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  1. Squiggies to dogs and their owners - please collect as required. Owl - I do like the idea of you being the inspiration for Harry Potter. My Mother slept under the dining room table - it was/is the size of a new build house dining room, and very solid, but as she was in London, I wouldn't have thought I would really have wanted to put it's strength to the test. Jazz - look after yourself. Me - Cold in the office - it always goes cold around 11.00 am - but the sun is shining so perhaps it is time for a walk.
  2. Morning. Owl - I lived the first year of my life at a crematorium/cemetery. Jazz - by my calculations, if you are 5'0, a sensible BMI range of 20-25 would mean you should be between 7st 4lbs and 9st 2lbs. Even that is subjective - but is certainly not 6st 7lbs - nooooooooooo. Me - plodding on
  3. I have a hope that I will have a computer again by tonight.
  4. Poddling in. Still not reading back. I'm cold enough to think I should put the heating on, and have a headache from spending the last hour plus writing our a complicated confirmation e-mail (obviously nothing to do with work). Back at the Doctors the week after next and dreading it as I'm sure it's time I returned to paid employment. Bought the dogs new nylabones yesterday. Just like kids, they were more interested in the cardboard packaging than the new chew toys! Hope all is well here.
  5. I'm afraid I've not read back. But know it's been very long time seen very little. Been a funny year and a bit for me. An extra black dog crept into the house and I didn't notice. Work was the main culprit, and things bumped along the bottom without me realising. Then someone very special and close to me died in the Spring, and in the same week work became worse, and there was no way anyone was going to improve things for me. I battled on until August, and then was signed off work, and it seemed as if everything I had been holding together now had 'permission' to collapse, to the point where I really struggled to go out of the house on my own, and let all sorts of things go, including my friendly Forums. Much medication later and still offf work until February, and having survived Christmas which I have always spent with my special person, I feel as if there is now the occastional glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel, and I am beginning to realise just how long I have been trailing my black dog around. Needless to say my two, Tigger in particular, have relished me being at home more, and his snuggles have been excellent additional medecine. Hope you understand my absence. Hopefully I'll be around to keep up with your "antics" again. Hope to be around
  6. Happy Christmas everyone. My avatar has disappeared, but I can't cope with that today!
  7. Sounds like a good enough recommendation for me.
  8. Morning. Afternoon. I was twirly at 5.00 am San - just wasn't in a posting mood - especially as I'd been "thinking" since 4.00 am. Anyway, temporarily good news from the hospital - albeit that I believe I have to accept that this is only an interim phase. Anyone heard/know anything of "Little Dog Rescue". NO it's NOT for me, but someone I know is interested in one of their dogs - but just thinks I will have heard of every dog rescue in the universe. Checked out their website ........ and the dog they are interested in. I have a listy for town - not in the mood - and I've just arranged a meeting for 1.30 pm! Heyho, time to shifty.
  9. Sorry to hear about your dilemma Alex. If you really don't use your personal mobile that much, I would just be going for letting unknown numbers that come up go to voice mail and checking them at my leisure. All sounds very difficult. Travelled to Suffolk and back today to see poorly Auntie. Tigger was most dischuffed because we parked at Auntie's house, just round the corner from the hospital,and he could not understand why he could not go into the house! Auntie is really not well at the moment - although she had rallied from a DNR situation on Thursday, to knowing exactly who I was today. I am now shattered from the travelling and mental drainage. Was going to do some aggressive garden tidying tomorrow, but the weather is looking 'adverse'!
  10. I am meandering in and should like to pop in from time to time if that is OK. Many things on my mind just at the moment, and am not very good at keeping up with things, or always wanting to 'speak' or be sociable. Hope you understand.
  11. All cupcakes sold - which is great on the one hand, but not so good on the other as Mr B was very disappointed - and I feel another batch or three being required today! Meanwhile making ale cakes so they are matured for next Saturday. Apart from that, I need to make some pilchard cake, and prepare boxes of plums, yellow greengages and damsons that have come my way. Don't think I can cope with the apples today. Tigger and Daisy are looking suitable exhausted for now, so looks as if I have a few hours to crack on.
