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  1. Im so sorry for the loss of your girly
  2. taylor


    I dont think I have been in here for many years, scary! I remember most of you though, at the time I had Taylor and Paddywhack - they have both gone to the bridge now, my angels and we share our home with 3 more little monsters, Vinny, Chips and Lacy Ill nip off around the forums and catch up with you all xxx
  3. People that train gundogs for the royal family would no more send dogs in that would fight than send dogs in wearing superman underpants ! He was bashing those dogs for nothing ! driven by the same testosterone that he shot the birds with. Sickening !
  4. taylor

    Winter Walkies

    Sans .... fantastic pictures ... thanks for sharing them
  5. Hi jacobean, I have transported an oldie for you in the past .... i will Email now. Thanks, Sally xx
  6. I have been looking for a 3rd dog for what seems like years. And have had a few move in with me including a rescue on home trail who fell in love at the woods, now lives with a perfectly matched young jrt and plays all the time, and more recently a tiny puppy that has gone tonight to live with my dog walker.... I bought the pup from a classifieds purely because I could not leave her where she was. Linda fell in love, offered a family home , heartbreaking but perfect. Im still blubbing now! I already have 2 dogs and space in home and heart for another. It seems fate has bought me to fostering. Its like I was led here . So I do work full time, though fantastically short hours ... and have a dog walker but there is room here, Im pretty good at rehoming and I have trained a lot of dogs, (hearing dogs , military dogs and to shut the door amid other things) I feel that because I have posted on here a few times about new additions and that I work I may not be welcome as a foster mom, but as an alternative to kennels please get in touch. Any dog that came here would be love , cherished and probably found a wonderful home. Sally xx
  7. The lovely Oscar is now in his forever home ... this can be closed thanks
  8. taylor

    Oldies Iv never in my life seen a dog look soo sad , doesnt he make your heart ache
  9. Hi Judith, Imagine my suprise to See oscar on here. he is currently sat at my feet chewing his way through to bone box .... tis a blessing that im not house proud As far as rehoming is concerned after meeting him and chatting with Kate today I have decided to take a couple of days to decide whether to have him move in or just foster him till he gets a home. He really is a little star and has tried so hard to get my dogs to play ... I walked them all together today and he was perfect off lead (I know its the first day but I had a good feeling about him) he has a staffy look about him and has inherited silly staff and the big smile ... hes a typical mongrel puppy and as my little sod of a yorkie cross has been snapping at him all day and he has just accepted and tried to be friends again. but in the most respectful way I took my older girl to the vets tonight ( 2 hours for blood tests )and left the other 2 with the run of the house ... Oscar just got straight in his bed , and it was still warm when I got back. To be perfectly honest I feel I would be doing Oscar an injustice keeping him as my walks have to be limited because of the older girl and i work 4 on 4 off but long hours on the 4 on ..he could cope with that however the little man would probably be happier with another pup for company and an owner that does maybe agility/training in their spare time, he really is a little darling and had a fantastic play with Kates collie in my lounge today. It would be easy to fall in love with him. He is all innocent puppy and smile
  10. Does anyone know what happened with charlie ?
  11. taylor

    Full Time Job

    Angie, the puppy went back to his breeder. I was being selfish getting such a babe and my own little dog was petrified of him, he stayed here only one night but apparantly has a lovely home now sally x
  12. taylor

    Full Time Job

    Iv just changed hours at work and now work 11 hours for 4 days then 4 off .................. the dogs will be alone for 11... I have a lovely dog walker for halfway through the 11 hours. and agonised over this decision but have decided that day wise they get me more. rather than leaving them for 6/3off Im leaving them for 4longer/4 off what do you think ?
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