long shot, but I'm not willing to ignore the email so if anyone can offer her a place I'd be extreamly grateful. Jacky xxx
  7. It's so much fun!!! We only did a mini one with not all the parts but basically it's lots of obstacles like riding under low branches, getting on and off onto raised things, riding up steps, jumping natural jumps, riding between flags, cantering along a track as slow as you can, then walking as fast as you can, orienteering, cantering an area in a optimum time (that was fun cos it was in Kane's napping field so I ended walking the first part..otherwise he would have won because he excelled at everything else!! ). Lots of other things I've likely forgot! Honestly if you get the chance then have a go cos it was brilliant!!
  8. Wellll yesssss I may have spoken too soon!! Saturday we had the most wonderful day, got 3rd in the Dressage & Jumping combination test!! A respectful 63.1% on the dressage and 1 refusal in the jumping (my fault I got scared and told him to abort mission!!!), then in the afternoon we did a fun Le Trek test which I LOVED and we got 3rd in that too..which was out of 20 people so I was extreamly happy!!! Sunday was a show day but I couldn't be bothered (not a huge fan of showing!) and the novice jumps were too high for us so we had a day of pottering and doing not much. Then yesterday I recieve a phone call at 4.30 from the yard owner..the phone call that starts 'Don't panic but....' and it turns out my calm, quiet and chilled cob had jumped out of his stable!!! So we are now sporting a huge rip on his hind leg and one rather sorry for himself horse!! Luckily my vet was there within an hour and he was happy the cut was clean and didn't need stitching. But Kane was totally insane and I wish I knew what had unsettled him but he was like something possessed!! It reminded me of the early days, I had to laugh cos everyone kept saying 'Oh it's not like Kane' and I was 'Ummm actually yes it's very like the old Kane!!!'. Anyway thanks to the quick work of some people on the yard it wasn't half as bad as it could have been. I've just been there now and the wound is really clean and healing already, he's not lame and there's no swelling so I'm happy. Just means a few days off for us both ...except I've already been roped in to ride someone elses horse cos she's struggling so I don't think I'll be resting much!!
  9. Thanks guys. I'm not sure about a 'career' in showing.. Can't say it's something I'll get excited about, find it all abit too much like hard work to be honest! I'm definatley enjoying jumping and surprised myself by really enjoying learning the dressage test which I thought I'd find boring. But I'm not sure I'll do many shows..takes too long to get his legs sparkling white!! So sorry to hear about George, loads of love to him Marion. Sidney is hunkydory! He's mad as normal and still ball crazy! The new boy Sumo is a great source of entertainment, he's a real character and just the most gentle and loving little dog. Found out he's incontinent but that's sorted with medication now. Typical me can't take on a dog without it having something wrong!! Tiz and Cooper are there usual staffy types, still breaking things and making noise! Cromwell hasn't been too good, he's had 2 strokes now and is definately a very old man (nearly 16!!), he's breaking my heart but right now he's woo woo-ing at me and still demanding walks and fine food so it's all good. He rattles when he walks from all the pills and is on so much liquid glucosmine and msm that I'm surprised he doesn't slide everywhere!! So please to hear Anam is going strong, that little man nearly gave me heart failure but I'm so happy he's living the life of Riley.
  10. Hi guys Thought I'd just give you a quick update on me and the big lad as I've not been around for a while. We've sort of had a bit of a major break through together and things are looking good (for now!!). Had a fright earlier in the year when he lost alot of weight in a very short period of time, I admit I didn't notice it as quickly as I should have and it was bought sharply to my attention one saturday morning when I arrived to find him flat out in his stable (I'd left him in over night after being wormed) and his stable was covered literally with muck was he!! I had to get help to get him up and of course the vet was called out instantly. Turns out we think he either had picked up bacteria from the haylage he was on or he was intolerant to haylage (which we now suspect was the cause) and by worming him I'd just sent his body into meltdown. It's not been easy and I've had a few days when I actually thought I might loose him. Sadly another pony on the yard was pts the same day I found Kane so that didn't help my frame of mind!!! Luckily after months of care and very expensive food he's now back to full weight...if not a tad over weight but I'm not going to complain about that! Anyway in the period we were finding food he could tolerate we made a few mistakes and I sadly paid the price!! The vet had assured me that exercise was going to be a good thing so I had continued to ride, obviously not initally but after a month he was back to health so I started to hack him out again. Anyway one of the feeds wasn't suiting his temperment and he became a little bit naughty!! Had one day where I actually came off him twice in the space of 1 hour!!! I wasn't badly hurt but dented my confidence for a week or so! He was extreamly spooky for a while and like a rocket but in a away at least I knew he was feeling good so I wasn't going to stress about that!! Luckily I've now got him on a feeding schedule that suits us both (Allen & Page feeds ..anyone wants a recommendation then it's them!!! Their nutritionist has been a god send to me and the feeds are 100%! I will never feed Kane anything else!). Anyway the result of his illness reminded me that our time together is short and precious so it's got me off my bum and we're going great guns. We completed our first show 3 weeks ago with me actually riding him!!! Got 1st and 2nd in the 2 classes we entered and on saturday we are entering a combinded dressage and jumping class..followed with an afternoon of Le Trek training!! And Sunday is another show, which I'm entering Working Hunter with him!! He's also been for a trip to the forest and the major big plan is to do a sponsored ride with him next year (Sarah at Wicc's can fill you in on that one!!) Anyway hope everyone is okay and enjoying their horses to the full, because it's only a few short years we get to share with them and we should remember how special they are. A few piccys to prove we did finally do a show!!
  11. Just wanted to you know I'm thinking of you both and keeping you in my thoughts this weekend. All my love to you and your special boy.
  12. Oh yes... he's cat friendly too!!! (Actually he's cat nervous..Herbert is bigger than he is!!! )
  13. Not been around much but thought some of you would like to know a new addition has landed in my little home. I've had a big hole since Cosmic Cat left and couldn't have another cat because Herbert doesn't like other felines. This is Sumo, he's a 2 year old ex-breeding JRT. He's the most amazing little dog (if I say so myself!!) he's lived his life in a cage but the way he's fitted in is a testiment to his nature. He comes when called, he loves other dogs, is pretty much already housetrained (and figured out the dog flap...which was entertaining!! ) and is fine with live stock and walks off lead like a pro!! Tiz think he's her baby and plays with him like I've never seen her do before, Cooper thinks he's a pillow and Cromwell just raises his eyebrows and tuts!! Sidney wasn't too keen to start with but he's taken with him now and they have shared quacky ducks!!!
  14. I was going to make a over dramatic post. Decided against cos quiet frankly I really don't care enough to be bothered. The last few weeks have been really cleansing for me, I've made changes in my personal life and cut out the people that suck the life out you and only use you for their own means. I've tried to keep a positive head and stop wallowing in my own woes. Yesterday I was told a number of things that just made me sad. I thought the Refuge was a good place, I thought it was a understanding, open minded and kind place but it's not. It's the same place we all tried to remove ourselves from, it put a fluffy coat on to attempt to disguise the spikey snake underneath. Well the snake has been exposed to me and I for one don't want it around thanks. Snide comments, superiority and self-righteousness are not things I welcome in my life. To the geninue and kind people I thank you, to the others I actually feel sorry for you the fact that making other people feel small is the only way you can validate yourselves is extreamly sad.
  15. Loads of love for your special little man.
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