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  1. Oh dear Alex. That's horrible and quite scary and quite a shock when you cut your finger like that I went out walking yesterday with my fleece jacket on and a hat and today, no coat with my sleeves rolled up!
  2. Sorry Griff, I don't know why I thought it was your brother. My head still isn't working right Pleased you have got your doors etc fixed now. Sleep is a great healer Murtle. Hope you get it sorted Jazz. Same weather here - it's more like October
  3. Sorry Suzeanna can't help with techy stuff! Beagles are awful scavengers and will just hoover up as they go along. I am really very sorry to hear about your brother Griff. How awful. I hope something will be done about it and I truly hope the wedding goes ahead Belly dancing sounds like fun Lil Angel!
  4. Ok friends, this is a long post as I have copied and pasted from my FB page. Thanks you all for your kindness-I am getting there slowly 'I have Lucy's results back now and although I still feel rotten about last weeks events in a small way I am relieved to know that when it all happened there was absolutely no way could Lucy have been saved even if we got to the vets' within minutes. The cause of her death was a very rare and aggressive hemangiosarcoma. The blisters/ lesions on her spleen and liver concluded this although they were not obvious tumours. It is possible that a lesion had invaded an artery which caused the massive bleed into her abdomen. The vet told us that the disease could have started as early as two weeks before her death although in most cases you do get some indication that something is wrong with them. We had no warning with Lucy until her collapse one and a half hours before here death. She was fine and happy before that and was actually playing in the garden with Jenny just minutes before her not being able to stand. She had a very tiny split in her spleen which the vet says could have been dealt with had her blood been able to clot. Now here is the question-why wasn't her blood clotting? Although hemangiosarcoma is cancer of the blood vessels it doesn't normally affect the clotting mechanism. Our vet told us that the there is still a small possibility that Lucy had picked up a small amount of a Warfarin type substance, even just a few days before which could have affected her blood clotting as her blood results showed zero clotting. That is where the question mark is but even if she had got normal clotting and the vet could remove the spleen etc the condition is terminal and she may only have lived a few days and at the most a few weeks. In some ways it helps and in some not. Why should a normally fit happy 7 year old dog be taken out in this way? We still don't know the pm results of our neighbours cats but there is definitely something going on around here and Lucy probably just happened to die suddenly at this point in time and the vet at first was convinced it was poisoning due to her symptoms-and of course, we have the dead badgers to consider along with all the dead foxes we were finding last year :-( The vet said that although the possibility of mild poisoning was not the main cause of her death it would have contributed :-( Did she or didn't she pick something up-we will never know.'
  5. Thank you Murtle. What a pity your day didn't work out x. You have been very industrious then Whizzieboy! I hate starting on things like that but once I do I enjoy it! Poor Jed Your arm looks sore. Have you got any Arnica? It's very good for bringing out the bruising. That's one thing I can't sleep through Griff is the sound of a lawnmower. The trouble around here is tractors, they sometimes start working the fields at 6.30am and they don't care what day it is. When they are silaging they often work until midnight too. Thanks for your thoughts, I feel like I am in limboland really. Guess it's the shock. I keep saying I will take time out from the pooter but I think maybe it is helping me. Only true dog people understand Poor Wispa, glad it wasn't too serious. It's their confidence that gets knocked though quite often
  6. I was going to suggest the Cinnamon Trust too! Never used a dog walker but I think the rates can be very variable. I am sure the bullock was only playing by the sound of it Alex but even play can be very dangerous! Sorry for you all suffering the rain we have had a beautiful day today although I have slept through most of it. Today has been a very black day
  7. WTG Sam-I am vegan too! I had some friends here for lunch last week and dreaded it as I don't 'do' entertaining. They are vegan also but I threw something together. Did a nice mixed salad with Redwood Pizza, choritzo style pieces, Linda McCartney sausage rolls, Redwood mini sausages, Vegusto 'cheese' and crusty bread, new potatoes (out of a tin)! It went down well without me having to cook anything-just a matter of heating stuff up! Fancy you knowing Donald Watson Marion! He did look frail but he was very healthy and as you say, a good age when he died. Are you really in a cow shed Gooster? Buddyboy, I am sure the bullocks were very entertained!
  8. Thank you everyone We buried Lucy last night. We have put her next to Sam and Hallie who died a year ago this week within two days of each other The Police are now aware of all the situations happening around here with the poisoning and I hope they do something. The Police Wildlife Crime Officer was going to visit our neighbour up the lane who has had 3 cats poisoned. I am hoping he will call here. The mornings are difficult when I realise I am in the real World Glad the trip went well San Does your hubby use deodorant Snow? Just wondered if it could be that. Louie It sounds like it went ok then Marion Good luck with the puppy hunting Griff! Well done Michelle Hope it is as stressless as possible Gooster!
