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    Tis freezing here. I did get out in one of the dry spells to tackle the fallen conifer. I couldn't deal with it from my side as it has fallen across the hedgehog zone and end of garden, which always has gate locked to deter intruders. I have lost the key to the padlock! So had to do as much as I could from the cemetery side. Lopped off most of it, and the remainder will not get in the way of anyone under 7 ft tall. A friend was in a panic as her son's chickens were marooned in south Notts. The chook house was up on a high mound and they were safe and dry, but no one could get to feed them. Eventually a young man with a boat agreed to help, and he has taken them enough feed to last a couple of days.
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    I'd just like to say a big thank you to Griff who sent us a beautiful bouquet yesterday. Griff you are so kind and thoughtful. Ruby and I were most touched when it arrived. Thank you. Suzeanna thank you for your message. You are right. I believe that will happen. Thank you all. It takes another dog lover to truly know what you go through when we loose our pups.
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    I seem to have misunderstood them, they weren't laughing at me. Hate chatting online, too complicated. Everything sorted now.
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    Yes I am just reading as I don't feel like posting right now.
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    bit the bullet and took bindi and bertie out with the zimmer. stayed on the path. we are back on one piece
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    I know I don't post much nowadays, but I justed want to say to Yantan and Ruby how sad I am to hear about Tye. You did a fabulous thing in opening your hearts and home to a dog in need and I'm really sorry you didn't get longer together.
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    Oh Eve, I sincerely hope that the champers will help with the discomfort of your potato overload...any carbs are the downfall of me! I love a mash potato sandwich and cold chips and curry sauce in a sandwich is my very guilty pleasure lol I agree, Tye is super awesome! I am actually getting a valentine's card off Steve this year...I might have had to cry and have a tantrum but I win lol. I am getting it tomorrow as we are in the tattooist tomorrow night at 7,was supposed to be Sunday night but Martin had to change it
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    Eek Jazz, I'd be screaming aloud, never mind silent. No wonder you're stressed though with Lewis leaving on Monday. Hopefully he'll be back before you know it. That was exciting Owl. Looked up water rails and they are very reclusive so pleased you managed to see one. Their calls are really weird though lol. Hope the coat survived ok. What a sad story Griff. Poor Steve. He's lucky to have you looking out for him and fighting his corner. Hope the problems with your father's will don't take 6 years to resolve Yantan. And that your leak is easily mended. Continued good thoughts to Suzeanna. You have to make the right decision for you but we're all rooting for you. Also good thoughts for Blackmagic - if you ever pop in for a browse we're thinking of you too. And hello to Merledogs and Loobie, hope you are well and your occasional visits become more frequent again xx
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    Arrived safely at Blyth services and handed over dog. Only 3 miles from home now
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    I concur.....give it a go...if it's too bad at least you can hand on heart say you did everything you could...I keep everything crossed the side effects are manageable
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    We saw 2 deer on this mornings walk. Well I did. Tye was being completely mesmerized by sheep in a field. He stood and watched them for ages. The deer, in turn, were standing watching us.
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    😂 @ Grif, are you just kidding about a puppy? I prefer pickled onion monster munch to beef. What's the new lad's name Jazz and how is he settling in? Thank you for the imbolc blessing Owl. Had to google it but I should have known it, being a Gaelic ritual marking the heralding of spring. Been so wet and gloomy lately it's hard to believe but looking around the garden there is actually lots in bloom. I have snowdrops, hellebores, crocuses, muscari, aconites, pansies, miniature daffs and primroses all in flower with loads of others poking their stems up ready to go in the next month or two. So thank you for that and it has raised my spirits a lot on a miserable day 😊
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    Everything crossed for something minor. Ruby could do with some good luck and so could you. Still trying to work out how someone could think dyslexia has the same symptoms as depression ... We spent all day at home as it didn't stop raining, but Wispa had good walks yesterday and day before.
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    Yantan, that's so lovely that The is going back to his dad.... you are both lovely ladies for giving him back xx Fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed here for Ruby...I can't really do anything but if you need anything please give me a shout It was so funny, I was really taken aback and I think he seemed a bit shocked by my age, fair play to him though having the guts to ask someone for their number
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    Had a lovely time with steve yesterday, I was in hysterics as a group of teenagers ere hanging round by the shops, walking back one said "you are looking gorgeous can I have your number" lol....I did point out that I was nearly old enough to be his nan but it did make me laugh
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    shattered yesterday so went to bed early. not too bad this morning thank you x
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    Crikey....accidents galore!! Had a mad busy day, proper knackered!! Surprise 50th party for my mums old boss...was great, everyone thought I was 25...not 40, then went to Steve's as I had a box of party food for him and saw my mate Terry...he is also a bus driver, he is always lovely when I see him, he is married but tells me every time I see him if he wasn't married he would be taking me out lol, always nice to hear that you aren't a minger after all! Eve, I do hope that you make it down to your sister, safe trip and I hope she is a bit better and that you can get her a care package put in place for when she goes home
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    Couldn't agree more, it's a cross...that's it, not long ago you would struggle to give them away for free, now name it something poncy and charge what you like. I go through this regularly with my cousin, I get sent all manner of puppy photos and the prices....I just laugh and say another cross and generally they are chi of some description, her sister.. went to the dog rescue in Sheffield and got a cross...a Labrador cross poodle called Bertie and he is just fantastic, why H won't do that..I don't know
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    A Jacksie? As long as there are stupid people around to pay over silly amounts of money for dogs like this the unscrupulous idiots that breed them will continue with their money making schemes. No integrity. No care for the welfare and best interests of the dogs. I do have to wonder if the buyers genuinely want to have a dog or just a thing they can dress up to carry around as an accessory and have as prop for Instagram photos. Grrrrrr.
