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  1. Hi Merle, long time since I said thatπŸ˜‰
  2. Hi Owl, didn't realise that The Refuge as a forum still existed.
  3. So sorry. Thinking of you all. x
  4. He's also put a thread in Rainbow Bridge. πŸ˜₯πŸ˜…
  5. Hugs Nigel - thinking of you at this sad time. xx
  6. Just had a message from Nigel, to say that he's at the vets with Cliffy and sadly it looks like Cliffy is about to cross Rainbow Bridge. 😒😒
  7. Hi Nigel, just followed you back in here to say I'm sorry to read about Cliffy and to say I'm thinking of you both. x
  8. Doing well - started his Metronomic Chemotherapy last week. Wants to thank all who sent him good wishes.
  9. There is lots of information about Metronomic Chemo around - mostly US based, if you require any more info let me know. Sending lot's of good thoughts to Lily and you too. I've found quite a lot about holistic treatments as well which we were thinking about when we made the decision not to go down the IV route.
  10. No probs with hijacking. if you want any further info on Metronomic Chemo - I'll send you any I have. Hoping that Lily is home soon.
  11. So sorry to read your news. What sort of cancer does Lily have?
  12. Lloyd is doing well - improving his El Divo act daily - tonight he left a few mouthfuls of his tea and about 30mins later he started whooing at us - couldn't figure out why, he'd been out done all he needed to do (fell into the bushes trying to c*** his leg :oops:), we gave him what was left of his tea and he's now gone to sleep. We have decided not to go down the IV Chemotherapy route with his for a number of reasons, the main one being he gets very, very stressed at the vets (it's taken over two days to recover from Leahurst). The good news is his chest is still clear (as far as can be seen on X-ray). We are going to try him on a protocol known as Metronomic Chemotherapy:- Less is sometimes More. We've done lots of searching and reading since having this suggested to us, most of the articles, papers etc seem to be in the US - hopefully he will provide a good example for others trying to make the best decision.
  13. He is on Tramadol along with other pain killers. Lloyd has his consultation appointment next Tuesday at Leahurst to discuss chemotheraphy. He's doing well, he goes for a short walk in the morning, evening and just before he goes to bed, he's eating fine and all bodily functions are fine. He can still be restless and vocal, but only at night - not sure why, but the other morning he was demanding food at 04:00am (not very amusing at that time), so I think we have created a bit of a spoilt brat
  14. Thank you all for keeping Lloyd in your thoughts. It's been a stressful, mixed time culminating in another vet visit today. We've had times when he's been unable to settle, trying each bed out numerous times- with lots of whining and panting (usually during the night) which has meant wondering if we've done the right thing, especially when he's struggling to walk (he's worse at 03:30, but then so am I :P ), then we've had others like today when he's happily bobbing up and down the steps to the garden - after a rested night. He's been to the vet as he's got a oozing patch on the front of his chest that we were worrying about- as he's had such a major joint removed it's caused a fluid build up that's oozing through his skin and we have to help it by cleaning and helping the dead skin slough off. :o As we keep reminding ourselves it's not two weeks since he lost a leg - if he was a human he'd still be in hospital not hopping around keeping us on our toes.
  15. Lloyd has managed to scare and amaze us by leaving his bed and getting on to settee unaided. :yikes: Today is a good day- yesterday he was lethargic, depressed- we struggled to get any response out of him- poor Ray was reduced to tears when he tried to help him up and he really screamed. He seemed to have no feeling in his back legs they were both knuckling under- today he's like a different dog. I was out walking Cushna & Sorda when I came back in he was giggling as he'd nipped out of the living room - walking back he panicked as he had gone from his bed, he looked to the other beds - didn't think to check the settee and was amazed when he saw him there.
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