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  1. Is anyone here connected with Greyhound Rescue West of England?
  2. A huge thank you to all of you for your advice. Really hugely appreciated. I have today sent a fuller picture to the rescue involved, after a long deliberation I thought they had a right to know. What good it will do though.... It would appear that as long as he didn't shoot this poor dog in the garden or any other public area then no offence was committed - and how do you prove it if he did shoot the dog in the garden? Word has gotten round locally and all that know are disgusted to the core. She has since gone on to adopt another young lurcher from another Rescue who appeared on the scene shortly before Christmas. Rest assured many of us are keeping our eyes on this one, very, very, closely.
  3. Ain't that the truth! :-( Am thinking on the reporting him bit, anonymously. The rescue had had no contact from them and are going to do their own investigation. Aww George! I am SO sorry. I remember him and gorgeous Archie well. Good to hear Archie is doing well. Aggie and Bert are still going strong. Also in double figures now. I lost my gorgeous Barney lab to cancer this Summer aged 8 after a nearly three year battle. He was made of strong stuff. Heartbreaking time. I lost unexpectedly a totally cherished rescue staffy that I'd had for 4 years at the same time due to a massive seizure/brain bleed. It was an horrific time. Darling Piggy/Cassie my old EBT went long ago at 13 + years old to old age but I think I was still on here at that time. Bug the cat is doing well but with my ex now. I got the dogs and he got the cat when we split nearly three years ago. Bug may well yet return to live with me at some point :-) Nice to see you all again x
  4. Thank you all. I know he has the proper licence in place. Proving he shot the poor dog in the garden might be tricky, if that's where it did it even. He would know the law on this sort of thing I'm sure. The dog is buried in the garden, that is certain, so he could be checked but my guess is that with a 12 bore, half his head would be missing :-(. So, death would be very quick. I am unfortunately linked to these people, very, very sadly. It is my step daughters mother and her boyfriend. This makes it rather tricky, as you can imagine. What I have done is a sort of cowards compromise, in that I have contacted the rescue anonymously and told them that a) the poor dog is dead and b) they will find no veterinary records. I have also mentioned that it would be wise not to re home another dog there. It might be the case that someone else locally gets in touch with them also and gives them a fuller story, since he is seemingly quite happy to go round and brag about it in such a small community. I hope so. We know him to have shot two pet cats. One of which was my stepdaughters, the other belonging to a dear friends husband.
  5. A woman local to me adopted a dog from a registered charity Rescue 4 weeks ago. He was a young lurcher type dog approx. 1 year old. Last week the dog snapped at her when they were both sharing the sofa, and I think one other time when he kept escaping the garden and she went to return him. He had a lovely write up by the Rescue and had been with them for approx. 6 weeks before being rehomed. They did the usual Homecheck. Last Friday, this woman's boyfriend was at our local pub telling all and sundry how the dog had snapped at this woman on the sofa and how she had called him up and asked him to come and deal with the dog. He came round that same evening (last Thursday I think), dug a hole in the garden and shot the dog with his 12 bore shotgun. They did not either contact the Rescue or their vets for advice at any point. I have done some research and it seems that legally you can shoot your own dog :-( So, there is no legal recourse to be had. What would you want to know as a Rescue with regards to this horrific mess? Is it really worth passing on all the details and upsetting people when nothing can be done?
  6. A terrier man came today from a terrier group who specialise in diggin out terriers gone to ground etc. He tried very hard but could not find Pepper but everyone was grateful for his visit nonetheless. Tomorrow Owl (Phebe) arrives, and with it a brand new day. We wish Owl a safe journey down and look forward to seeing her. Fingers crossed. Whatever happens, it is so lovely for Pepper's parents to have such good support far and wide and I know they are truely grateful. Bless you Phebe, Hxxx
  7. Thank you for cross posting (((hugs))) Owl, no and no. BUT will do so pronto. Everything else you can possibly imagine has been done. We have about 50 or more posters up. Everyone locally knows. Been out all day but for a lunchbreak and nothing. Widened the search. Had 9 dogs out, nothing. Checked every hole we found, nothing. It's breaking their hearts. This cannot happen to them AGAIN! :-(
  8. Please, please crosspost: Pepper, an 8 yr old female, spayed Border Terrier went missing from Chicksgrove, nr Tisbury, Wiltshire SP3 today, 4 April 2011 at lunchtime, when she ran into woodland and didn't return. Pepper has a full tail, is microchipped and wearing a collar and ID tag. Tel: 01722 714 333 with info etc. She is on Doglost here Doglost Link She belongs to my dear, dear friend. We have all been out with friends, the farmer yesterday afternoon until it got dark and then this morning for three hours. Due to them losing two border terriers 12 yrs ago (ran off after deer on a walk) and not ever finding them after a long campaign, Pepper and her border terrier housemate Fudge were never let off the lead, that was until very recently when they at long last decided to try, and this was only Peppers third time offlead. Everyone we can think of has been contacted; vets, rescues, warden, radio, papers etc,, emails to local residents and loads of posters now up.
  9. I have emailed you Alicia, a long one! and Olivea I have just PM'd you for your email address
  10. Alicia, have PM'd you. I can send you enough stuff on this to make your eyes go lol. Seriously though, it's all straight forward and suprisingly cost effective and fun and not least a great way to raise funds:flowers:
  11. Oh please do Sam and thank you Thanks everyone for watching. I'm not sure why you're getting a black screen though blackmagic
  12. My clever Billy made this along with his beautiful assistant Aggie
  13. I'm a member of the Countryside Alliance and BASC. My labs work on Shoots and I p/t game keep - this is not news to many on here I'm sure. I adore my dogs, and my cats for that matter. I will and do anything I can for Dog Rescue; adopt dogs; foster; homecheck; transport; fundraise; spread the message etc etc. So where does that leave me with forums such as this? Totally appreciate and accept other's views on anti field sports etc, it's not that, it's just I feel completely lost at sea here as I know the majority have very strong views on the above subject, they are voiced for sure, and I know many would consider someone like me to be a dreadful person or in fact much worse i.e scum of the earth (I've certainly read it on here in the past!). I find it incredibly hard to reconcile the two on here. Perhaps because other Rescue forums focus almost exclusively on dog rescue chat and there is no need to feel the need to 'run and hide'? But then I wouldn't want anyone not to feel they couldn't voice their opinon on whatever the subject was either. Catch 22 I guess for me. Maybe this all means that 'here' is not where I belong and which is why, if I'm totally honest, I rarely visit. I miss the old days though; the fab fundraising; the buzz of seeing members rize to a challenge and a dog saved and rehomed; supporting members on here when times are hard or laughing along when threads are too daft they should be saved and treasured for a long, long time. Sorry, rather self indulgent and pretty pointless and useless post in the grand scheme of things:flowers: I wish EVERYONE well, and the board included.
  14. Thanks guys. GREAT NEWS! Rescue Remedies are going to provide backup and a space if needs be. Friend is going to Foster her for two weeks. Will give us time to assess her and hopefully rehome her from the Foster home (fingers crossed). HUGE HUGE thanks to Rescue Remedies and my lovely friend. We pick her up in an hours time from the vets! This girl is now safe but obviously needs a new and lovely forever home ;-)
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