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  1. no underlay and i used a local guy who has done other stuff for me before
  2. I have wood effect vinyl in my hall & living it. I also had some put in my craft room...
  3. Must go and investigate, they have a shop in Crawley where I work....I do like Evans Pear shape jeans though, only jeans I have where I don't have to wear a belt and 2 sizes smaller than others
  4. Just had a branch come off the tree outside our house...thankfully not on OH's car!
  5. Don't normally like having my photo taken but I do like this one!
  6. Wow! Hot but fun weekend at The Agility Club Show in Ardingly this weekend. Didn't start the best having a puncture actually on the showground but got better from there.... Glen clear in Anysize Jumping...just to keep his paw in. Luna 1 jumping and 2 agility clear rounds, she is getting better each time now. Molly 4th in the Teams event (four dogs run as a relay) and 2nd in the Agility Club Starters Final, you have to qualify for this during the year and you run in the evening,with lots of people watching ringside and a commentator talking about you and your round as you work....scary!! The next photo is of some of our club members and their results this weekend, I am so lucky to belong to such a friendly and supportive club.
  7. name is Breeagh
  8. Don't worry Sophie...Glen wasn't bothered, it happens
  9. You just never know who you might meet at an agility show!!
  10. He didn't have a choice, my car was parked sideways across the front of his cab! I called the Police and the did the exchange stuff, I might have lamped him!!
  11. Hello all, I had a fun Friday yesterday.....I got hit by a lorry! I was heading back to my office on the M25 and a foreign lorry clipped my rear wheel arch spun me round a bit then slammed into the passenger side of the car!! Thankfully I am OK and nothing else hit me after the initial crash, I confess I was a little bit hysterical female just after but calmed down fairly soon after. So far I am a bit stiff but not too sore but we will see.......wasn't what I had planned for my Friday I can tell you!
  12. I know, and things will settle down. It was just a bit of a bolt from the blue this morning and I felt bad because I wasn't with him
  13. Suzanna, hope everything is OK. Behave young Archibald Bit wibbly here, OH has not been feeling too great lately with various things. Finally got him to go to the doctors Monday, he had to give a urine sample and was set to have a blood test in 10 days time. Find out Tuesday evening that he had missed a call from the Dr asking him to come back in sooner for a blood test! He went this morning (I couldn't go as was 'out' working, I then get a phone call from very upset hubby as he has basically been diagnosed with Type2 Diabetes Of course he hasn't taken everything in that was said to him but they apparently debating him to go direct to hospital from Dr's surgery!! He has some testing to do and another appt tomorrow morning which I will go to with him...not the worst thing he could have but will mean changes. He normally has 3-4 spoons of sugar in his tea.
  14. Thought I'd give you a laugh, this was a training session, the work was good....the fall....well
  15. Here's Molly showing how it should be done - 2nd place in the large steeplechase
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