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  1. At SOL we are preparing to run an April Auction to raise much needed funds for a wonderful cause: Northern Greyhound Rescue. This will run from Thursday, 7th April at 8 pm until Sunday, 17th April at 8 pm. paintings, portraits, prints, beds, holidays, collars and coats - if you have a Whippet we have designer coats from Australia for you. There are lots of jewellery, watches, cards too much to list here so pop over and have a look http://www.sighthoun...hp?showforum=81
  2. Annie


    We have a couple of the waterproof beds from here
  3. My mum swears that gone orf milk makes fabulous scones
  4. We just missed you as we arrived on the 26th
  5. We recently spent a week at Little Dumpledale Farm and here is a selection of pics for your enjoyment
  6. Hi Jules, it was me who posted her link Here it is again in case people want a sneaky peek while you are trying to get pics Congratulations, she's a lucky girl
  7. Soooo cute
  8. There is Megan on the Black Beauties website who is cat friendly http://www.blackbeau...tails.php?a=939
  9. My daft girl playing in the snow Click pic for short vid Time for a shake Ready for home now
  10. Sweet Dreams Dennis Thinking of all who loved him tonight
  11. Annie

    Dog Beds

    We have a couple of the oval beds from here and we find them very good
  12. Annie

    Mr Magoo

    This story is crossposted with permission from Dog Action Welfare Group (dawg). Based in Doneralie Co Cork Southern Ireland, DAWG is an organisation founded and run completely by a network of volunteers concerned with the welfare of abandoned, abused and ill-treated dogs in Cork. Yesterday Mr Magoo was taking part in greyhound racing trials and he ran headlong at high speed into a wall. A vet was called to put Mr Magoo to sleep on the track as the vet said he had a broken leg. We said don't put him to sleep we would take him into our care. However His injuries are much worse than we feared. Mr Magoo has two broken front legs. One is a compound fracture ( the bone came through the skin). As i write one of our volunteers is bringing Mr Magoo to a specialist vet. Will we be able to save him? Can a dog recover from two broken legs? Our heads are all over the place. All we know is that Mr Magoo is just a one year old a puppy. Despite his pain, he gave us kisses and wagged his tail. Why should he suffer like this. We desperately want to save him but it depends on what the specialist says. If he needs surgery we know it will be expensive but if Mr Magoo needs surgery we will have to appeal for financial help. If our vet tells us that Mr Magoo cannot be saved, well then he will go to the rainbow bridge in the loving arms of one our volunteers. He will know love even if it is just for a short time. He will not die on the side of a racing track. We hope we can save him. Please keep Mr Magoo in your thoughts. Mr Magoo was xrayed late last night. Xrays showed that Magoo broke his two shin bones in the exact same place. One is a clean break and the vet felt that it could be pined easily enough. However his left leg as well as being a compound fracture, it is also badly misaligned. Surgery to save this leg would be more intricate and complicated. However the vet felt that because Magoo is so young he would be optimistic for a good outcome. Surgery would be in the region of €1,000 to €1,500. A huge sum of money. Mr Magoo despite being in a lot of pain was so well behaved, he just loves everyone and has touched all our hearts. The vet told us that for the surgery to be a success the sooner it was done the better the outcome. How could we not help Magoo? so as i write he is going into surgery. Please keep our very special puppy in your thoughts. We would be so grateful for any support to help Magoo. Mr Magoo has gone to the rainbow bridge. We are devastated. He reacted badly to the anaesthetic and his heart stopped. Every effort was made to revive him, but it failed. Run free at the rainbow bridge magoo. Just a puppy and a reminder that awful things are still happening to greyhounds in the name of sport
  13. Looks like a fab place to walk Six hours? My lot would need to rest on the sofa for a week to get over that
  14. I had a little search and only found one The thought of your five big hounds in the cab of the recovery vehicle made me giggle though
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