  12. K9Fran - so sorry - that just makes me I am really tidying the house at the moment ....... as you can tell ........ made 100+ cupcakes and muffins last night this morning, and the whole house seems to have suffered. Just off shortly to see how many are left - Mr B's already nicked two last night - then wondered why they were "plain" (that will be because they were not for you and were not iced yet!) Might have to make some more as I seem to have over calculated the amount of buttercream needed ......... now needs using up.
  13. for Wispa. Seemed to spend a lot of time yesterday doing everyday chores - which was made more enjoyable by the Red Arrows being up and zooming around our skies - makes me very proud. Just not looking forward to work today. Didn't get out of bed very early - much to Tigger and Daisy's delight. Just have no idea how to deal with the pending fall out.
  14. Morning Alex, you have my sympathies. Up until very late (for me) waiting for Mr B to come in - after midnight defnitely, and finally had to give into Daisy who was stomping up and down demanding to go out - which I suspect is because she turned her nose up at her dinner last night so is now probably filling herself up with vegetation. RMF. I want to learn clog dancing.
  15. Meandering in. Again. Seems to be that there is a need for lots of Had a rather challenging end to the working week - slightly complicated but, in the absence of a senior colleague I was well and truly put on the spot over several days as to "why" a piece of work, that wasn't mine, hadn't been dealt with - in the end I had to squeal - said senior person is back on Tuesday and I think they will not be happy with how I handled things - albeit that several people across several departments at "my" level, feel I had no options. So guess what - I'm REALLY not looking forward to Tuesday. Meanwhile .......... my involvement in a "no chocolate for dogs" debate on another Forum ......... resulted in no-one at all arguing with me. Maybe it was the fact that I put an RSPCA linky in ........ Meanwhile ....... still hurting - and so far today have managed to fall down the hole in the lawn which the dogs keep digging for me, with my bad ankle, and bashed my bad knee (which seems to have a lump on it) on Mr B's 'stuff' in the garage. I need to be fit, up and, if not running, at least capable of standing around in readiness for the Wiccaweys Show next Sunday - non-negotiable! Mr B's in trouble too. Last night I made the effort to make his sandwiches as he has had to go into work today - and he's left them int he fridge. Norty Mr B.
  16. I am currently waiting to be completely slagged off elsewhere as I have stuck my head above a parapet on a non-dog Forum and said "do not feed chocolate to your dog" - not a particularly tolerant bunch of people at the best of times so I fear I am going to be destroyed. Can't decide whether I have to revisit to defend, or not visit that thread at all and leave them to get on with it. Have been trying not to do stuff again today - but life is catching up with me. Ankle is feeling better ........ until dogs crash into it, or I turn awkwardly, or go up or downstairs. Been catching up with paperwork chores.
  17. You're absolutely right greys mum - the aim for me for the perfect outcome from the day was for Tigger and Daisy to have a fun day out, without being stressed or overreacting - the fact that they did have fun and didn't overreact made the day just perfect.
  18. Well done Glenn. Whoops. Just spotted that I am supposed to be out at a friends for lunch with Mr B tomorrow - guess I'd better remind him!
