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  1. If I can help at all, will do. Just give me a shout. Merledogs, that sounds appalling. Really hope that your boss can sort it out properly Ben and Josie are in a very stroppy tizzy. They have been shut out of their bedroom, and it is of course my fault. Only this time it really is my fault. We are baby sitting a friends 2 cats, Mishka and Binks, just for a few days whilst their Mum is on holidays. My 2 are not, sorry, NOT happy at all. The imposters are in THEIR bedroom, on THEIR bed, yelling at THEIR birds, and getting different food and different treats. And to top it off, I gave the imposters some of THEIR cat milk this afternoon too I think they are planning on leaving home in protest, Mishka and Binks in contrast appear to be quite happy. The cat milk went down a storm although the atmosphere would have been even nicer without the from my 2 little hooligans ! Spent this afternoon making some damson and apple jam and some damson gin and pickled onions. The only thing that could have made it better, would have been some gentle softly falling rain. Ah well. Does anyone know anywhere in NE Cheshire where I can pick some sloe berries ? I have never made sloe gin, and would love to have a go.
  2. Just spent a few days housesitting for friends whilst they went away. Is it really so wrong to wish that said friends went on holidays more often ? There s not only the the dogs, ducks and bunbun to take care of, but bats, a badger and a barn owl (though they look after themselves !) Another friend just celebrated her 22nd going vegan anniversary, and apparently it s all my fault Love it !!! So we had a fantastic day visiting various vegan cake suppliers and then headed up into the hills, Hello Wales in the distance, and came back via the most beautiful mediaeval chapel and Jodrell Bank. Can I please repeat the last week all over again please ?
  3. Baked sweet potatoes are lush. Hope you enjoy the experiment Ps Ben never learns. Guess who I found breaking into the pantry again. Sigh. Its a good job I love the ginger lump/idiot/git !
  4. Jazz, that is really really good news about Honey. Hope you are both feeling much better. Suzeanna, that must be such a relief for you both ! Griff. all best wishes for your friend and his recovery. Many thanks for all the good wishes for Kizzy beagle. She is slowly recovering, driving her Mum crackers, but has yet to eat her way out of the crate. She and Ben cat had a howling/yowling session down the fone earlier in mutual commiseration with one another. Result - we are fairly certain that their conclusion was that both their Mums are totally mean Bens grizzle with me this evening is that I gave him a rinse/bath. He broke into the pantry and managed to knock over a bottle of pop that burst and spayed him with cola. Ben is scared of the hiss that you get opening bottles of pop, And this one not only hissed at him but sprayed cola all over him too. When I got there he was soaked and traumatised ! He got a quick rinse with warm water and towel dried, then sat in front of the fire to dry off. He and Kiz had a really good grumble about just how much their lives suck. Both Mums may have outright laughted
  5. Best wishes and thoughts to all poorly dogs and people, playing dogs and birthday people Please can Kizzy beagle have some good thoughts. Kizzy is a friends dog that I adore. In many ways she is so like my Berry Beagle bridge girl that it sometimes hurts to see her. About 4 months ago Kizzy managed to break her right front leg. According to the vets, it is a break that is very common in springer spaniels but they had never seen it in a beagle (trust a beagle to be either hiding her heritage very well, or to just be odd ) So BIG surgery and 3 months total crate rest, and this last month limited walks but building them up. Yesterday was one of her first off lead walks, she belted half way across a field in long grass and my friend just hear a loud scream. Kizzy appeared a few minutes later limping really badly and obviously in pain. Straight to the vets, xrays and it looks as though she has done soft tissue damage to her bad leg. She is back on strict crate rest. Kizzy is not happy. I could hear her complaints down the fone and through 2 closed doors. Right now I am not sure who is suffering more, Kizzy or her Mum. I did offer to buy her a hair dye to cover the new grey and got seriously told to only not quite so politely Am making internal bets with myself as to whether they will both survive crate rest again. Oh dear. LOL. I am a bad friend, but some good thoughts for both please. Many thanks.
  6. Ben would say thank you for your recognition of his greatness but he already knows and his head is the size of Wales anyway Foto of Ben cat as requested. He does not do fotos these days (doesn't like the flash) so this is from when he was a Kitten. Just much bigger today. Normal Ben service has been resumed, He didn't like the smell of my new hand cream, so he bit me. He battered his sister Josie cat for her breakfast this morning, and when I separated them, got into a strop and went and widdled in the bathroom missing the litter tray by about 3 foot. Sat and preened whilst I cleaned up after him. Again. His nickname is THE THUG. I love him to bits but he can be a little git. Its why I was so proud of him with the little lad, because usually he is such a thug. Hope all are having a good Sunday xx
  7. Purrpuss

