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  1. I had been contacted about fostering a pup but it's all going a bit dodgy insisting that I pick him up from a grim tower block in London after dark. I've offered loads of daylight alternatives, all of which have been turned down. My gut instinct is to walk away and at the moment my gut is winning.
  2. Ralph is rather fab. I can't believe that he's been with me for over 6 months and has grown from the sweet ickle puppy into the taller than Fleur loon with 70's style pantaloons for legs. He is just lush and makes my heart sing. Fleur adores him So behind.......Owl are you planning to live in a posh shed Merlie one, dogs is dogs so don't feel guilty for not having eyes in the back of your head. My two were having a run yesterday and had been totally concentrating on chasing the ball until a jogger with a husky came into their eyeline and they bundled over to say hello. He was fine about it except his dog wanted to stay and play and he wanted to carry on running. Sam..........I keep looking at the cycle challenge..........I'm too old, too unfit and cripes knows how I'll raise the sponsor money but I'm so tempted. It's a bucket list kind of thing (or could be the bucketing of me ). BYB moan now, I was asked if I could take on a 5 month old dobie/collie. The breeder hadn't been able to sell all the pups and wanted rid as she was pregnant. Said I might be able to foster with a view to finding him a rescue space but refused to pay. Anyway the stupid bint sold him last week and apparently lied about him saying he was fully housetrained, socialised etc. New owner is trying but struggling. The new owner is in a rented house and her landlord agreed to her having another housetrained dog, she's got two very small children and, shock horror, he wees and poos, he chews,is bored out of his tiny mind so tries to wrestle with the kids. Turns out that the bat brained breeder did no training and didn't bother to get him his jabs and never took him out, Had a call today from the new owner who is at her wits end, she really is pissed off at being lied to but wants to do her best by the pup. She's going to try for another week and if it's still not working I'll pick him up Friday evening or she will let me know if she really can't cope and I'll collect him earlier but she promised me he won't go anywhere else. Oh and my words of the day are mucus and phlegm.
  4. Garr if I could remember how to post a photo you could have some of the Ralphie lushness
  5. Hello, sneaks back in after far too long. Have had a crap year - my Dexter went to the bridge 12 April and it still hurts like yesterday and then lost my very best human friend to cancer............just waiting for the third thing. After realising that Fleur was totally miserable being an only dog and I missed a dobie presence in the house but really couldn't face a proper dobe I went for the ridiculous option and rehomed a passed from pillar to post young pup. About 6 months later have the joyous young brat that is Ralph, a doberman poodle cross, about 9 months old and just fabulous.
  6. I find this post incredibly insulting and alienating to the few loyal members who actually post here and keep the board limping along - everyone still here wants to make things better again and probably need a thread like this to vent their frustrations and bounce round a few ideas about what can work for the future - but harping on about what a fantastic board this used to be, yes it was but it's not now, and basically telling us to live in the past, shut up and get on with what? is just not on. There's no leadership or direction to the board, most of the mods have fecked off and there's a handful of members posting.
  7. I keep getting all the 'I lost 10lbs in a week' ones They know I'm getting a lardass
  8. Yup, that's snow Hope you are keeping warm and toastie
  9. Lovely pics I put D&F in their coats today (they only have one each normally reserved for blizzard conditions) as yesterday the dog with very little brain went straight into a mad gallop as soon as he was let off lead and seconds later pulled up with a hurty leg. Combination of rock hard ground and a cold dog = pulled muscles.
  10. Morning, I am faffing about doing everything that doesn't involve going outside. I've got to clean out the chooks and walk D&F again a bit later brrrrr For Fred bull
  11. I've volunteered previously but never heard anything back
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