  19. We took Tigger and Daisy to their first ever Agility competition on Sunday - just a local unaffiliated, but run according to KC rules sort. For those who know my Tigger Dawgus, you will understand that I had some nervous Mummy moments as I wondered if he would cope, and I would cope and people would behave around him and not get in his face and scare him to death before we started. As for my little Daisy, I just hoped no-one would get in her face and be sniped for their troubles! As far as their social skills were concerned, they behaved impeccably - well, there was the moment when Tigger mugged his friend from training because she was holding someone elses bag which just happened to contain some Mrs B treats - which was a great improvement on what was in Mrs B's bag. As Mr B and I had never had anything to do with Agility until we had had Tigger for a while, it has always been a case of us learning at the same time as Tigger and Daisy, so it's been slow progress all round. Tigger lurves agility .......... as long as he can do it on his terms. This meant that our tour of the practice ring resulted in him going round, under and through everything - just unfortunately not anything at all he was supposed to go round under or through! My biggest fear was that he would get in this outdoor, large, grass ring, and go "oh no, I only do small, sandy, indoor rings" and stand there and bark at everyone until we were chucked out. The reality was slightly different as he just decided that the Judges had no idea of course construction and that he could improve things by doing all the obstacles in a much improved Tigger order - and demolish anything not fitting his wishes - but there were moments of brilliance when we actually managed consecutive jumps - and all in all he had a ball. And then there was little Daisy. As her previous owners described her to us as "untrainable" you will not be surprised to hear that she just didn't care that this agility course was in a totally different environment to anything she had seen before. My first run out, and she sailed round. As I set off my heart was in my mouth as I indicated where she should go - all my nervous moments as she managed not to go straight on when I wanted her to go right, and didn't nip my ankles when I pointed her in the direction of the tunnel set up in a U shape, and zoomed on hitting every contact, and achieving a clear round Proud Mummy may just have had a tear or two in her eye at that point - especially as this translated into a 2nd place! We had a couple of courses at the next level, with higher jumps, and we just haven't had the practice at those recently, so we'll gloss over that, but Mr B took Daisy in for Jumping and managed a clear round and a 1st. After we'd finished all our rounds, I was called by the Show Secretary to collect Tigger's rosette, which confused me completely seeing as I knew we had achieved eliminations in everything - it seemed that the Judge for the Helter Skelter had awarded Tigger a "Judge's Special" because he was so happy and enjoyed himself so much, and made her giggle - I believe that may have had something to do with the fact that we did seem to want to fit the one tunnel in as many times as possible! Maybe that was an event more special moment for me to think that Tigger has come from being scared to death of everything, to enjoying a life which includes tunnels, obstacles and jumps. Although there were one or two people there we knew, there weren't that many, but I have received an e-mail from the Show Secretary today - to say that Tigger and Daisy have become celebrities amongst the regulars there. I'm just a very very proud Mummy. Sorry, I don't think we managed to take any photos - we were just too busy trying to work out how to be in the right place at the right time with the right dog in the right frame of mind. We will do a photo shoot in the next few days so we can show off the rosette collection!
  20. Am partly lying around on the sofa today catching up on TV recordings and mooching around on Forum and partly pottering around trying to do the basic daily chores that just will not go away. Tigger and Daisy are catching up on sleep.
  21. all poorly and hospital Fugees - 'cause I need to hug myself 'cause yesterday I decided that the blackness of my foot/ankle/leg required a second opinion so hobbled off to the Walk In Medical Centre - who were lovely but said my symptoms meant that I needed an X-Ray for reassurance - although they were sure it would be OK. After a l-o-n-g wait in A&E (how is it that I always seem to be there forever, when there's no ambulances coming in and a total 'queue' of around 3 people?) Seems I have a chipped bone to add to pain, swelling, sprain and bruising. What an idiot am I. Just keep taking the tablets, (which set my asthma off yesterday, so I've had to ease up) and do all the resting stuff - so OH less than impressed I'm in work today. Unfortunately, there's so much stuff needs doing at home, that I've decided I will do less by coming to work and hobbling to and from the coffee machine a few times a day than I will do at home decided to tackle washing up, washing and the like! In hope that tonight it will all be done when I get home. Mind you, I've had too much carp thrown at me at work today for my liking. Tigger and Daisy will start their own thread at the weekend, still without photos, but when I'm bored out of my skull 'cause I have decided that I am going to rest with my foot up this weekend. at the horses in Guernsey!
  22. I have been all over the place busy, so keep popping in for a read and then don't have time to post. So, in no particular order and in certain knowledge I will forget a or - so please collect if needed ..... Merledog - you're a wonderful clever clogs - we all knew you'd do it, and I'm delighted for you. Snow - looks as if you had a wonderful day at The Wedding - I love your hat. Greysmum - so sorry I decided to fall down a pothole this morning. I was not impressed, not to mention feeling a prat - I've had people running round after me all day fetching and carrying teas, coffees and files - probably in reverse order, but I could live in hope. Tigger and Daisy were on Sunday - can't decide whether to tell here or give them a post of their own - but no piccies so it's very b-o-r-i-n-g - except for me who's a proud Mummy.
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