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  1. Its nearly 12 years - TWELVE YEARS! since this thread changed my life. I don't like the anniversary to go unremarked, because I remain so deeply grateful.
  2. Gosh! I missed the date! I think that must be a good sign, although the experiences are not forgotten. Seamus died a few weeks after I posted. The vet finally realised that he probably had a brain tumour, and looking back we'd seen the first signs eighteen months earlier, but just hadn't managed to make the connection. When his pacing lasted all one evening we made the decision, and I know it was the right one. He went very peacefully, asleep on the sofa until the vets fiddling with his back leg woke him up. So we poked steak into the front end, and he just stopped eating after a while. I still miss him, such a huge character! We have Jimmy the shrunk-in-the-wash akita (Pom x chi actually!) and Reggie the dog reactive lurcher now. Love them both to bits, but they are in the prime of life and haven't dug quite so deeply into my heart as the oldies do!
  3. Another year has gone by! My don't they fly by! I thought of you all on the day, but was silly busy. Seamus my 10years going on 15 beardie cross is very poorly. He has had a very rough few years health wise, and is now very frail and senile. My days are spent caring for him and protecting him from the younger dogs who find his pacing and vacant moments extremely irritating. It wont be for long. But otherwise things are good. And I don't forget!
  4. I didn't exactly miss last year,just didn't feel like posting after some fairly crass comments which I am pleased to see have been removed. We lost Tiger 18 months ago, to liver disease. I still miss him but its nice not to be pushed out of my own bed! Seamus has a new friend in little Jimmy a chi x pom,with a large dollop of gremlin. He was an emergency foster and Seamus asked if he could stay. But poor Seamus has suffered many health problems and at only nine is already elderly! Seamus his not the only one to have health problems,but mine are due to extended stress! I wonder what that might have been? I am still SO grateful this thread started.
  5. Another anniversary coming up, and I have NOT forgotten! Such a shame this board has gone inactive! Today passed a couple in a supermarket car park, and although there was nothing obvious, I KNEW she was frightened of him. I think its time I looked for some voluntary work in this area. I no longer shake thinking of himself, but I haven't forgotten the feeling.
  6. Are you still eating wheat? That's the most common cause of problems and you really need to cut it out completely, not just cut down. Then most likely is milk and milk products. There's lots of information on the net about elimination diets. I did the lamb and pears one with my daughter when she was a baby. It took loads of organising, but was very useful at finding the foods she needed to keep off. It also told me that I was intolerant to wheat, although I chose to ignore the fact for the next 30 or so years because it was so inconvenient. Now I am off all gluten and feel heaps better for it. Special diets are much better understood nowadays, and there are loads more prepared foods. So its all quite easy, although I did get rather wistful when people were talking about croissants recently. ETA that you can get pill orgaisers that beep at you - although I am quite good at ignoring that too!
  7. I always want to mark the anniversary of reading this fabulous thread for the first time. Its been five years. The first was pretty hard, he harrassed me, tried to steal Tiger several times, got himself a formal warning from the police, and in the end lost the court case over our jointly owned house (he'd decided unilaterally that our agreement on shares wasn't to his liking - oops!). I still shake when I think about that time, and I still shake if I see someone similar to him wearing a baseball cap - especially if Tiger is off the lead at the time. But since then I have met and married the love of my life, who never bullies or belittles me, because he's just fine with who he is. Who loves me despite my undoubted weaknesses, and supports me when I bring yet another (canine) waif into our home. If I want to spend time with friends or family he dog sits (and doesn't criticise them!) I'm running a successful business, and my employees like me! How lucky am is this woman? Jules, thank you again!
  8. Oh Nigel, I am so sorry! Its really not fair at all :GroupHug: for you both. Ruth
  9. Try Rescue Remedies/Staffyrescue. I'll pm you Lynne's email address. I she hardly ever refuses staffies, though how she shoehorns them in I never know.
  10. There's a thing called 'referred pain' where if the nerves are connected, or run nearby, you can imagine you have pain in one place, when in reality its somewhere else. But then on the other hand, digestive problems can cause arthritis like pains. I used to have real difficulty going downstairs in the mornings, and other aches and pains. But I went gluten free 3 months ago (they say the tests are negative for coeliac disease, and I'm just wheat and/or gluten sensitive, but the symptoms are the same) and I can now skip downstairs at any time of day. I also don't get horrible stomach cramps, and my headaches are disappearing, so worth the huge inconvenience! But great that the consultant is taking it seriously, and looking properly for the causes, so hopefully they will have worked it out, and you'll be getting the correct treatment very soon.
  11. Kong Wubbas are pretty tough. Even with toy killers they last a good few weeks or months. They come in sizes.
  12. Seamus was 16 kilos when he came here 3 years ago, and there was nothing under the fluff but bones. We fed him up and after a peak at around 19 kilos he's been a steady 18and a bit kilos for the last two years. In early December he went in for a dental, and to have a chest Xray because the vet had found a heart murmur, and wanted to see if there were any changes to his heart. Its very slightly on the large side, but nothing to worry about at this stage, and they will take another Xray when he next has to have a GA. He was 18.2 kilos. For the last couple of weeks I've been thinking that he seemed rather podgy, but assumed that it was just his thick winter coat. But today a friend visited and commented on his expanding waistline, so I've just put him on the scales and he is weighing in at 19.4 kilos - that's 5% up in five weeks. Should I be panicking? I'll take him down to the vets to stand on their scales tomorrow, but just wondered if anyone had seen anything like this. He's not a happy dog at the moment, because his Daddy is away working. He spends most of his time lying by the front door with his nose to the crack. But there are no obvious signs of illness. There's been no change in his diet, a few more treats than usual because of foster Benny needing lots of bribery, but not enough to increase his weight like that!
  13. Capital allowance is for large items that will last a long time. Like vehicles and machinery. Small items, even though they might last a long time just go into normal expenses. So an industrial sewing machine would count as capital, but scissors, which should last just as long, don't. Capital items, with the exception of computers, are written down over 10 years, so each year you can only claim 10% of the value. If you sell them or write them off then you can claim the balance, less the price you sold them for, of course. If you phone the tax office you will find they are very kind and helpful.
  14. sparrowhawks, kestrels, red kites overhead, wood pigeons, crows, magpies, jays, fieldfares, songthrushes, blackbirds, wrens, robins, dunnocks, chaffinches, greenfinches, tits - great, blue, longtailed and coal, bullfinches, goldfinches, house sparrows, starlings. Last weekend there was a flock of bramblings in a nearby tree. Parakeets. What we haven't had in the garden, although they are being spotted around at the moment is WAXWINGS, I am so peeved! Not in our garden but within a few 100 yards, woodpeckers (green and greater spotted)assorted owls, dartford warblers, nightjars, woodlarks, skylarks
  15. My 8900 is the predecessor to the 9700. The screen is so small it makes surfing difficult. I really like the way the iphone handles webpages, resizing and adapting the layout. But there is no way I'd buy one, I don't think the battery would last a day for me. I have read that battery life is disappointing on the HTC too
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