    Tv Show

    Fantastic And yes you can bring your dog. In fact it is positively encouraged !
  8. Purrpuss

    Tv Show

    You may regret saying that. I remember these things you know Freshfields animal rescue already has a sponsor in place for next year and will be going. It was wonderful. It was so lovely to be somewhere that celebrated dogs and recognised what a positive part of so many peoples lives they are, instead of all the negative crap that we so often hear.
  9. All best wishes to those that have had/are awaiting appointments. er I could not be prouder of Ben cat if I tried . Two days ago he killed his favourite toy and has been in mourning ever since. None of the other swishes would do (all 19 of them !), he wanted his white one and no other. So today he got to wear his harness and lead, have a ride in his crate and in the car and visit my favourite pet shop. He got a fair amount of attention which he loved, after all its not every day you meet a large ginger mog strolling around a shop as if he owns it. We explored the food and treat sections thoroughly and Tom, our favourite staff member who was with us as dog guard gained god like status when he opened a packet of cheese dreamies just for him. Toy section next and white swishy found after inspecting every last one of them At the till Ben insisted on walking around to the other side and saying hello to a little boy who looked scared stiff of him, Tom had gone with him whilst I paid and I could hear him translating Bens body language and behaviour and noises to the boy. After a few minutes and with a lot of encouragement the little boy very tentatively stroked him and Ben nearly shook himself apart purring. When I got there, Tom had moved Ben and the little boy to a pile of dog beds by the door and sat them down. I got talking to the lady with him, who turned out to be Mum and the little lad has autism. Whilst we chatted we watched as Ben settled on the beds and allowed the little boy to listed to his side as he purred. Within a few minutes both were asleep. Tom sat guard whilst we carried on shopping but finally had to wake both up, Mum said she could see a difference even after such a short interaction and was amazed. Told her about PAT dogs and animal therapies and she is going to look into it. He walked Ben to the car for me, put him in the crate and made sure it was secure. He gave Ben and me a kiss goodbye and his Mums parting words were that I am the only adult outside the family he has ever kissed and that was all because of Ben. Does Ben care that he helped a very special little boy reach out? Does he thump. Right now he is nestled on his sofa bed watching Walker Texas Ranger and farting at regular intervals (am guessing it was all the treats) with his new swishy underneath him. I love him to bits
  10. Purrpuss

    Tv Show

    Well that was disappointing. Virtually nothing about the show and just rehashed clips of surgery already shown. Grump Did remind me that one of the biggest questions of the day was "has he dyed his hair ?" . The answer is a definite YES. He needs a better PR person and film production company.
  11. Purrpuss

    Tv Show

    Ok, this is not an event as such, more a reminder of one of the supervet shows tonight. It is about the Dogfest event at Arley Hall, Cheshire that was held last month. Its on Channel 4 at 8pm tonight. I was there helping on a rescue stall and it really was a show worth going to. Got to meet a dog with a bionic paw and the man himself (who is very dinky and very hairy !), and made a shed load of money for the rescue. Not to mention the really lovely atmosphere. I was shocked at how few rescue stalls were there, and am guessing that most thought the cost would be prohibitive. If you are involved in a rescue I would most definitely recommend at least asking next year (they are thinking of making both the north and south shows a 2 day event) as the price was £300 for a double stall and that was made back in the first hour Tonic chilling in the fridge in preparation !
  12. All the best, have a wonderful time, and whatever you do, do not forget your pointy stick. I went to Hobbit com a few months ago and missed both Luke Evans and Graham McTavish due to being barged out of the way. Am already working on my inner JRT for next year ! Thank you for the welcome backs Ben cat is currently in deep mourning. He killed his favourite swishy toy last night, and the bin men took it away this morning. He is wandering round the house vocalising his grief. I have a headache.
  13. Ummmmm, hello It feels like forever and a day since I posted here, and I do apologise for that, and hope that it,s ok to come back ?
  14. So very sorry Run free sweetheart
  15. So very sorry to hear about Ben
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