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  1. where's Christina when Meredith needs her?. Sh'd better get her arse in gear !
  2. As always Sam you have my greatest admiration and best wishes for your health and safety in Nepal. Take care of yourself.
  3. Sorry to hear about your Mum Owl. Your not at the after funeral reception to entertain people and I am sure they will respect your feelings and forgive you if you slip away,if only to a quiet corner with a drink to toast a wonderful lady and the comfort of your memories x
  4. I first met her on Dog Pages and then was a friend on Face Book. Met her in person a couple of times delivering/collecting dogs.
  5. Do you have a gas boiler? Sorry to be alarmist but because you said you feel that way in the flat,I'm thinking carbon monoxide. Worth checking. (I lost my DIL to this insidious gas).
  6. Catherine, Rescue Woman, passed away earlier today. A strong, feisty courageous woman. She will be greatly missed.
  7. Medication is a bugger...for peeps AND poopies. I have some degree of success with peanut bitter and/or cream cheese triangles £1 for Tesco's own, cheaper than Dairylea an easier to handle) I need a whole one for Ben the pills are so huge. Unfortunately he has perfected the art of spitting pills out of food so cheese and PB is becoming part of his diet. Hmmm. Could it be he spits 'cos he knows the remedy? Hope peeps and poopies on medication here are all healthy and happy in time for Crimble.
  8. Owl. ((())). Sam, at least Bruno has you. After ten days of turmeric AND a Bioflow collar I can report a big improvement in Ben's walking and general well being. He wanted to play 'shove' the other day! You know, bums and heads, which can be a bit hurty with a Newfie. He is still stiff in his back legs when getting up but is now more willing to take short walks so hopefully his muscles will improve with exercise. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR To EVERYONE. There were suitable emoticons but they are not appearing!!!
  9. Thanks Owl. That had not occurred to me even though I remember there being a lot about it in the press and on line. Off to ihave a look.
  10. I know it is used as an external dressing for horses. FB page 'Turmeric Users Group' was originally set up by an Australian vet and has loads of info for anyone who is curious
  11. As I understand it because it is not water soluble the turmeric has to be mixed with a cold press oil (olive, coconut,flax) and the pepper assists absorption. Turmeric only stays in the system for about eight hours so supposed to be taken 2/3 times a day in small amounts, starting at 1/4 teaspoon and gradually increasing. I have made up the paste for Ben, more in desperation than hope. He is on Previcox and Gabapentin but still limps with an arthritic shoulder and now he is exhibiting weakness in his back legs. I am fearing the worst and I think a vet visit about his back legs is needed. Apparently The main benefit of turmeric is that it is an anti inflammatory.
  12. Just popping in for a peep. . Oh, and a question. Anyone know anything about turmeric for pets and peeps. I fell over a page on FB extolling its virtues. Anyone have experience?
  13. Loobie, so sorry to hear of your troubles. No advice other than to follow up previously recommended avenues for help and to say thinking of you and hoping things improve quickly. Bad news Ladies. James and Artem are leaving Strictlly ! Boo Hooooo. No point in watching
  14. As Michael Jackson said, Griff, Blame it on the Poopie !
  15. Oooooh Gooster, your Baby is delicious. Mmmmmm, me want
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