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  2. Big hedgehog in garden. Wispa as usual wants it to come in and live with us. Gave it the kitten food recommended by our local hog rescue, well soaked.
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  4. Eve, my dogs hate the rain as we are leaving...they walk all hunched over like abused animals, then we get to the field and puddles...then joy for them and horror for me lol Pingu, hope Mylo has forgiven you
  5. at the moment shes on her back behind me, so I have 1 cheek on my cushion, at an angle. this is not comfy
  6. Aw Katie, hope you cheer up soon. Gentle cuddle from me.
  7. I don't know if shes missing nick, or shes just uncomfortable, but shes not happy. yorkies don't like change
  8. Done nothing much today. Raining, so dogs wouldn't go out. Put a washing on and hung it on radiators. Visited my dad for an hour this afternoon. Struggle to contribute on days like this. Some days are just so drab. Though decking for back garden got delivered so that could be exciting going forward lol. Pleased Nick got his lift Jazz. Good luck to him in his new home. How's Katie doing? Not sure whether I'd like a cruise either Yantan. Might prefer one that stops at several cities to explore on the way but that looks like you're just on the ship for 7 days each way - or have I got that wrong? But I'm sure a couple of weeks of pampering and luxury will ease the pain.
  9. Hi Pingu, good to see you 🖐️ Yantan that sounds an acceptable wardrobe. You could have velvety trousers, that would be sort of evening dress. We had a pleasant walk on the reserve, I took some things to the tip which is close to the reserve, and I put washing through as it has been a very good drying day. Couch potato for the evening now.
  10. Yantan, black trousers with a pretty top will be fine, fancy flat sandals unless you hate your toes, you'll be good to go!
  11. Ballet pumps can be quite pretty now Yantan and a nice trouser suit with different coloured tops...job done!! How lovely for you
  12. wow lovely. Ive always wanted to go on one. my son has gone on loads with her family. I don't wear dresses or shoes so id be buggered too
  13. You know how I have always said I hate the idea of a cruise? Well I'm going on one apparently. The Queen Mary 2 to New York. Next year. It is SO not me but Ruby wants to go with our friends, Gary and Adrian, for Gary's 60th and the single supplement is almost as much as it costs for 2 so I am going. I refuse to wear a long frock, or any sort of frock, for dinner though. High heels are also out.
  14. Yantan


    I watched it a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was good but not up to the hype it's got.
  15. Trying to work out what i feel about Ricky Jervais. Love his attitude towards people but his characters always seem to be the same. Having said this have just watched the first episode of Afterlife and absolutely loved it.
  16. stupid work. getting in the way of me giving Mylo his 3 pm friday cuddle.
  17. Pingu


    Just watched Episode 1 of afterlife with Ricky Gervais. its a bit of a sad setting but really enjoyed it.
  18. just having biscuits with my coffee. dropped them. they didn't hit the floor!
  19. nick has left the building! phil was very sorry. what a nice man!
  20. I am doing nothing today except walking the dogs Oh, Steve goes mad at me doing stuff, I like helping him though
  21. I hope you are resting today Owl or at least taking things easy. Hope Nick get's away OK Jazz It's a grey overcast day here and a la'al bit breezy. For a change we have at least one nice lodger staying next door. She is from Spain and stops to speak to Archie anytime he is out in the garden and to me if I am about. She loves animals. Such a change from the surly eastern Europeans that the next door neighbour usually takes in. There are still some there and the Spanish girl says she finds them odd. After trying to be friendly with them she gave up and just keeps out of the way whenever possible. I agree with Suzeanna Griff. You need to put yourself first some of the time girl!
  22. Hope he turns up soon Jazz! Griff, I know you obviously enjoy doing things for your parents and Steve, you need to be needed but for your own sake, knock it off a bit! Their world won't stop turning if they have to make their own meals and do their own shopping but I bet it would certainly jolt off course if you die because you are doing too much and not listening to your own body. Sorry if I come across preachy but speaking from my own experience, trying to do things when you know it's a struggle only ends up with days when getting out of bed is a battle. For a few days at least put yourself first. If Steve gets snotty because you aren't there to run around him he's not worth calling a friend, I bet he'd be horrified if he realised how bad you are feeling (well, hopefully he would.)
  23. so, outside at 7.45 with nick, waving at every vehicle that comes near. put nick in the kitchen with his lead on, stand at the back door for an hour to see anything coming in. get onto the rescue. he hasn't left Gatwick yet! hes just rung, he will be here in about an hour. so we have all come in to warm up. hes driving all the way to Edinburgh. so he 'should' be going about 10.30
  24. Yesterday
  25. Sorry mum 🙄 will log off and go to sleep now.
  26. Best of luck Nick To be honest Eve, as long as you feed and water a cat,it will let you know what else it wants ..if anything. My first cat Friday was a big Tom...I was 3 and he tolerated me...he just wanted something to eat, somewhere to sleep and to be allowed to hunt. Dex....hmmmm, he started off as a lap cat, once his paws were under the table he did his own thing, I have discovered I don't have a bed, nor do the dogs....they are his lol, he eats the dogs food...they just move, he nicks my food and he will allow me to cuddle him on occasion....he will then batter you when he has had enough him to bits though and at 21 I think he can do as he pleases. Owl, hope you feel a bit better tomorrow... it's easy to get carried away, I have done it today and had to mix beer and painkillers to get some relief
  27. Night, night Jazz and good luck for Nick in his new home xx
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