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  1. I really only had a clue because we have some sprouting in our front garden right now. Well we did, I've had to chop it down as it actually sprouts out over the pavement rather than staying in our garden. Good to see you too
  2. After getting sick of retying laces on a certain pair of trainers I bought these xtentex laces. They are brilliant, no more problems with laces coming loose. As they are elastic you can slip your trainers on without "undoing" or anything, which I figure will come in handy when I eventually do a triathlon too. My trainer is back after a month away. We had our first session yesterday morning, my body knows all about it today. However I did manage to stay exactly the same weight whilst she was away, which given the stressful shitty month I've had I'm relieved about. Does prove that I have indeed made some permanent changes though I guess which is good. Time to just get on with things now though. Went for an easy short run this morning with a friend and the spaniels to try and ease the stiffness in my legs. Managed the run OK, but think my legs are now more stiff than before.
  3. Just a 9k run this morning strapped to Breckin which generally means my pace is quicker than it would otherwise be. I knew all about it later. Straight on to an agility lesson - I was instructing and did think I wouldn't be running round a lot, but I ended up demoing a fair amount and running back and forth to my van for equipment. My legs ached. Not sure I'm going to get the chance to do anything tomorrow as we have a stall at a local fair and I've got a lot to get organised before we head off and it will be a long day. Never mind, I'll consider it a welcome rest day. I'm well impressed Murtle. Furthest I've gone recently is 10k. Concentrating on trying to improve my speed at the moment for a 10k I've entered in early Oct. But I've signed up for a half marathon in March so I'm going to have to start getting in longer runs after that. Will have to get some Hi-viz stuff as longer runs means I'll have to run on the roads round here, most of which are just country lanes, no pavement.
  4. My trainer is on holiday now until september so I'm on my own! I've gone for 2 runs with a friend so far this week. Supposedly this morning's run was 3.5miles which we completed in 34mins...I think something went wrong with my watch or something because I can't believe I was that quick, although it was tough in places it felt too OK to have been averaging that speed I think I started on my Total Immersion drills in the pool at lunchtime yesterday. Not a complete disaster and it highlighted some bad habits that now I'm aware of I can fix- hopefully. So all in all so far this week without a trainer has not been so bad, I've done at least one session a day either running or biking and on a couple I've got in a 2nd session. Contemplating what to do for a 2nd session today. I've got a training walk with a client at 6.30 and agility with Breckin tonight after that so need to squeeze something in before the training walk. Maybe a bike. I am quite looking forward to a run on my own again tomorrow morning though. I do enjoy running with others but sometimes its nice to just let everything go and just run
  5. Saw trainer at 6 this morning. Had me on some climbing contraption first that was very very hard on my quads. Was disappointed with my performance if I'm honest. Then got to run intervals on the treadmill - I have sped up I realised at one point that it felt very easy and a bit slow really then looked down at the figures on screen and saw that she had put it on the level I could just about sustain last time I was on the treadmill. So that made me feel better, until we started on the long intervals anyway. Still I felt strong the whole time. I've got a ton of chores to do at lunch so not sure if I'll make it to the pool. Might have to make do with a quick 15min skip session when I get home for my second session of the day today. Hope you enjoy(ed) your run this morning Mary
  6. Hello! Haven't been around for a while, but just catching up with this thread - well done everyone I've been seeing a personal trainer since February and so far I've lost around 5 stone Still a way to go but I'm really enjoying my exercise routine, especially running. I've bought a swimming costume and I'm due to go swimming for the first time in many many years tomorrow...... we'll see if I have the courage. Slightly concerned that I'll be so disappointed in the way I swim and that I'm no where near the standard I used to be that I'll give up at the first hurdle. Must remember that I was competitive a very long time ago and that a lot has changed. It's not like I'm swimming 10 times a week anymore after all. Completed a 5k in blistering heat at the beginning of the month and due to do a 10k in October followed by a half marathon in march. Definitely have the running bug. I'm very slow though, I'm hoping I'll start speeding up soon. My trainer has me doing sprint drills and hill repeats each week (fortunately not in the same session) to build my speed and strength so hopefully it will start paying off soon.
  7. TTouch Talk by Sarah Fisher, Tuesday 29th May 2012, 7-9.30pm, registration from 6.30pm North Heath Hall, St Marks Lane, Horsham, RH12 5PU Tickets £15 prior to event, £18 on the door (numbers permitting) All profits to go to Dogstar Foundation The talk will include a presentation on the link between posture and behaviour and Sarah will demonstrate TTouch techniques to help dogs and cats overcome a wide range of problems. For Tickets contact Kelly Cordell-Morris –
  8. I could send you photos of my wasteland of a garden so you can show her what she could end up with if she doesn't shut her interfering mouth! We do however have the most birds and butterflies anywhere due to the amount of nettles, thistles and god knows what else....
  9. I'm confused as to how walking through a room of kids that were supervised by others can possibly be a hanging offence. My apology would be along the lines of I'm sorry that the permission I gained before entering the hall was apparently insufficient. I'm sorry that those supervising the party who felt it inappropriate that I enter the hall couldn't have said anything at the time. I'm sorry if my entering the hall traumatised any of the children, but have to confess that I'm more sorry that it appears we need to shut children away from society making it impossible for them to learn to how to socialise and interact with anyone who isn't their own age. I'm perhaps most sorry that life has come to such a point that someone entering a hall occupied by some children having actually obtained permission before doing so, is then vilified and forced to write a ridiculous apology. Suffice to say I will no longer be offering my services when I will later then be forced to apologise for helping.
  10. Dogstar Foundation PO Box 6069 Milton Keynes Bucks MK1 9AL
  11. House with some land. Training barn and field. Sodding about with animals all day. No neighbours who feel they have some divine right to tell me how to live my life. Some free time that coincides with OH's free time would be nice. Actually my life could stay the same if I could just move somewhere with a bit of land and no fecking neighbours.
  12. Thank you I *think* I'm going with "Tails We Win" I'm trying it out for a week and if I don't start to hate it then it's staying. I'll be doing dog training & behaviour as well as TTouch for all companion animals (once I qualify). For the moment I'll be concentrating on one-to-ones but will start looking into classes a bit later. Will poss start looking at agility classes too, but that will be further down the line - need to concentrate on my own dogs' agility training at the moment! Already have vets agreement for referrals as soon as I can get the paperwork over to them. Can't do that until I've sorted name though.... Next on the list is logo, website, update insurance to cover other animals as well as dogs since I'm looking for case studies for TTouch qual now.
  13. I'm trying to decide on a business name. This is harder than I thought it would be. I don't want to limit myself to dogs as with TTouch I would be working with all kinds of companion animals, plus there is a chance I'll do things with my sister's business involving horses. So far the name I really like is a registered trademark in the US, which although it doesn't cover the UK, I don't really want to go near it and there would be conflict with their domain name also I expect. So many names are already in use for similar businesses in the same-ish area, plus with website domain names already taken. At the moment Teaching Tails is winning. However I've gone through so many permutations I don't know if I like it or not. Other possibilities: Tails to teach Tails you teach Tails you wag (a bit too dog-ish maybe) How can it be this hard? I would just use my name but it's double barrelled with lots of spelling possibilities so anyone searching for it may have difficulty.
  14. Family with ESS have decided to keep him. I sincerely hope they get a behaviourist in and that they actually listen. I have finally made an appointment with a sports massage type therapist to take a look at my shoulder tomorrow and hopefully fix it. Maybe after I'll be able to get a decent nights sleep.
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