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    Pansy & Betsy my 2 rescue Cocker Spaniels are my main interests. I love spendung time with them. I also like swimming, sadly, dogs aren't allowed in the pool :(
  1. Congratulations :woohoo: Will there be photos? And were the dogs bridesmaids?
  2. Hello Season of mists & mellow fruitfulness etc. I like Autumn Grrrrrrr to Christmas Roll on Spring
  3. Have you ever tried magnet therapy? I never used to think there was anything in it, I thought it was one of those things that seemed to work because people believed it was working. However, I've changed my view in the last week or so. I suffer from Arthritis and a week or so ago, I was rummaging through some junk in my bedroom. I came across a magnetic bracelet I'd had for years but never worn. I decided to try wearing it and my Arthritic knees have been much better. I wear it all the time now.
  4. I've not posted on here for a while, but just feel I need to reply to this. Please be very careful about buying a Punto. I've got a Punto, I bought it new in 2003. I only found out recently that they are well known for electrical problems. More specifically the power steering electronic gismo. I was going to have the power steering stuff replaced (at great expense), then I found my car having other little electrical quirks such as unlocking itself, the clock & other dials zeroing themselves. I've learned to live with it & my car has, this morning, passed it's MOT, but I wouldn't buy another Punto now, knowing that they are prone to these problems.
  5. I'm expecting my very first Meerkat any day now too. After travelling Europe with Postkat, he was handed over to Royal Mail in Dover last Tuesday
  6. Morning I couldn't get to sleep last night either I had wanted to be up early this morning to get my hair cut, but it's 9am & I'm still in bed
  7. Morning It's overcast here too & not very warm. As long as it stays dry, I'll be happy
  8. Morning Sending & positive thoughts to all in need. I've not been about much, just lurking It's been so cold these last few days, I'm considering going into hibernation
  9. Good Morning It's a bright & beautiful morning here in Leicestershire, a bit breezy but not cold. I'm hoping to go & buy my bedding plants today for my tubs. I was going to leave it until all chance of frost was over, but I was listening to Alan Titchmarsh on Saturday on the radio & he said now is a good time to get them. He said at the moment there will be lots of choice, although it's perhaps not a good idea to plant them out just yet. His advice was to put them out in the daytime & bring them in at night for a couple of weeks to harden them off, then plant them in their containers or places in the garden. Get me, I'm going all garden expert In other news, I planted some radish & lettuce seeds a couple of weeks ago & they are starting to sprout I shall plant another row or two in a couple of weeks so I've got a constant supply of salady stuff. I've never grown anything like that before, I'm looking forward to some home grown salad over the summer
  10. Morning Happy Star Wars Day everyone (May the Fourth be with you )
  11. Morning It's shaping up to be another warm sunny summery day Sending my best wishes to all poorly & stressed Fugees
  12. Morning, Happy May Day to everyone
  13. Morning all Gooster Jayne - I will put in my two pennorth for what it's worth. In my opinion, it's better not to be in a relationship than in the wrong relationship. Just enjoy life and if the right man comes along, that's a bonus. If not, it's the 21st century and women can have a good life even if they are alone (provided they are surrounded by sufficient pets of course )
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