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    Nope, just the same short and easy to manage style I usually have Griff. One day I'll think of something different lol. Learned that one girl's boyfriend bought a Jack Russell puppy and pics of it showed that it's definitely a crossbreed and more daxi than anything else We were trying to work out what designer name the muppets would come up with trying to justify paying £800 quid for a mongrel 😂
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    Have a lovely meal Suzeanna, it's nice not to have to cook every now and again. We haven't been out for ages. Did try on Monday lunchtime but I didn't fancy a thing on the menu so we went without lol. Never had to clip a dogs claws which is probably lucky for any dog I've ever had. Not even brilliant at doing my own nails lol. Sorry if I haven't been posting as much as I usually do. I love this forum and would be devastated if it died a death. You lot have got me through such a lot and I care about you all. I'm not always good at contributing but I promise I'll not be so introspective and join in more. My waffly bollox for today is that it has rained all day here, dogs wouldn't go for walks, just a mad dash into the garden for toilet breaks. Oh, and I got my hair cut. There, that's got you all riveted 😂
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    Griff , Yantan, Eve and others are reading even when they don't feel like writing, and I don't doubt they will be back. The rain is holding off this morning so I will get Wispa out somewhere even if she will only walk for a short time in the stiff breeze. She needs a pedicure but will have to wait until the floods around Newark have receded as our friend who clips her nails has a salon there. She hates having them done and has to be muzzled, but trusts Charlotte who understands her very well and arranges an appointment when there will be no other dogs around.
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    one thing about it being quick, it was over. its worse seeing them fade xxxxx lewis is in America. he can see the statue of liberty from his sofa
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    my friend just rung me. while on the phone she opened a letter saying she hasn't got cancer! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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    Today's stroke of luck was finding the owner of a Harris hawk which has been floating round Tickhill and eyeing up people's chooks. He is pleased to have news of her but now has to catch her. I hope Dennis has not blown her away.
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    Just sat here wondering if the mice take cheese with them lol.... can't beat cheese and onion
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    Suzeanna, properly chuffed you are going to try!! There's probably a timescale of time he can prescribe the new drug for it to be effective. Enough nonsense about not being young!! Age is but a number my lovely xx Yantan, the C3 , Peugeot 106 ..I think and a toyota are all actually the same vehicle so might be worth checking who is offering what long until she has to hand her current car back? New ref's come out in march I think so she might be able to get a 2020 instead of 2019 or snap up a deal for them clearing out stock. Fingers crossed for a good result for her scans and I hope her kidney decides to start playing nice
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    Marion I hope you get a shed load of totally deserve it! Hope the roof is cheap to sort Crikey that's quick Jazz it'd take me at least a month just to decide what clothes I was taking! I didn't get round to doing the form today....maybe tomorrow
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    Suzeanna....I am hoping he is wrong, I wonder could they do what they do with animals...needle aspiration? Lol...pee myself if he thinks you fancy him !! Yantan has been helping me get my head round wills and probate and stuff, I am damn sure if there's a way of Steve getting any cash from his vile father I am going to find a way. I am lodging a form tomorrow to see if anyone applies for probate, I have a feeling they are going to dispose of his car and cash etc amongst themselves...if he died without a will, Steve is liable for any money and belongings as he is his own biological son and the other 2 are foster children we think
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    im sorry to hear that. we are here for you. you can always talk to me on facebook xxxx I know. hes frustrated. hes going to talk to the bosses boss today and see if he can have a word. hes still on the rota here for sunday, so they need to know bindi was on berties favourite cushion, so hes sat moaning at her till she moved lol
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    Pleased you're home safely Owl. Pity the run couldn't have been done on Thursday as I could have done the whole trip from Eastbourne and saved you a journey. Hoping for no floods for anyone. So sorry about the conservatory Jazz. Hope it's easily mended. Wasn't too bad here most of the day. My son popped over for a visit then the wind must have got bad over the Clyde as the ferries were cancelled so he had to drive round the Rest and be Thankful road which can be treacherous at this time of year. Luckily there were no landslides today and he got home with no problems.
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    its pouring down here I stuck a sanitary towel to the letter box but it was still banging so took it off before it blew away lol
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    Hugs to Owl. Chatting to people face to face can be bad enough, never mind online. Glad it's sorted.
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    Eve...I want that fiver back you owe me!!! Apparently saying to someone they owe you money ceases their hiccups... maybe only works in person!
