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    General Volunteer for Enfield Dog Rescue (Bucks), The Oldies, RDR and Springer Rehab plus any other rescue that needs a hand.<br />Rep for Enfield Dog Rescue (Bucks)
  1. You'll find me as Babs on The Refuge group with a profile pick of a pair of spaniels on a hammock
  2. RMFs: 1. I am off sick today and I hate it. I actually like my job. 2. Tyrrells crisps are great. Hugs to all who need them xx
  3. In that case, I am lucky too!!
  4. babsc71


    Thinking of you, hun xxx Slept well, Mandy. You were very much loved
  5. Happy Birthday Korky! Big hugs from me
  6. He is beautiful, Allie!
  7. Anyone over Banbury way?
  8. Thank you to everyone who has helped so far and yes, Carol, OX is fantastic but chuffing expensive!!!
  9. I am in the process of looking/applying for a new job but this time I am moving areas so need fugee guidance on the schools. I do all the internet research that I can but I only usually "know" when I get to the school and meet the kiddies/staff. Hence, it would be really really helpful if anyone can give me their opinions/experiences of the schools I am looking at applying to so...... Is there anyone out there who is in/near BH10, NG16, GL3 or WA1? If you are, please pm me and I'll send you the name of the school Thank you for your help, Babs xx
  10. I can not have the loudness set on 13! I also like symmetry of things......
  11. I think that is fab!!! I can not be trusted with a knife let alone a pumpkin
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