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  1. Oh michaela, i'm so sorry hun, sleep tight Molly xxx
  2. I',m so very sorry for your loss mel. Enjoy the bridge dennis page
  3. You need to go back to the doctor or hospital honey. It could be you are still pregnant but had a heavy bleed, and you need checking out. After 2 weeks you shouldn't be showing positive on a test. I bled really heavily with 3 of my girls but didn't actually miscarry until my 4th pregnancy. You need checking out. xx
  4. Are you pregnant abby? Hello
  5. Thankyou so much. I am here and reading just not posting much. Thankyou guys so much.
  6. Merry christmas everyone
  7. Thinking of you all. Sleep tight Bear
  8. I'm so sorry you're copping for this lot michaela. If you need to vent, you have my number. I;m thinking of you all.
  9. Blimey I missed all of this. I'm sorry Alex. Merry christmas.
  10. I've been to ASDA tonight (as i have to work tomorrow and christmas day, and because of work haven't had chance to go before ) It was absolute bedlam in there Some of the shelves looked like they'd been attacked by a swarm of locusts, and i queued 20 minutes at the checkout. It took me 2 hours in total.
  11. tracey.s


    Not set the time right?
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