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  1. Mags

    Bunk Bed

    Brilliant idea
  2. Well done Sam. Get well soon Jayne. Yes I'm well Mary. Had another great horse riding lesson yesterday. Instructor is very pleased with my progress. He was telling everyone else in the class to watch my quiet hands when trotting. I was beaming And I'm not a bit stiff today Winter has arrived back here. Gale force winds with snow forecast. I'm hoping I'll be able to wrap up and get out walking in the morning. I really want to see a difference on the weighing scales or the measuring tape this week as I've had no change at all since I started exercising
  3. Jayne, I have a gel here that I used on my shins because they were a bit sore when I started walking. It's called Fastum gel. I got it on prescription so don't know if it's easily available over there. My doctor prescribed it for me when my back is sore. My shins were sore on my walk on Tuesday and when I got home I rubbed the gel on and they were grand. I rubbed it on before I went for my walk yesterday and I was fine. I didn't use have to use it today. I wonder could you get something like that to help. I got a great pedometer app on my ipod. It counts steps, shows time spent, distance traveled, speed, calories and average speed. It also gives a little chime for your distance traveled (you can set it to half mile, 1 mile, etc. or km). The free one only counts 3000 steps per day so I paid for the full version. It's called Footsteps if anyone's interested.
  4. Clocked up another five miles this morning and got rained on again
  5. I think I have too many rest days I should use my pedometer on Fridays when I go into town for shopping/banking, etc. If I think of it this Friday, I'll put my ipod in my pocket
  6. I did another 5 miles this the rain!!!! I thought I was going to be stiff as a board this morning after yesterday, but I was grand
  7. Wow Jayne, you go every day except Saturday!!! And what's wrong with Saturday
  8. I'm wondering if it meant that my route was 3.28 miles and the fact that I just doubled back confused things We'll see what readings I get tomorrow (if I can walk lol) Thanks for the praise girls. I'm quite pleased with myself
  9. My clip on pedometer told me I did 12,516 steps, divide that by 1312 to get km (I got that from Google) and put that into a converter to get the miles lol. I was out for an hour and 45 mins with no stops. My route is just up and back along the same side of the canal. I live in the country so no block to go around with nice safe footpaths, hence why I like to walk along the canal because I don't have to keep stepping in when a car comes. It did map it but hard to judge did it map it all. Reading it gives me is: Duration 1:45:37 Distance 3.28 mi Pace 17:36 min/mi I'm walking fast and covered a hell of a distance. Not to worry, I'll try another app tomorrow and see what that says.
  10. Lovely morning here and I got up in great form after a good night's sleep. So off I went and got a bit carried away. Was nearly forgetting to come home. I did 6 miles so very pleased with myself. Mary, I downloaded Map my Walk app but for some reason it only recorded 3 miles. Now I'm walking in the middle of nowhere for most of my route with no houses around (I took some photos on my phone which I will put up later) so is it lacking signal or something? I forgot to give you a pat on the back t'other day for your great progress. My other pedometer app did an update last week and has decided to count laps instead of steps or distance so that one has been deleted and I've downloaded another one to try. I got my readings this morning from my little trusty clip on pedometer. Well done Gooster. I think you earned your mini feast. Really looking forward to my next horseriding lesson.
  11. Very cold grey day here today. I think I had your sunshine last week. Andy is fine again, thank you for asking. After about 2 hours sleep last night, I didn't have the energy to walk up the hall never mind any further. I am definitely going out tomorrow. I had the best horseriding lesson on Saturday. I finally managed trotting properly I've discovered some new muscles!! My Mr G (G for Gordon lol) says I might be able to come off lead rein next week I wasn't expecting to be doing that for a long time yet. Murtle, thanks for the link. I wouldn't be able to do any of them. Any floor exercises are a no no with my back (arthritis). Although probably if I worked on strengthening my back, I might manage something. Sam, I could get a DVD but it would just join the others and my wii that are never used Well done on your run. Everyone is doing so well. It's time for me to catch up. I only have two months now to Andy's communion
  12. There's a lot of exercises I can't do because of arthritis in my back and hip. My hip will affect me sometimes on my walk but I can walk it off it that makes sense. Is there a link to something I can look at Mary? I should have done my indoor walking or jogging but was a bit downhearted with not getting out that I just didn't bother **tut tut**
  13. Well done everyone. I didn't get out at all again this week because Andy was sick and off school. I am really going to knuckle down next week.
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