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  1. sproggie14


    I was hoping to get in touch with Vashti but it seems she hasn't been active on here since last May. Does anyone know if she's still doing readings and, if so, another way of contacting her? Thanks
  2. Sending healing thoughts x My in-laws dog Zoe recently had her spleen removed along with a nasty tumour which was making up 2 of her 11 kilos! She has recovered very well so everything crossed that Onion will too x
  3. I'm so very very sorry. Tessie and Archie were incredibly lucky to have such a devoted Dad to care for them during their time on earth. Huge (((hugs))) for you xx
  4. Just wanted to say huge thanks for this recommendation. We got some of the sleepytime tonic and used it for the first time this morning. Maybe it's a coincidence but for the first time he didn't escape the area he's supposed to stay in and create mischief, and his whining, pacing and barking was greatly reduced. After a bit of a play when we got home he's now snoozing soundly in his bed
  5. That sounds interesting. Do they have a website or could you pass on the email address? I've been thinking about it. I tried a DAP previously for Tess without much success but I did wonder if, being a puppy, Bert might be more susceptible to one. The only thing is there isn't a plug where they sleep (on the landing). But I think they do collars now so maybe I'll have a look at those.
  6. Thanks guys Well, the good news is that the kong wubba survived. the bad news is that it's because, when left alone, Bert cares nothing for toys and can think only of trying to escape and find us I guess it's going to take some time before he trusts that we're coming home again.
  7. Thanks all I havent' tried nylabones. I have a feeling the others would be interested but I'll get one and give it a try. He loves tuggy rope type toys but shreds the rope very quickly so I'm wary of giving him anything fabric based without supervision. Cardboard I thought would be ideal but a) he eats it and b) Begley decided it was tasty too which triggered Bert's possessiveness plus Begley can't be trusted with edible things as he tends to do silly things like try to swallow hide chews whole Loving the mop And the cuz toys are dead cute so I'll look out for those. Sounds like the kong wubba is a good bet then. We've left him with that this morning and set the video camera up so we'll have to see whether it and the others are in one piece at lunchtime and whether it seems to have kept him amused
  8. Those of you who are friends with me on facebook will know that, two months ago, we had a very unplanned arrival in the form of Bertie, a terrier puppy. Totally not our "thing" but it's all going pretty well and he's breathed new life into the collies. That said, we have a few issues we're working through, one of which is his separation anxiety. Bertie was badly treated and then tied up in the middle of town, clearly abandoned in the hope that someone would take pity on him. So it's not hard to imagine why he gets a bit anxious about being left. Add to this young, intelligent puppiness and we have a little man who gets quite restless when left. He squeaks a lot and becomes destructive but doesn't get on with a crate (he becomes very distressed and messes in the crate). We've tried a few things to keep him amused while we're out. He loves kongs but he becomes possessive over them when the others show an interest. He adores his toys but is a typical terrier and everything has to be killed and dismembered so we're concerned about safety. Essentially what we're looking for is something with the strength and safety of a kong but without any food aspect. The others don't do toys and will only show an interest and trigger Bert's possessiveness if there's food involved. Something squeaky would be ideal as this really gets Bert interested. We're trialling a kong wubba which seems to fit the bill but any suggestions would be gratefully received. Oh and I guess you'd better have a pic while you're here I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on his heritage too. He's currently 7kg at 6/7 months. He hasn't gotten much bigger in the last two months so I don't think he'll be more than 7.5 - 8kg fully grown.
  9. The usual one is..."you have a lovely face". Which basically means the rest of you is a vile mass of blubber but not too much of it has spread to your face
  10. Well I just watched this and was rather disappointed and confused. Neither of us get it all all Could any kind soul PM me an explanation or put it in spoiler tags maybe?
  11. We've always had sparrows hanging out in our rather overgrown hedge but we'd not had much luck getting them to come in for food. Until we bought a new feeder a few weeks back and since then we've had sparrows, blue tits, great tits, a female blackbird, a robin and woodpigeons visiting regularly. I was very happy to see a dunnock join them recently and this morning we had out first visits from a starling and a pair of collared doves. Last year we had a fieldfare too
  12. I've got it set to record and will also be watching it during daylight About 15 years ago I made the mistake of watching a scary Christmas thing whilst on holiday in a rather spooky and reputedly haunted house (Toby, my dog at the time, kept looking up the stairs and growling at nothing!). I was literally hiding under the bedclothes and thinking about it still makes me a bit silly now
  13. Oh how awful Hopefully it looked worse than it was and no trail of blood has to be a good sign. Sadly it seems to be cat's natural instinct to hide when in shock. Hopefully once she has had a short time to gather herself she'll head home. We'll be sending her lots of healing and come home thoughts.
  14. Aww bless him Twice a year doesn't sound too bad really. Overall it's got to be less stressful for him than me attempting to brush him every few days. Plus he'd be so much more comfortable in between. Not that it matters but what sort of amount do you generally pay for Beau Alex?
  15. Thanks both x Alex, when you get him clipped, roughly how long does that last before his coat is long enough to get to a difficult length again? I'm just trying to get a feel for how often we might need to do get him done to keep on top of things. Is there any special sort of clipping that this sort of coat should have or is it just shaving (honestly, I'm a total noob, I have no clue!). He loves to be stroked, can never have enough of it and is even reasonably happy for me to finger brush him but I tried the glove and he just knows it's a brushing device and does a runner I'd be terrified to clip him myself, I'm sure I'd either make him look a right wally or do it wrong and hurt him. I have some clippers I do Dave's hair with but his comfort and appearance are obviously much less important than Begley's (plus he has less hair) Amy - We got him a furminator but we didn't really get on with it, I can't quite remember why but I think it was quite pully on his fur. I'll give it another go though and see how we get on I like the idea of the noose, perhaps I should ask around some local groomers and see how they deal with scared/wiggly/snappy dogs. I know our vets do grooming so I might start there. I think he'd be better being groomed elsewhere and by someone else. Begs is a bit odd - he arrived very scared and wouldn't come near us but we found for a while he was more outgoing with strangers and/or outside the house. So I think he would actually behave better for someone else. I'm not sure he'd be any less scared, but I think he might be on best behavior for a new person.
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