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Auction Fundraiser For Wiggle & L R S E & C


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:biggrin: Mini Auction Fundraiser for Wiggle - LRSE&C :biggrin:



Wiggle, for anyone who's missed his thread, is a 5 year old Black Labrador in the care of Labrador Rescue South East & Central.



He was given up by his owners because he has a skin condition and rather than take him to the vet, they shut him outside. He is emaciated and very bald in places. Since being on foster with me he is slowly gaining weight and seeing a dermatology vet to treat his allergies which cause his skin to be sore.


Wiggle is just one of many dogs who's veterinary bills are taken care of by LRSE&C and as he has touched so many heart, I decided to hold this auction to try and raise some much needed funds to help towards Wiggle's cost of care.


The auction will start on Friday 15th August and run until Monday 25th August. Some items have a reserve amount on them due to their high value and as we hope to raise as much as possible, please bid generously!


Unless stated, postage is included but its hoped that bid amounts will exceed postage costs for each item.


Details of who and how to pay will be given at the end of the auction.


Any questions, please ask in this thread.




Thank you from Wiggle and all the LRSE&C dogs :flowers:



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Still plenty of time to get some bids in :biggrin:



The auction will close at about 9pm on Monday evening. Please note however, I'm away for the weekend so will be sorting out who won what and contacting everyone with payment details on Tuesday morning.


Thank you to everyone who has supported the auction so far :flowers: :flowers:

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