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  1. As the question says really....... I haven't signed up myself (never felt the need) and as I have limited time (it seems) nowdays on t'internet was thinking of setting up a page to hopefully keep in contact with peeps. Scoobs x
  2. You could have left the paper up and sealed it with PVA glue - when you paint on top after sealing, it wouldn't bubble
  3. Got mullered far too many times and always for the wrong reason........
  4. Does this mean I have to give up my veggie satay and egg fried rice once a week? Just out of interest - anyone who uses / banks with HSBC - that is a Chinese bank (Hong Kong & Singapore Banking Corp), who have their fingers in many pies (or is that egg foo yungs)
  5. If anybody knows of any b & b's can they post the details - I can't get through on the 'phone either
  6. Are You Experienced? - Hendrix
  7. Scooby Dobie..... Xmas 2007 Somewhere abroad......
  8. Who me??? One for Melp or D nB people anyway........ I spoke to a journalist from Dog Magazine who would really like to do an article about D N B.... her name is Caroline and asked if you could Phone the office to "organise" something - the number is 01487 811732 - she said she spoke to someone at Crufts, and wanted to do an article... Pasquale xxx
  9. Sorry to hear the news Run free big man
  10. I had problems with msn a couple of days ago - I just closed it all down left it for half an hour and logged back in fine....
  11. C'mon - thats the BEWARE JACKSON FIVE CROSSING ..... sign
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