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  1. We have used Dignity Pet Crematorium for ours we take them down to them and they get an individual cremation. We cannot bear the thought of our beloved pets being kept in a freezer until they are collected and be dragged around. We have found the service at Dignity totally amazing and they have always remembered us and are really lovely.
  2. Tess has gone she went snuggled up to Sarah, words cannot express the feelings Sarah and I have at the moment. 'The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough'. Run free Tess we love you so much.
  3. im Heartbroken for you. I am sure you have lots of lovely memories and she will always be with you. Run Free Milly
  4. This was cute, I tickled Robson, he washed Quest in return He likes cat toys Feather killer! Quest on his own Quest...I don't know..flirting with Ginger rabbit? Foxy was also out but a bit overwhelmed by the new layout of the room so didn't show himself much But my favourite pic of all is this one Rob is 2 years old now and an entire male so I had no idea how he would take to other boys. Intros were ridiculously easy and since he moved in it's like someone sprinkled kitten powder over the whole cage. I wish this pic had been taken a second earlier because Robson basically went up to Foxy, rolled on his back and kicked his legs about like a kitten trying to get Foxy to play
  5. We got a couple of bottles from One Green Bottle They may well be more expensie but they are fantastic bottles and they have a good range.
  6. She is a real sweetie I have updated the other thread Sarah made but thought i wuld update here for those that may not have seen the other one. Zoe is going for her Op on Tuesday s that is the soonest the vet can fit her in Please keep everything crossed on Tuesday for her.
  7. I have spoken to my Mum this morning and they have rescheduled the op for Tuesday as they sadly cannot fit her in any sooner. Thank you all for your advise and please keep everything crossed that Zoe's op goes well.
  8. I always look forward to my birthday as I always make sure i am getting something I really want and I can get away with demanding a big cake being made and doing nothing. This year is even better as we are going to Longleat
  9. I was trying to get on between 2 and 2.30 and just could not connect so had to give up.
  10. Green People are fantastic and offer and excellent range of products. Also you can order them via Easy Fund Raising and help raise money for rescues at the same time. :)
  11. We went there when we went up a few years ago. Food was great. Funny little cinema compared to what we are used to but
  12. The new Batman Films are far more accurate to the comic books they are alot darker and grim which is what Batman and Gotham should be. The first of the 'Old' Batman films wih Micheal Keaton was ok, although having seen Heath Ledgers version of The Joker just blows away Jack Nicholson. The latter of the original films just got to much like the old TV series way too camp. Really loved the new film and would reccomend it to anyone. Looking forward to what more they can do. Christian Bale is the best Batman. Aaron Eckhart was great as Harvey Dent as well.
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    In a word....Food Poisoning
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