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  1. So very sorry, sweet dreams Daisy.
  2. Hi everyone, just found out today that one of my co-workers is expecting a homecheck from the oldies club tomorrow [yup the check for a jrt in birmingham], i like it when people listen to me Hope everone is well.
  3. He's gone, sweet dreams little Skip
  4. I know i've not been around for a while, but i do pop on now and then, could i ask for some thoughts for my sister, her little dog skippy is leaving for the bridge today, Skippy was my elderly Aunts Schipperke, in 2002 my Aunt then in her 90's was taken into a home, my sister took in her then 9 year old dog, when my OH left the army i took in my Aunt as she hated the nursing home, sadly she passed on the following year, but Skippy was completely happy living with my sister, he is now a few months shy of his 17th birthday, my sister has just rung me up to say that they are arranging for the vet to come round today as Skippy is near to the end, Skippy is a complete joy, a fantastic thief, he loves to wipe his bottom on your leg, and up until a couple of weeks ago quite spritely given his age, he will be missed very much.
  5. So very sorry for your loss sweet dreams Spike
  6. So sorry to hear about poor Milly Wishing her a speedy recovery
  7. simikins


    Many congratulations
  8. Glad to hear Mommy owl is still improving, we had to put swine flu symptom leaflets up on the doors of our ward at work last week, but as i live in the worst hotspot in the uk it's no suprise. Looks like i was a bit over optomistic [sp] last week posting about Oh's new job, it's not a permanent job, just a need on a weekly basis job, and they did'nt need him this week We put water out last week for our hedgehog, who lives under our decking, had to get our youngest son to slide it under there, as any put in the garden was slurped up instantly by Ellie or Boycie. I go on holiday in 6 weeks and 5 days, i need to lose a stone [at least] and i have no spending money
  9. Some good news for once OH has a job, not the one he wanted, not well paid either, but it is a job. It's Ellie bellie bassets 3rd gotcha today, and her 8th birthday, she is not a happy girl, far too hot for her. I was going to put a thread up, but i've only just managed to get on here. hope everyone is ok.
  10. Jacobean i was put on HRT in january and as wonderful as it is to sleep at night, have no hot flushes etc etc,, i have managed to put on about a stone since taking it, i have 9 weeks until my holiday to try to lose it.
  11. hello not been on for yonks, hope everyone is ok, was going to post the other day but we are having internet probs, and may have to go offline for a few weeks i took my daughter to the opening night of Britains got talent tour last week, it was brilliant, stavros flatly had me in tears, and Susan boyle is definatlely "away with the fairies", she can sing though. on friday i'm applying for a new job, still at the hospital but on a different ward, going from mental health to geriatrics, my ward manager is putting me forward for it, boycie has been a bad dog, he stole aarons packed lunch this morning.
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