  9. Thank you all I am bereft I am not up to saying much about it as it hurts so much but thank you Phoebe for mentioning it on here x. In time when I can talk more about it I will post in doggy chat
  10. Sorry, not keeping up again. I only manage a short time late at night on the pooter and am usually tired out by then too. Sending hugs to all having a testing time at the moment Suzeanna, I got my black eye through a bad fall. I had a road accident on the 1st May and I wrote my van off. Got out of it without a scratch! The following Sunday was running across the patio to try and stop Digger picking up and eating a deposit (It's a Beagle thing)! I tripped up and went head first. I had a lump the size of an egg come up on my head and by the following day had a huge dark purple eye I have still got a lot of chest and back pain and a nurse friend of mine said I have probably cracked a rib She said nothing can be done other than rest and rest my arm on that side and I said 'rest'-what's that? Not possible here. Got to soldier on. My eye is now turning an interesting shade of green and yellow. Hope to get back here tomorrow so I don't lose track of you all. Nitey nite
  11. I don't sleep well most times Alex but hope you have a better night tonight. Hope you have some straight answers re your mum Phoebe. I also wish I was just turning 37 Murtle! Hope it's nothing to worry too much about Jazz and hope your bloods are ok Suzeanna. We were nearly passing out with the sudden heat yesterday Marion and today it's cold and dull here too. Had torrential rain overnight. Took my old Digger Beagle to the vets' this morning for bloods as they think he may have Cushings. Had to leave him there for two hours and hopefully will have the results back by Friday evening. Went around a few shops while he was in as it's a 28 mile round trip to vets and back so wasn't worth coming home and going back again. Had a few strange glances from people while I was out and about and then remembered I have a prize black eye!
  12. Thanks everyone Sorry if I can't keep up with you all, don't get on the pooter much and I don't have a smart phone! Will try and check in a bit more often. They say 'it' comes in threes but trying not to dwell too much on that lol. I seem to be very accident prone just lately.
  13. Run free Toby Well, in the last few days I have managed to write my van off and yesterday had a bad fall and hit the patio head first and have the most wonderful shiner! Looks like I have overdone the purple eyeshadow
  14. Yes, join the club BrackenMc ! Someone gave me a poster with that quote (can't think why)! Karen, Zoe is a collie cross. A little different for us as you know we always seem to have hounds-Beagles etc. Such a contrast to what we have had before-she actually listens to us Been pottering in the garden today but feeling my age
  15. Nite Jazz and hello everyone else! Been away a long time from here but hope I can get back into things. Don't spend too much time on the pooter these days but will try and find a little time to catch up on here. Got a little foster dog in that has been very poorly and she needs feeding up so just going to do that now and got an early start tomorrow so off to bed soon
  16. I have been following this on the Beagles UK Facebook page.The protestors really need support and if anyone can turn out to help that would be marvelous It's so awful to think of those dear little souls being abused in such a way
  17. Thank you Marion It's going to be horrific if they get permission. They are already breeding dogs but the thought of them expanding into an industrialised operation doesn't bear thinking about
  18. Here is the petition-please share
  19. Just been alerted to this - P0127/13/FUL | Change of use of agricultural buildings and land to professional dog breeding centre. (Retrospective). | Hagloe House Awre Road Blakeney Gloucestershire GL15 4AA Please read the Design and Access Statement This is on the Forest of Dean D C Planning Applications section.
  20. I know it's a long way for you Marion. I don't know of anything local to you but if I hear of anything will let you know. Bobby who is doing the talk is a local person so only does talks etc in her area and the Birmingham area
  21. Due to unforseen circumstances the meeting didn't go ahead but is now on Thursday 21st February-same place, same time
  22. Worcester Agility Society are contemplating starting a beginners course for all breeds in March. It will held indoors in a secure riding school arena. It is held in Baughton which is between Upton on Severn and Pershore and it is on a Friday evening. If anyone is interested and would like to come and watch before joining then please ring Eileen on 07929 093593.
  23. There is a seminar on raw feeding and vaccination by Nick Thompson the Holistic Vet in the West Midlands in Feb if anyone interested. At Rapport DTC, Earlswood Methodist Church, Earlswood, B94 5JH On Saturday 23rd February 2013 9.30 – 5pm To book your place please contact Wendy Schilling on 07815 916795 or email
  24. Just in case anyone would be interested in this, there is a talk by Bobby Balfour on Animal Healing on January 17 at 7:00pm St Mary's Hall, Northfield Street, Worcester. WR1 1NS.
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