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  1. I couldn't have said it better, my heart goes out to you all. Dogs come and dogs go on the Refuge, all are remembered but some dogs become special dogs - Refuge dogs. It brightens our lives up when we hear of milestones reached, of happy times, and in rough times we feel sadness and shock. Spike was one of those "special dogs" and always will be, he had the most amazing, wonderful life with you and I'm privileged and honoured to have met both him and Cherry. Peace be with you and your family Marge, he is at rest now. Spike You were the most handsome greyhound I ever had the pleasure of meeting and I know you know you were loved as big as the world - safe journey to the Bridge until you all meet again
  2. How true. I also came came from a violent background, it's so hard to break the cycle when the perpetrator has psychological holds over you, in our case, my biological father used to tell Mum he would kill my Pappy if she left, and used to use my brother and I as tools to further the abuse she suffered. When beatings and abuse happen on a daily basis, it's hard to perceive that there is a way out. I don't think anyone on this planet except my Mum, my brother and I would call the culmination of events that led up to us getting away as "luck", Mum calls it her lucky break. My Pappy died and probably knowing that he no longer had a hold over us, decided to give my Mum a beating in front of me in my brother's bedroom. He then pushed her out of it. Luckily for her she was already unconscious when she hit the tarmac, otherwise she would not be here now. She was on a life support for 2 weeks with three fractures to her skull with plain clothes policemen watching her round the clock and he still only got 18 months in Winson Green. I can still remember him telling Mrs Shoot next door that she'd just fallen over whilst putting out the milk bottles. If it hadn't been for my brother, they might have believed him, it was only because he ran to a neighbours and dialled 999 because no-one in the street believed him, even though the police were regularly called to our address. Funny thing is, even though I hate the spineless b***ard's guts and I never want to clap eyes on him, having unfortunately lived with his parents for a week after Mum was put in intensive care, I can see exactly where he got it from. I was reading about Josef Fritzl recently and although I still firmly believe that the man is a monster, it transpires that his grandmother couldn't have kids, instead his grandfather used to beat her, rape the maids, get them pregnant and then make them sign the child over to him and his wife. The couple had three children this way, the third they named Maria (Fritzl's mother). By her account, he delighted in the deception he created, fooling the outside world that he had a "normal family" but on the inside goading and abusing them physically for being "b*st*rds". She was desperate to leave, so married a farmhand but she also failed to produce a child after 3 years of marriage so he divorced her. She went back to her mother and father and the beatings continued until one day she and her mother ran away to Amstetten to live in the house that had been given to her mother as part of her dowry. She started a relationship with a man and wanting proof of her womanhood, seeking vengeance on men in general and wanting to correct the humiliation that had ruined the lives of both her and her adoptive mother, she went into the relationship with the intentions of getting pregnant and then to her surprise became pregnant with Josef almost immediately. However, as soon as Josef was born she renounced him every chance she got, saying she'd had him out of spite to prove she wasn't barren. He suffered both physical and mental abuse until he was old enough to hit back. I think sometimes when the cycle is so firmly ingrained that without professional help it is hard to unforge those chains and return to some sense of "normality".
  3. The hormones should be out of your system and you are IMHO experiencing too many symptoms not to be pregnant. I've had a miscarriage and the hormones were gone within 3 or 4 days and although I did feel weepy due to what had happened, I'd say the nausea points to you being past the 8 week stage. I hope you find out as soon as possible
  4. I know I just wanted to make it clear to anyone else who may have not read the whole thread.
  5. Lottie is most certainly not a puppy farm dog. But I do agree about speaking out about puppy farming. As for other posts about why post if you knew it was going to cause conflict - yes I could have kept quiet, not told anyone (although a few already knew so it would have got out eventually) but supposed we bumped into each other at Bowood or on a Fugee walk, what do you think I was going to do, leave her at home and deprive her in case it caused tension? Or bring her along, wait for someone to comment and say "Iggy, what Iggy? Nope, can't see one"? And that is predominantly the reason that I told you all - if I had been using RMF I admit I possibly would have mentioned it there instead of opening a thread but to go to an event in say 18 months time, bump into someone from the Refuge and not have mentioned her, don't you think that would have been even worse???
