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  1. Wonderful news, so happy for this gorgeous lad.
  2. My neighbours handsome old Bassett left for the bridge today.... Sprogg i will miss seeing you in the garden in the mornings and the special cuddles you gave. You are loved by so many and your bravery touched us all. watch over your Mum, her heart is breaking... Run pain free and young again at the bridge old man. x x x
  3. Aaw thats such a shame...he is such a lovely lad too. If i could drive i would be down for him in a second
  4. What a handsome lad...he has such gentle eyes. Im sure he wont wait long for a home of his own. I do miss having a foster in when i see the pics of all these lovely dogs...just wish i lived further south so i could do more to help
  5. Gorgeous girlie....i love her markings.
  6. Gorgeous....Any info on how he is with young, dog savvy children Fiona?
  7. They look lovely together She seems to be settling in just fine
  8. What a gorgeous little man....its a shame he is so far away he would have made the perfect "Oldie" for my parents. They lost their elderly Lhasa 2 years ago and still miss having him around the place. Someone is going to be very lucky
  9. Poor wee least he is in the right home to get all the fuss and TLC he deserves
  10. He saw it last night, in fact he struggled to get his head through the door this morning Thank you for doing that, it really made his day I added a photo to his sponsor form with a photo to prove he'd done it and everyone who sponsored him got a thank you note and an Oldies Club leaflet.
  11. No not at all, in fact im sure Ryan would be thrilled...
  12. A big thank you from Ryan...
  13. Wonderful dogs but Scooby is just
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