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  1. Sorry for not replying May was a very tragic month, not only did we lose Barnum on the 2nd but we also lost his lifelong companion Meena on the 29th..... she was 14yrs old and was never really herself after loosing Barnum, they were insperable, she collapsed in the garden unable to get back up unaided we hoped she would rally but after a couple of days of watching her struggling to get herself about we decided to make the decision to let her go....we are still in shock going from two German Shorthairs in the house to none is a huge blow. Grace
  2. Thanks for you lovely messages, trying really hard not to blub all over my works PC..... the house is just too quiet without him its terrible
  3. Last Friday we lost our beloved Barnum (pic is my avatar) he was 15 years old .... struggling to write much more, we miss him so much.....
  4. There was a TV program about whats in dog well last week I watched it on TV Catch up on Saturday....
  5. Winter is well and truly here has everyone got their lists for Santa ready???
  6. We used to use one of those big round metal things you see in cows fields for the round bales of hay for the riding school...they come in two halves and can be moved (with effort) around the field and it stops them pooing on it and throwing it about
  7. You both look fantastic!!!! he looks like he is having a great time...
  8. Im on your side here...I hate show jumping... would gladly do Dressage and X Country all day.... but...the more you do the better you get....but make it fun....if you can have jumps up at home...dont just do a 'course' do a line of bounces...or a 'X' shape in the middle so you can do a figure of '8' over them....get friends liven it up a bit ...try it bareback....
  9. Go for it!! just ride like you are having a lesson.... nice straight lines, accurate and even transitions....and ride into your corners...oh and my weekness...dont forget the test...
  10. Good for you....trouble is if you start down that path you only make a rod for your own back....she sounds a bit of a madam....
  11. She doe know he isnt her horse? ....Id tell her to get lost Im sure you can find a much better sharer than that....
  12. An article:
  13. A Quarterhorse might suit you....not too wide and good and tough
  14. You will have to get him really, really tired before you put him out
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