  6. Actually, what I said was it was a closed shop regarding actually buying an iggy, whether it be a pup, adult or one returned due to circumstances. I don't feel guilty, I do feel mad that a couple of people choose to imply that I feel guilty, it was discussed several times as a family unit and getting another rescue was brought up because getting one from rescue was attempted. I'm certainly not going to sit and slate Lottie's breeder, who has always been the other end of a phone call away and in fact has rung regularly to make sure all is ok, I met Lottie's parents and grandparents and an Iggy boy they used to board for someone who could no longer keep him so they took him on. So yes, I could see exactly how she treated her "stock" as you call them. (Funny another refuge member mentioned a breeder sleeping on the sofa for 5 weeks, so did Lottie's breeder).
  7. Funny that, because it's put me off Attitudes HAVE changed on here since I joined, I have logged on recently but rarely commented. I certainly haven't RMF'ed since July last year because I have been upset by things that have been said. Before that I was a regular poster. But it doesn't matter. I understand there is freedom of speech, however I have rarely stood in judgement of anyone on here, except the MR thread, as I felt it unfair to slate someone whos heart was so obviously in the right place. If I have had an issue with people's comments I have kept it to myself or been as tactful as possible because I was brought up to treat people as I would like to be treated, there is a way of saying things though. I understand and respect the fact that other people may/will have opinions different to mine, sometimes strongly so. However I would never attempt to put somebody on a bloody huge guilt trip, so much so that every time they look at a particular pet they are reminded that they are a wicked, selfish person for taking on that pet. My first thought after I posted the original thread that caused this topic was "I knew I shouldn't have told people" but I am an honest person and it took a lot of guts for me to come out and say it. Some of your posts echoed my feelings, some were downright upsetting, some outlandish and a few were written with a lot of thought before commenting and were said with honesty but without malice and I respect that. However, it has made me think twice about using the internet. One more thing I would like to say is that there are people on here that have bought a specific breed of horse, from a breeder. Does that mean it's okay to buy a horse when there are so many racehorses that could be rehomed, we have places like HAPPA, Redwings, we have Trallwm farm etc. Does that make someone who buys, say an Andalusian or an Icelandic or a Knabstrupper horse selfish because they overlooked the 6 year old TB ex racer or the 16 year old ex riding school horse in a rescue somewhere? In fact, I would say the majority have bought their horses, is that classed as double standards?
  8. Having read up on this, although obviously they are more susceptible due to their build and size and the fact they can still muster the same speeds as a whippet, it is now thought that there are more factors involved, namely diet, exercise and breeding. In America they don't breed from any dog or bitch that has had a leg break because a common concensus over there is that a lot of it is in the genes, ie, a dog or bitch mated that has had one or more leg breaks is more likely to produce a litter that will be susceptible to breaks. Some breeders advocate crating pups for most of their puppyhood to safeguard against them jumping, climbing etc. However, there is more evidence to support the fact that constant crating means the muscles surrounding the legs do not have chance to strengthen properly, which then would exacerbate the problem. A few morons have been known to limit the amount of food given to attempt to keep the size down, again this is more an American thing but obviously lack of nutrients would mean possibly less bone density. Lottie's breeder advocated some crate training but it was more so she has her own space, more importantly she has at least one room that is Iggyproof, ie, no chandeliers to swing off or wardrobes to jump from wearing a superman costume - okay I'm joking but the back room has been turned into a no climb area so she is safe. Also the stair thing, dog guards at each end and taken up on a lead and made to use ALL of the steps, as if they get into jumping from the last but one step on the way down then eventually it will become the second from last, third, etc. Luckily Mark doesn't work now and hasn't since Christmas so Lottie and Will are never left unless he goes to tescos when I'm working, if he goes to the Co-op he takes both dogs via the park Never thought I'd see the day Mr. Macho man would be seen out with a hairy whuppitt in commando gear and a dainty ginger iggy with hot pink harness and lead
  9. I've also been doing these mugs for work recently. This is the boss's
  10. No clues or guesses needed as for where they both sleep at night Yes she also does the frog dog thing
  11. She's a stunner glad she's found her forever home - well done
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