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  1. Yes i will definately do that thank you, i can't see Lucy ever getting lost but all the same you just don't know, you really would think they would sort out things like this when they are closing, it would be so terrible if i lost Lucy now and could not get her back
  2. OMG do you really think so? that is my worst nightmare realised, i do have Lucy's adoption agreement but i do not have a clue who the chip company are, and will they just let me change her details anyway?
  3. Back to rescues who keep their details on the chip..... Lucy came from a rescue that is now closed, she should have had her details transfered into my name after 6 months but despite managing to contact the lady who ran the rescue and her word that the chip details would be in the post to me that never happened. So if Lucy managed to get herself lost and picked up what would happen and would she be given back to me? i really am very annoyed at being put in this position by the rescue, Lucy has lived with me for almost a year but is not registered in my name
  4. Good idea i never thought of that i will do it now.
  5. **Cross posted at the request of the owners from another forum**. Fizz is a black ,white from neck down to chest whippet, she went missing after being attacked on the 1st feb, by 5 american buldogs not on leads,she managed to escape and run away, theres nothing my dad could do to protect her, hes nearly 70 and was slightly injured,she was wearing a light brown coat,lead and collar at the time. She's 3 years old in may dads had her since a pup all this has had strain on us all and made dad ill,every day we still search and put posters up,advertise etc,we are desperate to know where she is and are offering a £500 reward,ican be contacted on**** please pm Mindys mum for telephone number,your kind help is very much apriciated thanks...kev. It seems Fizz has been spotted around Canklow woods & Brinsworth golf course over the last couple of days - anyone in that area ??
  6. Sweet dreams Errol you lived a good long life for a little rattie, a testiment to the love and good care your mum gave you
  7. So sorry Patch i know only to well the hurt you feel Play in the sun at the bridge Pillow cat till your back with your mum
  8. mindys mum

    Reiki healing

    Thank you very much Edith Charley needs all the help she can get, she has been taken off the ventilator now but is still having breathing problems, her operation was a success, today she is having lots more tests to find out why her throat is so sore and her breathing is bad. Once again thank you for sending Healing for Charley you can never know how much appreciated it is by us all
  9. So sorry to hear about Cheetah and Stumpy be happy at the bridge little ones no more fear or pain for you now
  10. Run free and happy little Biscuit, be happy at the bridge playing with crumble
  11. Henry Higgins what a lucky happy boy, the happiness you gave him in his last year is so obvious Run free at the bridge Henry Higgins
  12. mindys mum

    Reiki healing

    Please if anyone can send healing for my little grandaughter Charley now would be a good time she is 2 weeks old and born with spina bifida her condition has deteriorated and she is now on a ventilator and due to have an operation tomorrow morning, i am scared for her
  13. A teaspoon of baby khaolin (the one without morphine) 3 times a day will quickly clear it up if its just due to change of food or upset, i have used it for all my new dogs with brilliant results, they seem to accept it well in a teeny bit of milk.
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