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    We were lucky with Tye then. It only took him an hour to settle in. Our garden has a new art installation. A double door fridge freezer! The council are collecting it on Friday but I keep looking at it wondering if I can somehow turn it into something. Like a place to grow plants and have a floral display cascading from the shelves. Probably best though just to let the council take it away 😂😂
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    Thanks Owl, he will be o.k...i just have to stop him getting down and convince him that none of it is actually his fault
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    Dog hotel does sound ideal Yantan, and lovely of you to save the rescue some pennies. Lol at poor Philip being nagged by Candy but he has to know his place. Finally went to physio today to try and sort out my shoulder. She gave me acupuncture as well as physio and exercises to do at home. I ache even more than I did before I went but hopefully that's it starting to work.
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    If Ruby has to have surgery we may not be able to go because she won't be allowed to fly. Thank you Owl 👍
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    now ive got a lump under my foot, the good foot! can someone else have some of these things please, im feeling greedy having all of them its snowing and im going out. don't mind as its fresh, but in till its gone after that
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    Good thing Wispa wore herself out yesterday so has been reasonably content with garden exercise today. I had to drive 5 mins to Aldi to get plain yogurt as our corner shop only has stuff with sweetener in. So it is that, rice pud, soup and porridge until this tooth is sorted. Feeling as if someone has socked me in the jaw. Had better take bus to Worksop tomorrow. Dentist is opposite bus station thankfully.
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    Yantan has asked me to let you all know, unfortunately Tye has numerous tumours in both lungs. Marion and Ruby, huge hugs to you both, there's nothing I can really say except I am thinking of you all xx
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    Griff it seems to be that its more common in elderly Staffies than other breeds and it comes and goes. It can turn into Laryngeal Paralysis though.
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    I wouldn't care if I never saw a potato again. Although I do like chips! I don't care for champagne either but loved that you quaffed it as a remedy to overindulgence Eve. Well our boiler has failed and won't re-ignite. After being with British Gas Homecare for years and never having called them out we expected to have an engineer out today but no. We are left without heating until tomorrow. Any bets they'll cancel that due to overwhelming demand because of Storm Dennis?? Fortunately we have an electric convector heater which is keeping the sitting room toasty. In fact we've had to turn it down as it got too hot! The rest of the house is freezing though. Tye isn't feeling too well. His cough has come back and his appetite has gone missing. He's wrapped up in blankies in his bed and sleeping peacefully though so we'll see how he goes. He flat out refused to go for a short walk this morning in the nasty rain, despite his warm, padded, waterproof coat so I'd be hard pressed to get him into the car to visit the vet in Cockermouth. I hope everyone is staying warm, dry and safe.
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    ill strap it and see what happens just has breakfast with lewis. wont see him till may 😭
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    Suzeanna I am holding out for the doctor being wrong! If not, you do research your condition really well so we can all be sure you will make an informed decision on your treatment. Positive thoughts are being sent thro the ether to you from my end anyway. I haven't said anything here, or anywhere else for that matter, but there's things awry with my biological father's will. I am due something from it but I cannot say more than that for now. However the legal sorting out of it all might take up to 6 years! Griff I hope the same won't be true for Steve. And just as we were due to call in the estate agents next week a nasty water stain has appeared on Ruby's bedroom ceiling after last weekend's storm. It'll have to be sorted before we put the house up for sale. I'm starting to wonder myself if we'll ever get moved.
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    It was absolutely torrential here earlier..the road looked like a river! My neighbour opposite rang to ask were we getting flooded, as it was up to my next door neighbours doorstep. We are clear at the front door, but it's come in the side and the passageway is a couple of inches deep. There go the carpet tiles!
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    I'm glad you are driving a 4x4 Owl. Safe journey. It's bad here. The river is very high, lapping the top of the bank in the park. Everyone is waiting with bated breath to see if it breaks anywhere. Our garden drain has backed up and the water is lapping at the door. Just hoping the rain stops soon. Or if the river breaks anywhere it will allow this water to drain - but likely at someone else's expense 😥 Tye wouldn't go out for a wee even after I put his coat on for him. Ruby's had to get togged up and take him for a short walk so he can do what a dog needs to do!
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    Oooft, you've all had a lot going on, most of it not good. My journey both ways was great, weather behaved itself and traffic wasn't too bad. My time there was hell as my sister is detiorating badly. Her flat was like a biohazard, I won't go into a detailed description, and her mental and physical state really bad. Not sure she can live on her own much longer. My cousin is on top of it, fingers crossed, and will make sure she gets the medical help she needs. We both spent the last few days scrubbing her kitchen and bathroom and tidying where we could. Just a tip of the iceberg, however. Didn't have anytime to get on here so will read back properly and respond to you all. Missed you all xx
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    Yes, unfortunately.
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    Thanks Eve, I was also cheered by seeing buds appearing. Quite a reasonable day here, very windy but that is helping to dry the fields which are still soggy. I am still not right but putting up a good fight against the bug.Took Wispa to reserve and put up some posters for a missing cat. His people arrived from USA in August and builder left window open. Cat probably living feral on the reserve.
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