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  1. Very many thanks again, will write some letters today.
  2. Thank you so much, that is brilliant. x
  3. Thanks guys. No I have no payslips - I don't think she has been doing PAYE at all. I've never been unemployed before and took the job as it was work! I shall have to contact HMRC otherwise my tax will be a mess.
  4. I wonder if anyone can help please? I was made redundant in April and received my P45 as expected. I found a part time job and gave this employer the P45. I have now lost the part time job as she can't afford to keep me. Now my ex-employer seems reluctant to give me my P45! Like, I'll post it tomorrow, sorry forgot will do it tomorrow etc etc. Now she is refusing to speak to me or answer calls and texts. I am pretty certain it's because her PAYE wouldn't stand scrutiny! I intend to contact the HMRC about it bit just wondered if anyone had any experience of this or if there are any legal peeps on here. Very many thanks. Penny
  5. Love you Lady, see you soon xxxxx
  6. Happy Birthday my friend. Fancy a cuppa? xxxxx
  7. elefan

    April Rmf

    I use these folk Cheryl
  8. Dear Ellie It appears that 2 instructions to my DBOH was one too many. 1 Please take this to the PO - OK 2 Please send first class - too much. So sorry, the pendant went 2nd class on Thursday.............
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