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  1. apologies for slow reply - been a manic few weeks. i guess we will soon find out who is still going and who isnt by the bounce back/unsubscribe emails... yeah its a bit of a shame but FB killed off forums so let me turn that thanks arround and say thankyou for still being here
  2. well nearly the end of another year. I have just renewed teh licence for here for another 12 months and will try to do some actual promotion. would be nice to have the rescues back. it is possible to set up private groups so that rescue specific discussion can happen which may help some of the smaller groups. Facebook etc mean its never going to be as big as it once was but if it helps then i am happy to keep things going
  3. well had a dead PC for a bit there which was fun - not first chance i had to look at it was this morning and yay .. now not dead computer
  4. Pingu

    PPI Claims

    if you haven't already done this the do so. I chucked one in with zero expectation of getting anything and got a lovely letter yesterday offering me a few grand... no need to use a claimns company i used took about 5 minutes and job jobbed.
  5. Trying to work out what i feel about Ricky Jervais. Love his attitude towards people but his characters always seem to be the same. Having said this have just watched the first episode of Afterlife and absolutely loved it.
  6. stupid work. getting in the way of me giving Mylo his 3 pm friday cuddle.
  7. Pingu


    Just watched Episode 1 of afterlife with Ricky Gervais. its a bit of a sad setting but really enjoyed it.
  8. Pingu

    Crufts 2019

    am off to crufts today seems so long ago when we did the organised trip and i was printing "refuge ID Badges" a lot has changed since then but i am looking forward to being surrounded by all those rotties today #happyplace
  9. and a happy st davids day to you all too
  10. sadly fishy mcfishface didnt make it. shame as for a fish he had a lot of character
  11. a shubumpkin - a rescue fish that came "free with tank". he was about 2 cm when he arrived and has grown a bit since then (hes on his third tank cos he outgrew the others) currently he is about 15 cm in length and hopefully has stopped growing. So far in the past week we have spent enough to buy about 40 of them but fishy is OUR fishy and that's not how it works in this house. So water additives, testing kits and additional filters to try to get his water OK again. We seem to have the levels under control now but its going to take some time for him to recover.
  12. My posting about my dark ages re-enactment stuff got me wondering what peoples hobbies were outside of the animal field. i have a few. i play a few online games: World Of Warships elite dangerous battlefield but my main hobby outside of the animal sphere is the reenactment stuff. I got into it via the local history - where we live has a very rich viking past., wil post some pics later on. what sort of stuff do you guys do that's not animal related?
  13. in other news, for those who don't know i do dark ages experimental archeology (i dress up as a viking and hit people with an axe). our season started yesterday with an educational gig at liverpool university... which gives me an idea for a fred
  14. so currently we have a fish in intensive care... the nitrate levels in his tank shot up without us noticing and were at one point"too high to measure"... so we are currently doing small regular water changes.. have nitrate reducing packs and are just hoping that we caught it before too much damage was done. the levels are dropping (currently at about 1.0) so hopefully fishy will be OK
  15. is there such a thing as "too much bacon"?
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