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A Turkey Is Not Just For Christmas

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another reason I dislike Christmas is the hidden cruelty , one such example being the horrific Turkey trade in the UK





That's how I feel about it all, I hate it :angry: I just see it as a time of terrible suffering for a lot of animals. However hard I have tried I cannot change that philosophy.


The only thing I can say is that myself and OH just have a normal day doing animal chores here and then maybe have an extra drink or two when we have finished :rolleyes: We have a vegan dinner(usually late evening). We do buy presents for each other but we celebrate the fact that we have done our best not to be part of that awful cruelty.

We do have a visit from his daughter, sil and grandson but they are vegan also which makes it that much easier :)

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Latest Pet Industry News Wed, 12 Dec 2007



Tuesday 11 December 2007 headlines more >>


Condemned Turkey Video

The Christmas season was never a good time for turkeys.. but a posting to the members forum of the smallholder website - the Turkey Club UK has exposed a video on Youtube showing just how bad it can get.


Depicting acts of extreme cruelty by two men killing turkeys in their backyard, the video: me killing turkeys for thanksgiving shows them torturing the animals, hitting and stamping on them before finally putting them out of their misery. It is so explicit it requires age verification before it can be viewed.


The scenes have attracted well over a hundred comments mostly, (yes, sadly only 'mostly') codemning the actions and calling for a prosecution for animal cruelty. The original Turkey Club UK posting states: "I strongly advise you not to let children watch the clip, its just so upsetting."


I am sure UKPets will not be the first to have contacted Peta about these scenes.


Submitted by: Steve O'Malley

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